Biz4Intellia Simplifies Enabling Connected Products And Processes:

Biz4Intellia Simplifies Enabling Connected Products And Processes:

Biz4I delivers differentiated connected products and transform business processes. In the world where we see fragmented set of network technologies, hardware, protocols, software, applications, and analytics solutions.Biz4Intellia simplifies the deploying, managing, operating, and capturing insights from IoT-enabled connected devices.


Partner Ecosystems, Prebuilt Apps, And Advanced Analytics Are the Key Differentiators

Biz4Intellia allows customers to tap into a broad partner ecosystem to extend the functionality available through their platform solutions. Partner network does position Biz4I to successfully deliver additional value to end user customers. Other key features include jump-start IoT solutions include application enablement functions, analytics features, and interfaces to generate actionable insights from connected products and prebuilt applications. Biz4Intellia can IoTize and deliver comprehensive business solutions in weeks instead of months.


Building connected products. Product manufacturers are creating smart, connected products to differentiate their offerings and generate new revenue streams as well as ecosystems for other partners to participate in and create their own value. Freight Farms leverages LogMeIn’s Xively platform to monitor environmental elements, including air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide nutrient, and water levels in each hydroponic growing container. Users can access the Farmhand Connect mobile application to receive alerts highlighting changes in the container environment and to track growing history.

Transforming operational processes. Businesses across many vertical markets are using IoT- enabled use cases to transform supply chain processes, enhance inventory management and operational processes, and track and monitor asset performance. {Use case: Using Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform, global elevator manufacturer thyssenkrupp can predict with 70% accuracy when one of its 200,000 connected elevators will break down in the next ve days, allowing the company to carefully plan technician schedules and decrease downtime for customers.

} . Initiatives like these require that I&O pros understand the technologies, infrastructure, software platforms, applications, and architectural frameworks necessary to successfully deploy IoT-enabled operational processes.