Executive Summary

Haztec, an integrated sustainability solution providing company needed a comprehensive level monitoring system for its leachates reservatory. Biz4Intellia delivered an end to end level monitoring solution that allowed the client to observe the level of slurry in its reservoirs in real-time. The solution also helped the client to gain instant volume readings of liquid stored in the reservoir through in-built calculative features of the deployed system.


How Biz4Intellia Helped?

Biz4Intellia configured an IoT powered monitoring system over LoRaWAN technology to deal with the client’s level and volume monitoring needs. The robust IoT architecture included both hardware and software capabilities that empowered seamless installation and execution of the real-time level monitoring solution.

Architecture of Implemented IoT System

Hardware Used

We used robust ultrasonic sensors and ethernet/LoRaWAN powered gateway to help the prospect gather liquid level readings from the reservoir and read it on a web and mobile-powered IoT platform.

The on-site fitted INT-D-02 wireless ultrasonic sensor uses high-frequency sound pulses to measure the distance between itself and the liquid surface. The autocalibration algorithms use the data from these sensors to calculate the liquid level and volume in the reservoir. The sensor operates on FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) that makes it immune to interference. Also, the sensor has a long battery life (12+ years on AA batteries) and on-board data memory of more than 512 readings.

The data from the sensors is collected via INT-LoRaEth-03 gateway that transmits data to the next layer. The AC power supply OR Ethernet operated gateway supports 900, 868, & 433 MHz radio frequencies and contains memory storage of 16000 readings.

Protocol Used

LoRaWAN communication protocol was used to facilitate data transmission between sensors and gateways installed on the field. This wireless technology shares payloads of small data packages (0.3 kbps to 5.5 kbps) over long distances. End nodes or sensors share liquid level related data to the gateways through this network, which is then validated and forwarded to the application server.

Comprehensive IoT Platform

The data ingested from the reservoirs is stored in a cloud server. Biz4Intellia’s mobile and web-powered dashboard collects this data and displays it in easy to comprehend format. The platform is customized as per the administrative needs of Haztec. This dashboard allows users from Haztec to:

  • Know the location of the devices installed on the site.
  • See real-time readings of slurry’s level and leachate volume in the reservoir.
  • Set threshold limits and range to gain alerts or notifications about reducing battery level, low signal strength, or unwanted fluctuations in readings.
  • Register and configure new devices.
  • Analyze and process data through advanced analytics in a graphical format and obtain operational insights and patterns.
  • Handle administration and management.
  • Filter devices based on type, status, model, etc.

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The Challenge: Calculating Volume of an Irregularly Shaped Reservoir:

The company had reservoirs with an uneven bed that made it very difficult to calculate the volume of liquid stored in it. Hence, there was no means to determine the exact amount of liquid or slurry stored in the reservoir at a particular moment. Also, since the reservoir is located in open, it was challenging to ascertain the decrease in liquid levels due to evaporation.


Lookup tables containing corresponding liquid level and volume measurements for each reservoir were obtained from Haztec and inserted into the platform. This empowered the platform to cross-verify real-time liquid level data from the sensors to ascertain the volume of leachate or slurry stored in the reservoir. Interpolation techniques were further used to calculate the volume for every intermediary level reading.

Outcome of Implementing Biz4Intellia’s Level Monitoring System

The client was able to keep an eye on level and volume readings of the liquid stored in its reservoirs. The real-time insights from the system enabled the identification of operational inefficiencies and optimized the decision-making process. The multichannel alert system also helped the client to know when the liquid level exceeds or goes down the standard limits.

Business Benefits

Implementation of this system allow users to leverage effective liquid management practices to conduct sustainable and environment-friendly operations.

  • Large Water Body Monitoring
  • Reduced Manual Operations
  • Prevent Liquid Exhaustion
  • Effective Planning