Cargo Monitoring via Smart Contracts

Revolutionizing Your Shipping Operations with Blockchain & IoT

This solution was built for our client.

  • digital-smart-contract2

    Legally Enforceable Digital Contract

    Alike traditional contracts, digital contracts are valid and enforceable.

  • Personalized Whitelabled

    Personalized Whitelabled Mobile App

    You will also get a whitelabled mobile app personalized according to your needs.

  • cargo-smart-contract

    Real-time Cargo Monitoring

    The solution monitors your cargo throughout its journey in real-time.

  • personalized-smart-contract

    Personalized Dashboard

    With every new deployment, we customize the existing dashboard according to user needs.

What is Smart Contract Solution?

Smart contract solution is a modern way to secure the title of goods. The solution is powered by IoT and blockchain technology, which eliminates manipulation/alteration of contract. The sensors, mounted in goods containers, act as smart agents and monitor the real-time temperature, RH, location, and many other criteria in compliance with the smart contract. All the concerned parties are immediately notified in case of contract breach.

Applications of Smart Contract Solution


Supply Chain Management

From raw material to finished goods, the supply chain involves the movement of goods throughout their lifecycle. Smart contracts document the title of goods as they travel through the supply chain, which confirms the responsibility for the goods at any given time. The IoT (Internet of Things) made smart contracts a reality by monitoring products from producers - warehouses - manufacturers - suppliers. It allows the verification of the goods/products at each stage of the distribution process until it reaches the end-user.

international trade

International Trade

When it comes to cross-border goods and services exchange, companies face substantial hurdles. The international trade involves at least three banks including the receiver's bank, sender's bank, and the correspondent bank and if something goes wrong at any one of them, the payment is delayed or bounced back. With a blockchain-based smart contract, payments are automatically released after the secure and transparent confirmation of the contract execution.

Electronic Bill of Lading Advantages

Intellia IoT smart contract solution is a revolutionary step towards mitigating the flaws of traditional trade methods. The End-to-End IoT connectivity coupled with blockchain technology track the real-time status of the cargo and compile it with the conditions mentioned in the smart contract. The solution ensures fair execution of smart trade contracts such as electronic Bill of Lading.

smart contract benefits
  • Guarantee Cargo Safety
  • Prevent Cargo Damages
  • Ensure Full Compliance of BoL Terms
  • Reduce Working Capital
  • Improve Visibility into Your Supply Chain
  • Digitize Your Shipping Contracts
  • Reduce Operational Overheads
  • Eliminate Manual Processing
  • Realize Rapid Insurance Claims

Problem with Current System

Shipping contracts are bearer document of title, and because possession equals to ownership, the one who possesses the contract has prima facie ownership to the goods. The physicality of the contracts causes delay in distribution of them. The traditional shipping contracts can easily be manipulated to hide accountability due to cargo damage or other issues.



  • Manipulation / Alteration of Contracts
  • Doubtful Contract Execution
  • Physicality of Contracts
  • Challenging Insurance Claims
  • Risk of theft
  • Amendment Complications
  • Manual Cargo Supervision Expenses
  • Unknown Cargo Damages

Smart Bill of Lading Work Flow

how bill of lading works

Intellia Smart Contracts Product Features

smart contract dashboard
  • contract-feature-container

    Remote Container Management

    The feature turns the containers into a digitally connected device capable of communicating its power status, location, humidity and temperature, and air supply.

  • contract-feature-temperature-humidity

    Real-time Temperature & Humidity Data

    No matter where your containers are, you can prevent your cargo from getting spoiled by tracking the real-time temperature & humidity inside your containers.

  • contract-feature-satellite-cellular

    Both Satellite and Cellular Connectivity

    Be it sea routes, ports, or land; Intellia IoT solution can track your cargo in route. Depending on the available connectivity options, we choose the perfect connectivity option which ensures seamless connectivity between devices and users.

  • energy-feature-dashboard

    Centralized Dashboard

    Intellia IoT solution offers a centralized dashboard where all the information is visualized to the users. Users can create new Smart Contract on the web/mobile app itself and the carrier is allowed to add annotations if any flaw occurs during transportation.

  • energy-feature-communication

    Multiple User Login

    There will be different logins for different users and the information provided will also be distinctive. The admin can choose which information goes to which user.

  • contract-feature-digitization-automation

    Contract Digitization & Automation

    Stay goodbye to the paper documentation and courier charges. With smart contracts, powered by Intellia IoT, you can create contracts such as electronic bill of lading (BoL) within the web/mobile app only.

  • contract-feature-realtime-notification

    Real-time Notifications

    Whenever there is a breach of contract such as unacceptable temperature/humidity inside the containers, all the concerned parties are notified of the breach immediately.

  • contract-feature-beach-alert

    Contract Breach Alerts

    All the concerned parties can be immediately notified of the contract breach. The seller can ask the carrier to look into the reason of contract breach, which can be cargo spoilage, delivery delays, etc.

  • contract-feature-geofencing


    With the geofence feature, the buyer can be notified of the cargo arrival at the delivery address or port. The admin will be able to geofence areas on the map at the time of contract creation.

  • contract-feature-location-tracking

    Cargo Location Tracking

    The users will be able to get the real-time geolocation of the cargo. As stated before, access to all the information related to a contract will be permitted by the admin.

Hardware Used

Wireless Weight Sensor
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia WWWS01- Wireless Weight Sensor
Model No Intellia WWWS01
Connectivity Bluetooth
Battery Long Battery Life
Accuracy High
Reliability Long Lasting

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia GPS Tracker
Connectivity GSM (MHz) 900/1800 or 850/1900
Size & Width Dimension ( L X W X H ) MM : 81 X 42 X 13.5
Operational Temperature Storage Temprature: -30°C ~ 70°C Operating
Zone Alerts It alerts you every time the concerned person enters/exits the designated area.
Speed Alerts Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as the contract meets all the elements of a binding paper contract, it is a legally binding contract. However, simply because the contract is made electronically doesn't make it invalid. But there are requirements such as the contract is accessible in the future and the concerned parties' consent to contract in that particular manner.
Yes, it does. We mount the sensor inside the container and get the data from it via cellular/satellite connectivity. Not just temperature, we can even monitor the humidity, light and many more.
There will be 24/7 support, where our team will help you to come over your issues. And yes, we will provide a user manual at the time of solution deployment.
You will get information such as Alerts & Notifications, Geolocation of your Cargo, Contract Summary, Estimated Delivery Time, Carrier Information, Buyer Information, etc.