Executive Summary

Forbo Siegling LLC

Forbo is a pioneer and leading manufacturing company in the production of Conveyor, processing belts, plastic modular belts, and high-efficiency flat belts supplied all over the world. Forbo Movement Systems specializes as competent partners in developing groundbreaking solutions in power transmission, conveying, and manufacturing sectors. The group has eight production facilities in Europe, Asia, and America, as well as warehouses and workshops in over 50 countries.

Biz4Intellia started working with Forbo in early August 2021, running a pilot project to monitor operations and connect their Legacy PLC-SCADA-based manufacturing system with the Biz4intellia IoT Powered Platform.


How Biz4Intellia's Smart Factory and Machine Monitoring Solution helped Forbo Group?

Biz4Intellia provided a LoRaWAN based IoT-powered Smart Factory and Machine Monitoring system, pre-configured and compatible with the client's legacy machinery, i.e., PLCs & SCADA systems implemented across different industry verticals. The provided systems can be configured for any industrial setup and empower facilities to improve conventional operations without hampering production.

Biz4Intellia Solution allowed Forbo to identify the key performing indicators, along with factors like uptime & downtime, operations of their assets, and how to optimize them to boost overall equipment effectiveness

The Challenge: Unplanned and Unnoticeable Machine Downtime
  • Establishing the Secured Legacy machine to Customize IoT hardware communication protocol implementation without hampering ongoing communication and Production.

  • Complete understanding of the Legacy machine with its various parameters.

  • Assemble all data points and publish them with the required parameters sourced from analog sensor data, digital sensor data, PLC data, etc.

Architecture of Implemented IoT System

Hardware Used

We used robust hardware devices with ethernet/ LoRaWAN gateway and Legacy machine to IoT connector (Sensor Node) for effective data collection and identifying the key performing indicators, factors like uptime & downtime, Date points, etc. The client obtained live readings and machine data from the Manufacturing plant and got quick data access through web and mobile platforms.

  • Intellia Sensor Node/ Legacy machine to IoT connector

    Intellia Sensor Node/ Legacy machine to IoT connector is a Multifunction Data Acquisition hardware that directly collects data from Legacy machines in analog or digital format via USB or RS485 and sends the collected data wirelessly via secured LoRaWAN Protocol to the Intellia Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway.

  • Intellia Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway

    Intellia Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway is an Industry 4.0 gateway that acts as the main central unit to instantly feed Collected data. The main task of the Gateway is to collect data from the sensor node, process that data in real-time, and stream data securely to the Biz4Intellia IoT platform using Wi-Fi, Ethernet & GSM (2G,3G & 4G) where the user’s dashboard further helps in advanced processing.

Protocol Used


LoRaWAN communication protocol was used to enable secure data transmission between the sensors and gateways. It is a wireless technology that shares the payload of small data packages ranging from 0.3 kbps to 5.5 kbps over long distances.

Biz4Intellia IoT platform

Biz4Intellia IoT platform ensures that all your data is gathered and processed in one centralized location so you can have secure and reliable remote access from anywhere in the world. Our Multi-tenant cloud platform leverages custom infrastructure uniquely optimized for machine data ingestion. This enables instant analytics and insights, including machine performance/ condition monitoring and reporting via APIs and BI integrations, to help improve your ability to make decisions based on real-time data.

IoT Platform Highlight

Leverage out-of-the-box Dashboard & mobile applications which drive immediate actionability, using real-time dashboards, historical reporting, rules-based workflows, and text/email notifications to Forbo Manager and Operators.

Intellia IoT for Machine Monitoring - Features


Real-time System & Machine Uptime & Downtime Tracking on an interactive dashboard


The real-time insights enhances your team's ability to make better decisions and improve machine efficiency and productivity

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Currently, 1 unit of sensor node and 1 unit of indoor LoRaWAN Gateway from Biz4Intellia are already installed throughout the PLC rack. They are communicating seamlessly, and no packet loss or loss of services has been observed to date as part of this project.

We replaced the client's manually operated legacy system used to monitor plant KPIs and production data with our IoT-based smart Machine Monitoring devices that communicate with the LoRaWAN network through the RS-485 interface of PLCs.

All the data is first aggregated in the controller gateway via the Ethernet network. It is then processed by the embedded network server and transmitted to the Biz4Intellia's application server through an Ethernet port LoRaWAN based gateway via MQTT protocol.

The outcome of Implementing Biz4Intellia's Machine Monitoring System

Biz4Intellia's smart machine monitoring system enabled a more accessible and efficient mechanism for Forbo to manage and monitor Machine Uptime/ Downtime while improving total ROI. In addition to that, wireless communication opened up additional benefits, including time and cost-saving, real-time remote monitoring, and adaptability to meet changing requirements.

With the help of Biz4Intellia's End-to-End LoRaWAN based IoT solutions, Forbo’s authorized person could access the Biz4Intellia Platform and receive alerts if the data fluctuated against threshold setting and take appropriate actions in real-time.

  • The client can get a real-time reading and instant notifications and alerts.

  • The client can Data Visualize on the Biz4Intellia IoT Platform and share insightful reports with the management and concerned persons.

  • The client was able to keep an eye on Operational Efficiency and Machine Health.

Business Benefits

This solution helped the client to leverage real-time monitoring of the Machines and conduct sustainable operations for better productivity.

Production Monitoring


Condition Monitoring/ Machine Health


Preventive Maintenance


Notifications + Alert


User Access at Multiple Levels


Process Optimization & Effective Management


Machine Uptime/ Downtime Tracking


Highly Secured Platform


Reporting and Annotations