Intellia IoT (An end-to-end IoT Business Solution)

Intellia IoT is an end-to-end Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) business solution which is currently empowering several industries across the globe. The key building blocks of Intellia IoT are IoT platform Suite and Business Services.

IoT Platform Suite comprises IoT endpoints, IoT edge gateways, and multiple IoT platform hubs which are built on state-of-the-art technologies.

Business Services offer out of the box Device Management, Network Management, Cloud/On-Premise Platform Management, Advanced Data ingestion & Analysis, Mobile App Services which are highly configurable.

The decision intelligence pipeline model of Intellia IoT which is built on advanced analytics, empowers the clients to make smarter business decisions. Intellia IoT is already pre-configured for many industry verticals including Transportation, Oil & Gas, Water, Hospitality, Mining, and Healthcare; even for the smart cities. Intellia IoT is a highly cost-effective solution which can be implemented in weeks instead of months which is the typical IoT implementation timeframe.

Client and Technology Partner

why Biz4Intellia

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End-to-end IoT Solution

Most Comprehensive and complete IoT solutions for end-to-end management of device, application, connectivity support & security.

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Pre-configured vertical business domain solution

Provide gateways, network, comprehensive software and support services for an end-to-end IoT solution.

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Fast time to market

First iteration of the Solution in 5 business days with reports for up to 10 devices. Efficient packaging & configuration management.

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Modular, flexible, scalable & standardized

Leverage maximum flexibility , scalability and security with our modular architecture, repeatable processes, and skilled resources.

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Gradual capability build-up

All projects and engagements contribute to the target goal and supporting strategies, even if somewhat off-topic.

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Learning and automated data pattern recognition

Built-in domain specific learning and automated data pattern recognition systems that are tailored to meet individual business needs.

IoT at your fingertip

Biz4Intellia, the pioneer of IoT industry, is a one-stop shop where values are delivered along with the products; therefore, all of your IoT needs are satisfied via excellent IoT solution which is ready to be implemented completely as per demand within 4-6 weeks.

Biz4Intellia Services

Device Management

Gateway Devices Provisioning.
Remote Installation of Gateway.
Integration of Gateway.
Security Certificate Management.

Network Management

Bandwidth Analysis.
Cellular Network Management.
Internet Service Providers Procurement.
Optimization of Bandwidth.

Reporting & Notifications Management

Sensor alerts response and escalation
Dashboard and report creation & update
Sensor alerts & notifications creation and update.

Account Management

Association of devices.
Billing of metered Usage.
User account creation & Removal.

Mobile App Services

User Registration & Management
App Store Publications & Management.

Custom Functionality Services

Function creates and updates
Data extraction, transformation, & loading.
Adhoc changes and requests.

Advance Data Analysis

Correlation pattern analysis
Early warning notify.

AWS Platform Management

AWS platform & scalability management.
Monitoring, logging, & auditing management.

Data Ingestion

Protocols and interfaces management.
Incident troubleshooting
Response Coordination.

IoT for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Digital capabilities are required to optimize productivity and efficiency to a new level across an organization or environment. And with IoT adoption, you can create products (Equipment) tailored to meet your customers’ specific requirements and uncover new potential revenue streams with a complete IoT solutions.

  • Differentiate Product
    Differentiate Product

    Get an edge over competitors with IoT implemented products.

  • Increase service-level
    Increase service-level

    Increase the after-sale service level by manufacturing IoT enabled products.

  • Reduce downtime
    Reduce downtime

    Reduce your production downtime with predictive maintenance.

  • Optimize efficiency
    Optimize efficiency

    Automate the processes and Increase profitability by reducing operational cost.

Industries We Serve

Oil and Gas Industry

Biz4Intellia IoT solution provider is improving the provisional efficiency of the Oil and Gas industry. The increasing number of devices, sensors and well-connected pipelines has revamped the Oil and Gas industry operations to ensure intelligent decision making and real-time management of assets.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Biz4Intellia IoT solution provider is revolutionizing the Transportation and Logistics Industry using the real-time data collected from sensors. The real-time communication between interconnected devices ensures the effective management of freight and warehouse operations.

Mining Industry

With our Industrial IoT solution, monitoring every aspect of an operation became far easier and thus resulted in greater safety and productivity. Biz4Intellia, a fully integrated network helps the Mining industry to connect multiple devices, controllers, and sensors, in a real-time manner.

Healthcare Industry

With Industrial IoT footprint is expanding, the healthcare is not an exception. Biz4Intellia solution has increased the engagement between the doctors and patients as a better platform to communicate came into existence. Industrial IoT has taken the responsibility for patient’s safety and security.

Water Industry

Our Industrial IoT solution has made a huge impact on water/irrigation industry. Predictive analytics from Biz4Intellia solution has eradicated the major challenges in water management like how much amount of water a particular city will consume the very next day.

Hospitality Industry

Our Industrial IoT solution has centric systems implemented in the hospitality industry to increase the efficiency and serve customers in a better way. It is a great tool to build positive relations with customers and establish better market opportunities.

what Clients Say

The End-to-End complete IoT solution developed by Biz4Intlellia was up to the mark and made remote fleet management a reality.

Transport & Logistics Company
Florida, USA

One of the best IoT product deployment, the IoT solution by Biz4Intellia boosted our revenues and ensured safe working environment throughout the drilling and refining processes.

Oil & Gas Company
Texas, USA

We recommend Biz4Intellia IoT solution as Biz4Intellia delivered IoT product that was targeted to our water distribution needs.

Water Distributor
Arizona, USA

Architecture For End to End IoT Solutions

IoT Edge platform (Gateways)
IoT Platform

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