How Biz4Intellia help Track and Analyse Groundwater Monitoring?

Level Monitoring Solution

Water is an essential natural resource that is fast depleting at an alarming rate. Today, the global water crisis has soared to the point that about two-thirds of the world's population is forced to live in water-stressed regions. The need of the hour is not just to focus on conserving available water resources but also to utilize technological solutions to track and analyse groundwater levels and keep a close check on its use and misuse.

Groundwater monitoring is an important aspect of sustainable water management, and it outright demands a technically advanced solution for precise tracking and analysis of groundwater data. Biz4Intellia's smart IoT level monitoring solution helps make this process easier and more efficient. The software can help you track water levels, locate water wells, and analyse myriads of datasets, enabling informed decision-making for water management. In addition, it helps organizations track water levels, quality, and other key parameters, thus enabling users to generate detailed reports and maps. With Biz4Intellia's groundwater monitoring software, organizations can effectively manage their groundwater resources and use them sustainably.

With the advent of IoT technology in the water sector, industrialists are occupying their space in saving as much water as possible. Especially in the drought-prone and flood-prone areas, where water acts at extreme levels, better cautiousness is required. The Internet of Things technology facilitates high-end gateway connectivity and sensor-based insights, and it is one of the most disruptive technologies that come into play for water management crises. Also, with the increasing population, there is a drastic change in the water consumption patterns, leading directly towards effective water management. Studies reveal that the global water meter market would reach $5.53 billion in 2025, increasing at a CAGR of 4.4%.

With the increasing dependency on technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, the smart irrigation market is further expected to rise by 14.7% by 2027. So, the use of technologies in water level monitoring would prove to be an excellent asset for the water businesses, transforming the idea of saving every drop of freshwater for adequate human consumption.

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How does Biz4Intellia Contribute to Groundwater Monitoring?


1) User-friendly Platform

Groundwater monitoring is a process that has traditionally been done through field visits and laborious data entry. However, this process can now be made much more efficient with the help of the latest technologies like IoT. Biz4Intellia offers a user-friendly platform that allows for groundwater monitoring through the internet of things (IoT) and can help managers get a clear picture of the solution and easily identify the loopholes in the industry. Its simplified design offers effective results, especially to make decisions on saving water in the most required times.

2) Advanced Analytics

By deploying advanced analytics with the help of IoT, municipalities can keep a close check on the groundwater levels in multiple areas. Moreover, even from the depths of 0-120 meters, the sensors can detect the presence of water and keep the records for future analysis. Biz4Intellia’s smart water level monitoring solution withstands harsh weather conditions, making it a powerful setup to keep real-time track of the water levels even through remote operability. The sensor-generated information is accurate and helps the authorities to make better decisions regarding water usage and conservation.

3) Real-time Monitoring

IoT plays an important role in providing real-time insights on the water levels, which further simplifies water management procedures. If not monitored on time, excess water collection in the ground can result in the spread of many water-borne diseases, which is why IoT technology comes into play. It enables the water authorities to keep real-time track of water levels through sensors and even allows surface-level monitoring that transparently identifies the worst-case scenarios. This interprets the potential of the industry and lets the managers decide efficiently, taking the most appropriate actions through impeccable insights on water quality.

4) Remote Operability

Biz4Intellia’s smart groundwater monitoring system incorporates a single dashboard for multiple site supervision, which allows remote operability to simplify the workload of the managers and provide 24*7 support. It further consists of advanced sensors to extract relevant data from the ground level and transfer the same onto the user's dashboard. This helps in compiling long-term data banks for analysis and forecasting. Thus, involving IoT-powered solutions increases the efficiency of the water industry, contemplating on all the segments for judicious water usage.

5) Explanatory Reports

The IoT-enabled water level monitoring solution is customizable, depending on the business requirements. It uses advanced analytics to generate effective reports on daily observations and store the relevant information in the form of historical data, which proves effective in times of decision-making. This data further helps the managers to gain actionable insights to predict future trends, serving better towards adequate resource consumption. The reports are in a shareable format that can be shared on-spot, including the highlights of the process and suggestive measures to curate better services.


If you're not regularly monitoring the water that's coming out of your tap, you could be putting your health and your family's health at risk. The solution has advanced in-built sensors that extract data and transfer the same on the user’s dashboard, presenting a clear picture of groundwater levels. Thus, Biz4Intellia offers a smart IoT-equipped groundwater monitoring system to help businesses and organizations track, analyse, and manage their groundwater resources. The solution is effectively customizable, scalable, and easy to use, providing real-time data and reports on groundwater conditions. With our IoT software, you can easily create maps of your water resources and create reports on water usage and well locations.