Executive Summary

Our client, a renowned manufacturing company, wasn’t able to optimize their CNC Machines' uptime. Instead of breaking even the cost per equipment in 10 years (Industry Standard), they were achieving it in 20 years. Biz4Intellia configured the Intellia IoT Energy Monitoring Solution for equipment uptime monitoring which gave our client a clear insight into the running hours of the CNC machines. According to the client, now they are able to have a real-time overview of every shift which gives them a precise impression of how they are utilizing their planned production time.

machine uptime monitoring

The Challenge: Unplanned and Unnoticeable Machine Downtime

Machine Downtime Challenges

The Manufacturer had 10 machines in his factory which were working in two shifts during business days. Summing up to approximately 5200 work shift a year. On an average, all of the machines were having 30 minutes of unplanned downtime per machine every work shift. Which equals to 325 lost work shift per year. And the worst part was, the downtime was unnoticed due to lack of machine uptime/downtime data.

Solution Architecture

Machine Downtime solution architecture

The Aid: Intellia IoT Energy Monitoring Solution

 Intellia IoT Energy Monitoring Solution2

Intellia IoT Energy Monitoring Solution configured for equipment uptime monitoring allows organizations to know the machine running time and current state. Intellia IoT collects the electrical current data from CT sensors. The CT sensors are mounted on the machines and senses the real-time current flowing into the machines.


The end users get the relevant information on Intellia IoT dashboard, which they can access via Smartphone/Tablet/PC. The sensors sense the electric current going to a machine. The state of machinery is determined according to the electric current status in real-time.


The main panel of the dashboard contains plenty of information related to all the devices (equipment). The user can see geolocation all of the devices on the map. The data obtained from the energy sensor is used to produce trend analysis for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy consumption forecasts against production.


The graph contains the electric current data of a machine. Analyzing the graph, user can know when and for how long a machine was active/idle. The user can also add annotation (Comments) to any point of time on the graph. The machine state is identified by setting a threshold on the sensor readings. The users can easily change the threshold within the Intellia IoT application. For example, if the threshold is set for current reading at ‘42’, the machine state will be considered ‘On’ if the current data is on or above ‘42’ and ‘Off’ if otherwise. The product is capable to handle noise in the sensor data as well.

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Energy Monitoring CT Sensor

INT–WEMX01 - Wireless Energy Monitor

The INT-WEMX01 energy monitoring sensor is a RoHS, ISO9000, ISO14000 certified wireless CT sensor which perfectly fits an energy monitoring IoT solution.

Quick Specifications
Product Name Wireless Energy Monitor
Model No INT- WEMX01
Range 30 meter to 100 meter
Protocol WIFI
Transmission rate 1s~30s Power supplyh: AC 110V~250V

Business Benefits

The insights into the unplanned downtimes empowered our client to:

  • optimize-opex OPEX, CAPEX Optimization
  • utilize-assetsAsset Utilization
  • operating-cost-machineOperating Cost Per Machine
  • compare-machine-efficiencyMachine Efficiency comparison

Why Biz4Intellia

Biz4Intellia is an End-to-End IoT (Internet of Things) Solution Provider, catering to the remote monitoring need of multiple industry verticals including Water, Transportation & Logistics, Agriculture, and Oil & Gas.

Here is why Biz4Intellia is a perfect pick for IoT requirements:

  • Customizable Pricing Model (Pay-per-use)
  • Quick to market (4-5 weeks)
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • One-Stop Shop (A complete Hardware and Software Solution)