Why Large-scale Factories are Adopting Biz4Intellia’s Smart Energy Metering Solution?

IoT in energy Sector

IoT is a disruptive technology that effectively performs industrial tasks and introduces automation. Multiple industries are now accepting smart solutions to enhance their operability and improve task completion. Such industries progressively grow by introducing transformation through IoT technology and gaining popularity with a better brand image.

A smart IoT solution includes data processing capabilities, accurately enabling data collection and visualization for better results. Considering a unique way of integrating smart meters is through an IoT platform and gaining real-time insights on energy consumption patterns. This helps industrial experts use big data analytics for better operability. It further allows effective maintenance of the infrastructure by reducing the chances of short circuital damages. Therefore, the ability to create a safe environment in an industrial workspace makes the smart energy metering solution popular to adopt. Here are the major reasons why large-scale factories are gravitating towards Biz4Intellia’s smart energy metering solution.

Significance of Using Biz4Intellia’s Smart Energy Metering Solution


Real-time Monitoring

All kinds of premises use energy as a major resource in multiple ways but find no solution to track the actual consumption. Biz4Intellia’s IoT-powered energy metering solution monitors the energy consumption patterns to promote judicious usage of the resource. It consists of sensors, gateways, and a dashboard that work collaboratively to provide efficient results. Also, real-time energy monitoring uses energy meters, PLC, and SCADA systems to achieve accurate results like measuring voltage, power, current, and other useful information.

Data-driven Processing

Data plays a vital role in every industry. It backs the industrialists with solid reasons to make better decisions and improve their productivity. With an IoT-powered energy monitoring solution, the concerned authorities extract and analyze large amounts of electrical energy consumption data. It encourages them to maintain an economic and smarter process of electricity consumption. For instance, they receive insights into an hour’s energy consumption by the entire factory floor in the form of illustrative reports and well-structured information. This provides a scope of improvement in the factory premises and allows them to adjust and curb excess usage or supply wherever possible.

Expense Optimization

Optimizing energy costs has become the major component in almost all business budgets. Also, only calculating the amount of energy used can never reduce energy consumption but acting wisely and making better decisions results in significant reductions. This is possibly happening with the inclusion of a smart energy metering system in the industries, where the managers are consistent in keeping the real-time check and taking actions wherever necessary. The installation of a smart solution also reduces costs due to its end-to-end functioning capabilities.

Remote Management

Industrialists seek better solutions that are easy to manage and remotely accessible. Biz4Intellia’s IoT-enabled industrial energy monitoring system is equipped with advanced sensors that are remotely accessible. It ensures effective management of the energy used in the industries by facilitating strong connectivity between smart gadgets and industrial energy assets through the internet. Thus, a smart energy monitoring and management system apply to different industries to keep a real-time check even when managers are not available on the premises. It works efficiently by monitoring load control and defining a workable mobile billing system where the user gets detailed insights into energy usage.

Improved Efficiency

Large-scale factories require an effective system to improve their efficiency in all facets. Using the IoT technology for monitoring energy usage helps curb its use and creates a better brand image for the industries. It thus improves the overall efficiency of the equipment as the managers have a complete track of the energy required and used. This reduces the chances of unnecessary energy usage and contributes to long-term equipment performance.

Centralized Dashboard

Biz4Intellia’s energy metering solution has a built-in centralized dashboard for the use of industrialists. Instead of using multiple devices and screens, Biz4Intellia has included all the required features into a single dashboard for simplified operability. This reduces the chances of errors and provides the managers with accurate results. In addition, it comes with a collective and customizable package of features like instant report sharing, filtering of the specific days, historical data, sorting multiple devices, and other essential requirements.

End-to-End IoT Solution

A smart IoT energy monitoring system is bundled with advanced hardware and software that contribute to showing real-time insights on equipment efficiency and the current status. It further provides advanced data analytics to analyze industrial machines' exact energy consumption patterns and displays the information on the interconnected smart device in a user-readable format. This makes the solution a whole package to install on a pocket-friendly budget and gain informed insights for better decision-making.

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Not only large-scale but all kinds of industries are now working on a data-driven pattern that requires a technical solution for effective monitoring of the entire factory. Using Biz4Intellia’s smart energy metering solution, the industrialists are quite convinced with the vitality of accurate results. This shows the real picture of the industrial operability and reflects the scope of improvements through highlighted reports. Hence, adopting a smart solution is wise to improve industrial performance effectively.