Milk Level Monitoring Solution

Smart implementation strategies are being readily proposed in the dairy sector to strengthen the milk levels and improve decision making for the plant managers. The dairy sector consists of differently shaped vats and silos to store the milk in huge quantities. These storage containers require frequent maintenance and proper supervision to maintain the required milk levels and quality. Also, to keep track of the stock and check the amount of milk for future supplies, plant authorities need some innovative solutions. Thus, it becomes mandatory for the managers to stay updated with every increase or decrease in milk quantities.

To check the milk levels in hugely constructed silos or vats, Biz4Intellia has come up with a brand-new milk level monitoring solution. It is an IoT-powered level monitoring solution that aims to provide accurate fluid levels by using the SONAR technology. This system is equipped with the latest sensor devices to capture relevant information with accuracy. Biz4Intellia’s milk level monitoring solution is a one stop platform to manage all the possible desk work through a smart gadget and keep a live check on the milk levels.

Flowchart explaining the Milk Level Monitoring Solution


Technical Attributes

  • hardware

    Quality Equipment

    With a wireless range of 1200+ feet, the solution ensures excellent workability of the sensor devices. It is tailored with auto-calibration algorithms that enable sensor adaptability to a variety of environmental conditions. The hardware is sturdy enough to withstand high temperature, humidity, rainfall, or the changing weathers without any major damage in the performance.

  • multiple

    Uninterrupted Operability

    There are two power supply options for this solution: Line power and battery. The line powered version has a barrel power connector that permits a standard 3.0-3.6 V of power supply. Also, it uses two standard 1.5V AA batteries as backup, and avoid operation interruption due to power loss. Both power options can be used either ways to maintain smooth operability within the plant.

  • data

    Real-Time Control

    The access to the real-time information allows the managers to make better decisions according to the inventory stock available. This also keeps a record of the milk level data that provides quick access for analysis. The authorities have a real-time control on the installed devices to perform seamless operations within the premises. Also, it calculates accurate amount of milk stocked in the inventories for future supplies in a particular region.

Vat or Silo Storage Level Monitoring

You can implement the IoT-powered milk level monitoring solution regardless of the size and shape of the vats or silos. The solution is a perfect add-on to your milk plant facility as it enables automation to conduct multiple operations in one go. This also increases the production rate and provide necessary predictions regarding the inventory levels. Also, the solution is a comprehensive platform where you can also integrate other compatible solutions to monitor the quality or temperature along with monitoring the levels in a storage tank.

Level Monitoring during Milk Transit

During the transportation of milk, the tankers are exposed to unidentifiable leakages or thefts, which decreases the supplied quantity to some ratio. To avoid such happenings, the milk level monitoring system comes into play. The solution is equipped with high-end devices and advanced communication protocols that work tremendously to capture and store real-time information. It ensures that no extra liquid is spilling out of the tank and possesses an instant alert system if the leakage occurs. This automated system utilizes the latest concepts of IoT and advanced algorithms for improved operability. This also makes decision-making easier for the farm managers.

Business Benefits

  • Instant alarming system enables quick decision-making

  • Custom-branded solution for easy configuration with different devices, servers or communication protocols

  • Durable hardware to last longer without compromising the performance

  • Cloud technology provides secured data storage and ubiquitous access

  • One stop solution for every managerial task

  • Cost-effective to match your budget

  • Scalable to connect multiple devices on a single platform

  • Data-driven insights for better administration management

Hardware Used

Sensors & Meters

Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Measuring Parameter Liquids
Measuring Range 0 – 7.5m
Signal Output LoRaWAN
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Operating Temperature -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Measuring Parameter Liquids
Measuring Range 0 – 4m
Signal Output LoRaWAN
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Operating Temperature -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN