Biz4Intellia Wireless Monitoring for Fuel/Crude Oil Levels in Bulk Storage Tanks and Underground Tanks

Fuel level monitoring is complex, time-taking, and costly. The whole infrastructure is situated on the remote locations of the earth, which makes monitoring the volume of fuel tanks even more complex. Concerning manual safety and reducing the chances of risk factors, there is a need for a proper management system that tracks real-time data of the oil levels.

Biz4Intellia is transforming the traditional ways of level monitoring with innovative and affordable ways. The fuel/crude oil solution automates the operability of storage tanks and provides petroleum level monitoring like never before. It is durably armed with quality sensor devices to fetch live updates on fuel levels in a tank.

What is a Fuel/Crude oil Solution?

The oil and gas industry deals with massive amounts of fuel that require apt maintenance methods so that you can keep a real-time check over the entire fuel stock. The level monitoring solution is the most suitable one-stop platform in the O&G sector that uses advanced IoT concepts to track real-time data of the fuel levels. It is equipped with an instant alarming system that benefits the industry by generating live alerts as soon as there is any fuel leakage or theft.

Even if your industrial setup is in faraway areas, a fuel level monitoring system makes it easier for you to remotely track and measure accurate levels of the fuel/crude oil in tanks. The solution is highly compatible with large bulky tanks or underground tanks where the oil is stored. By connecting your smart gadgets with this IoT powered system you can have one platform to perform all your managerial tasks.

Technical Attributes

  • Smooth Installation

    The solution is easy-to-install and works accurately with all the oil tanks’ shape and sizes. You don’t have to worry about the depth of the tanks, for this solution automatically performs every task. Also, this solution can work with moving trucks supposedly when the fuel needs to be transported.

  • Advanced Quality Sensors

    The ultrasonic fuel level sensors are highly durable against the harsh weather conditions and get installed easily on the top of the storage tank. The sensors offer stable performance in almost all weathers and are equipped with automatic temperature compensation capabilities ranging from -30C° to 75C°.

  • Instant Alerts

    You can use level monitoring solution to gain real-time alerts on fuel thefts. As soon as there is any decrease in the fuel levels, the system alarms the authorities by sending instant alerts on the connected devices. It is equipped with an advanced alarming system that sends real-time notifications to take immediate actions.

Fuel Level Monitoring in Moving Tankers

Moving tankers, used to transport the fuel/crude oil, are often exposed to several challenges like unidentifiable leakages or thefts. Installing an IoT powered fuel level monitoring solution on moving oil tankers provides you with all the real-time updates of the fuel levels. This avoids the risk of thefts or unnecessary oil spills through leakages. It is a distant monitoring solution that also tracks the live location of the tankers in transit along with the level of fluid stored in them.

Fuel Level Monitoring for Storage Tanks

The storage tanks in a refinery or gas station constitute large volumes of oil, requiring frequent level checks to update and manage the stock. Fuel level monitoring solution is a fully-fledged IoT-powered system that works on sensor capabilities to capture real-time information. It detects even the slightest change in the oil levels of a tank and sends immediate alerts to the manager’s dashboard for decisions. This solution can be easily integrated with every size of your storage tank to optimize your fuel inventory levels.

Comprehensive solution with A Smart Meter

A level monitoring solution detects accurate fluid levels in a storage tank and displays the readings on the connected dashboard. But when combined with a smart meter, it adds more value to the entire plant’s performance.

You can level up your level monitoring system by planting a smart meter over the distribution pipelines. It lets you keep a live track on various parameters like pressure of the fuel and temperature of the pipeline. It also helps in determining accurate results whenever the tanks empties and in identifying fuel theft from pipeline.

Business Benefits

  • Uses advanced algorithms to measure accurate fuel levels

  • Centralized dashboard shows the tank levels at a glance

  • Immediate alerts are sent on the interconnected smart gadget

  • You can set the desired threshold limits for the fuel levels

  • Cloud-enabled advanced data management technique

  • Highly comprehensive for seamless connectivity with other solutions

  • Provides actionable insights to improve decision-making

  • One platform for all managerial tasks

  • Custom-branded solution for easy configuration with any device, server, or communication protocol