Level Monitoring for Wine, Juice, and Other Beverages

In beverage industries, a wide variety of liquid products like concentrates, fruit blends, pulp cells, essential oils, purees, etc. are manufactured. To facilitate their storage and effective distribution tanks, drums, tankers, and large receptacles are used. With our IoT based level monitoring system, the products stored in these tanks can be monitored and managed effectively.

The implementation of level monitoring solution not only optimizes the warehousing and storage operation in beverage manufacturing companies but also supports automated production and distribution along with offering visibility in the supply chain. This helps companies to confirm the just-in-time delivery of their products to their customers.

Composition and Working of Beverage Level Monitoring Systems

Contactless sensors are used to measure the amount of juice, wine, or any other beverage stored in a container wirelessly. This contactless level measurement ensures that the quality of the beverage is not compromised due to interacting with the sensor. The data about the liquid level is sent to a gateway which then, in turn, transmits it to an application server. Companies can leverage this information via a mobile app or web portal and take actions to optimize operations associated with beverage storage, distribution, or production.

Beverage Level Monitoring’s Comprehensive Features

  • Single-Shop Solution

    Our beverage level monitoring solution is inclusive of all hardware and software components that make it a fully-packed end to end solution. The plug and play solution can be installed on any type of container for the monitoring level of any stored beverage.

  • Custom Branded Solution

    Our customizable and modular white-box solution can be configured as per your business needs. Through wireless sensors and strategically crafted IoT architecture, the solution can be scaled up parallelly with the increasing size of business.

  • Flexible Interoperable Connectivity

    Biz4Intellia’s level monitoring solution supports all form of communication protocols and standards that makes it a fully flexible solution. These customization features make it a suitable fit for almost all business requirements.

Tank Level Monitoring

Juices and other beverages stored in the tank can be monitored with a level monitoring system comprising of sensors installed on the tank, gateways, and IoT portal. Level and volume data from multiple tanks is ingested to Biz4Intellia’s dashboard via a single gateway within a plant.

The data from tanks can be analyzed via the dashboard through its in-built historical data management and predictive analytics features to create patterns and insights that help in optimizing decision making processes to increase production rate or better manage the contents in the tanks.

Large Tank Monitoring

Our wide range of reliable sensors can be installed in tanks of a very large size as well. Large tanks up to a height of 6 floors are used in juice manufacturing companies to store several juice products and facilitate their filling in tankers.

Once installed, our sensors can measure the level of juice in the tank up to a height of 45 feet, making them a suitable fit for such large tank implementation.

Truck Transportation

Juice concentrates, purees and fruits blends manufactured in a company are transported via truck/tankers to another where these extracts are used to produce packaged juice boxes. The level and volume of these extracts can be monitored in a moving tanker remotely along with its live location via GPS powered level monitoring solution for mobile tankers.

Advantages of IoT Juice Level Monitoring

  • Configurable as per specific use case

  • Wide-range of sensors with long battery life

  • Single solution applicable to all types of open or closed tanks

  • Upgradable to other solution on a single platform

  • End to end solution comprising all hardware and software components

  • Historical data management with predictive analytics

  • Multi-channel alert system

  • Compatible with both stationary as well as moving tanks