Environmental Monitoring Solution

IoT Solution for Real-Time Monitoring

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    fully-packed with advanced sensors, gateways, networks, and software capabilities .

What Defines an Environmental Monitoring Solution?

An IoT powered environmental monitoring solution is a tool to assess the surrounding’s safety. Closed space areas like offices, homes, warehouses, museums can be monitored with the help of this smart solution. It is skillfully developed to reduce the workload, detect the presence of pollutants, and obtain real-time information about the surroundings, while keeping up with safety and health protection. The solution aims on improving your well-being and work efficiency to further enhance overall productivity. A smart environmental monitoring system gives you the benefit of maintaining a proper record of the ambiance for a personalized experience.

Applications of Environmental Monitoring Solution

Biz4Intellia’s Environmental Monitoring Solution greatly contributes to defining the intelligence in our surroundings with its several applications.


Temperature Monitoring

With this solution, you can accurately monitor the temperature and humidity data in a particular space. The data is informatively displayed on the Intellia IoT dashboard for analysis and generating reports. Biz4Intellia’s Environmental monitoring solution is powered with wireless sensors that allow you to monitor the temperature and relative humidity levels across your surroundings like offices, rooms, museums, and laboratories. The solution also allows you to set temperature and humidity thresholds for a customized experience. The sensors are well-equipped with automation concepts to control the HVAC system and personalize your surroundings according to your comfort level.


Gas Detection

Staying safe against any toxic gas leak in a closed packed space is mandatory. Biz4Intellia's smart environmental monitoring solution is specially designed for several applications, including gas leak detection . If you can identify the presence of gases in the atmosphere, it is easier to take quick decisions to keep yourself safe. The solution is fully-equipped with advanced sensor devices and LoRaWAN gateway connectivity to detect and store the gas leak data for better analysis. It ensures your safety and allows you to take instant actions before any hazardous event takes place.


Air Quality Measurement

The presence of particulate matter in the atmosphere has an immediate effect on your health. Therefore, a sensor-enabled environmental monitoring system is used to identify and reduce the presence of pollutants around us. It accurately detects the presence of particulate matter in the air and generates alerts about its concentration. Whether in offices, houses, or any closed space, the solution is effective enough to rely on. It provides favorable working and surviving conditions to keep the surrounding air fresh and healthier to breathe. The solution is fully automatic and you can customize the requirements to improve the environment.


Water Quality Monitoring

Clean and fresh drinking water is an essential resource for survival, and IoT technology is efficiently used to measure water quality parameters. By using the environmental monitoring solution, it is possible to measure the quality of water in real-time . It significantly results in efficient operations and improved production rate. You can detect turbidity, pH level, temperature, dissolved oxygen, TDS, and salinity to improve water quality for several purposes. The solution helps in gaining water quality information through smart IoT techniques and perform advanced analytics to enhance the production rate.

Biz4Intellia’s Environmental Monitoring Solution

Using Biz4Intellia’s smart environment monitoring solution, you can capture real-time information with the help of sensors. These sensor devices send useful data through communication gateways, which are secured on a cloud platform and can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere. This smart solution supports multiple gateways that are connected to the intellia dashboard on your smart gadget. Biz4intellia's sensor devices are skillfully developed to fetch data from the environment, air pollutants, and room lightings,which help create a favorable ambience as required for the businesses. Thus, our system can also purposefully serve as an ambience monitoring solution to help provide businesses with personalization options.

Targeted Industries where IoT powered Environmental Monitoring is a Success

  • Smart Citiesmanage street lightings through real-time monitoring

  • Environment Protectionmaintains a favorable atmosphere for quality manufacturing

  • Semi-conductor Industrymaintains a favorable atmosphere for quality manufacturing

  • Pharmaceuticalsto maintain a temperature-consistent environment for fresh medical stocks

  • Smart Homes and Officesreal-time control over ambiance through optimized lighting systems

  • Weather Monitoring get real-time analysis of weather data and forecastable insights

  • Laboratorieshelps control temperature and humidity changes

  • Museums maintains the required temperature and RH to prevent damages

Benefits of Installing an Environmental Monitoring System

  • Protect the surroundings
  • Real-time control
  • Total Volatile Organic Compound measurement
  • CO2 detection
  • Ensure air freshness
  • Optimize the lighting systems
  • Data-driven outcomes
  • Set humidity threshold
  • Temperature
  • Cost-effective

Features of Biz4Intellia’s Environmental Monitoring Solution

  • service-real-time-environment-monitoring

    End-to-end Service

    Comprehensive and fully-packed IoT solution for end-to-end device management, connectivity support, and security. We provide a complete package of hardware and software for a one-stop-shop experience regarding environmental monitoring.

  • data-management-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Historical Data Management

    The data captured from the assets regarding air and water quality, gas concentration can be analyzed through advanced analytics. The data processing develops actionable insights and provides efficient decision-making to improve industrial operability.

  • quality-hardware-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Quality Hardware- to withstand harsh weather conditions

    The solution consists of the latest sensors and meters that contribute to measuring particulate matter, temperature, water quality remotely. These devices respond well through their long-lasting performance and can transmit data to gateways within a reach of 1200 ft., which makes them ideal for distant installations.

  • dashboard-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Centralized Dashboard

    Our IoT platform is a control center for monitoring and managing all the information shared through sensor-gateway configuration. It is a one-stop place with user-friendly dashboards to quicken data visualization and further analysis.

  • configurable-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Configurable and Flexible

    You can leverage maximum flexibility, scalability, and security with modular IoT architecture. The solution is customizable and can track the presence of individual gases and water contaminants. It is a pre-configured solution and can be configured as per the requirements if needed.

  • advanced-analytics-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Advanced analytics

    It allows you to leverage predictive outcomes through timely readings of several air quality metrics. The stored environmental data is effectively analyzed through advanced algorithms with maximum accuracy.

  • build-up-real-time-environment-monitoring

    Gradual Capability Build-up

    This solution suffices your need through its advanced features and end-to-end services. It fully-supports the business strategies to detect air pollutants and developing actionable insights against foulness in the surroundings.

  • environment monitoring

    Environment Sustainability

    Infused with smart data analyzing features, the tabulated data can be processed to create chart and graphs. This graphical representation simplifies and quickens analysis of raw data, enables information and insight identification at a glance, supports trends and pattern recognition, and boost decision-making operations.

  • custom-real-time-environment-monitoring


    The solution is custom-branded which allows easy configuration with any device, server, or communication protocol. This also makes our solution easy-to-install, without any performance hindrances.

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ambience Monitoring Sensors
Measuring Parameters Motion, Humidity, Temperature, Light, CO2, TVOC, Barometric Pressure
Power Supply 2 × alkaline AA batteries
Display 2.13-inch Black & White E-Ink Screen
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection IP30

Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality sensors with a good IP rating (IP67, IP68) are used in this solution to deliver effective performance.
Our platform is customizable as per the business requirements, inclusive of the white-labeling option.
Yes, you can get the proof of concept for a maximum of USD 1000. In the POC you will receive a configured sensor and gateway combination along with limited-time access to our Intellia IoT environmental monitoring system. You can install devices at your site and check the feasibility of our solution yourself. Also, at the time of solution deployment and POC, we provide a user manual and free 24*7 support to help you in case you get stuck with its functioning.
Yes. You will get a personal ID/Password, which can be used to log into your accounts from any device or smartphone.
Data is illustratively represented through graphical forms, visual charts, and informative reports. It allows you to perform better analysis regarding the situation.
LoRaWAN protocol is used for better connectivity between the assets.