Smart Water Metering IoT Solution

For Water Distributors and Residential Apartments

This solution can be implemented for $1K - $2K (one time cost only)

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    Mobile App

    You will get Mobile Apps for both Distributors & End-users.

  • remote-valve

    Remote Valve Control

    The users can remotely control the water flow using the web/mobile app with just a click.

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    Automatic Monthly Bills

    Bills are automatically generated on a monthly basis and users can pay on the app itself.

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    Leakage Alerts

    Both admins as well as users will get alerts of leakage and will have the capability to remotely close the valves.

  • Shared Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required
  • Private Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required

Benefits of Opting for Intellia Smart Water Solution

  • Ensure a safe and steady water supply
  • Enable flexible billing cycle
  • Fight Non-Revenue Water with data
  • Save money by saving on unnecessary distribution
  • Deal with leakages the intelligent way
  • Match demand-supply via demand forecasting
  • Eliminate the need of manual meter readings
  • Get Weekly Report & Forecast for End-users and Admin
  • Control Water Supply Remotely with IoT Valves
  • Get a Bird-eye view of Water Consumption with Admin Portal

Challenges with the Existing Water Management System

  • Inaccurate Mechanical Meter
  • Unmetered Water Use on Construction Sites
  • Incapable of Leak Detection
  • Manual Consumption Data Management
  • Incompetent Demand-Supply Management
  • Human Capital Requirement for Manual Readings
  • Huge Operational Expenditures

We provide utilities around the world with state-of-the-art high-performing remote smart metering solutions, advanced monitoring of pressure and leakages as well as intelligent data analytics. We deliver solutions in all shapes and sizes, but while every project is unique, our starting point is always the same – you, the customer.

Product Features

  • energy-feature-iot

    End-to-End IoT Solution

    Intellia IoT Water Metering Solution is an end-to-end IoT solution consisting of hardware, software, and connectivity. You get what you want from a water meter – the consumption data will be delivered to you in real-time as well as the monthly water bills.

  • energy-feature-monitoring

    All-Inclusive Cost

    Intellia smart water meter solution is not just a software product, it is a complete smart water metering solution. The cost of the solution is inclusive of software, smartphone app, billing services, water meter, smart valves, and installation.

  • energy-feature-dashboard

    User-friendly Dashboard

    Intellia IoT dashboard is easy to use and the users can access the information on both web and mobile apps. With every project implementation, we personalize the existing dashboard according to the need of our customers.

  • energy-feature-efficiency

    Wide Area Coverage

    The solution implementation is not limited to just one residential society, it can cover an entire city. The range of one gateway is up to 6 miles in urban areas and 10 miles in open country areas. Multiple gateways can also be installed in case of broader area coverage requirement.

  • energy-feature-chart

    Advanced Data Analytics

    With Intellia IoT you will get Advanced Analytics feature allowing you to identify water consumption patterns, compare historical consumption, and predict future water demands. You will also be able to optimize the demand-supply of water.

  • energy-feature-analytics

    Low Cost

    The cost of solution implementation is very low as the solution comes with pay per use pricing policy. The monthly recurring cost per meter is $2, which includes Admin Panned, Mobile Apps for Residents as well as Admin and all the features giving you a high ROI.

  • energy-feature-reporting


    The cloud environment allows Intellia IoT solution to operating in a high availability mode. In case of a disaster or a component failure, the load balancers switch to a backup component seamlessly, allowing you to access the usage information anytime.

  • energy-feature-communication

    High Scalability

    Intellia IoT is built on Serverless computing and SQL back end for scalability. The capacity of one single gateway is more than 20,00,000 smart meters and valves, allowing scaling system by simply plugging new end-devices without the need for mess infrastructure cost.

  • energy-feature-alert

    Interactive Reports

    The solution allows you to monitor the real-time inflow, outflow & water level at residential buildings, plants, and reservoirs. The users get real-time notifications, E-mail, and SMS in case of any unusual consumption.

Intellia LoRa Wireless Water Meter INT-Water-01

Product Details Description
Measuring Parameter Water Consumption
Temperature class T30,T90
Pressure class MAP10
Accuracy class Class 2
Static current uA <10
Environmental class Class B
Nominal Daimeter DN15 to DN25

What Clients Say

“It really is a capital expense with an ROI of less than a year. It has eliminated the need for manual meter readings which saved us around 5,000 USD a month.”

Charles Firlotte

“The real-time leakage detection feature turned out to be a boon for our distribution system. Now, we are able to know of any water leakage throughout our distribution pipeline from anywhere.”

Ziad Tabbara

“Before picking the solution, we were worried about the monthly recurring charges. Its been a year and the $2 per meter is paying itself off. Our customers are leveraging the flexible billing feature to pay whenever they want.”

Geoff Purcell

Frequently Asked Questions

We will install smart water meters at every site. If there are traditional water meters already installed, we can go with installing sensors on your existing water meters. The sensor/smart meters transmit readings data to the cloud via telemetry gateways i.e. LORAWAN gateways. The data is analyzed and further provided to the users on the dashboards, which they can access via mobile phone as well as desktop.
Our system ensures that the customers are billed based on their actual consumption; not an estimate. The advantage of smart water metering is that it will provide you with daily consumption data. This means more information to empower you to control your water bill.
The one-time implementation cost will depend on the number of smart water meter implementation and the coverage area. The monthly recurring cost of $2 includes data ingestion, analysis, and display that data on user dashboards. Not a single penny will be charged other than $2 per smart water meter.
The charges for smart valves will be included in the one-time cost only. There will be no monthly charges for this feature.
Yes, we can white label the Intellia IoT app for your business. As stated before, the app is customizable and will be personalized according to your needs.
The web/mobile app is user-friendly and easy to operate. Though we will provide you with user manuals and there will also be 24*7 customer support. So, we will be there to help you whenever you need any help.