Biz4Intellia Wireless Reservoir Level Monitoring Solution

A configurable and ideal system to accurately monitor the reservoir and surface water levels.

Knowing the water levels in the reservoirs ensures you have an adequate supply of water for future purposes. The reservoirs like ponds or natural lakes are exposed to several environmental conditions, which are responsible for the increase and decrease of water content.

An IoT powered reservoir level monitoring system thus helps you in keeping up with the accurate data of the fluid levels. With the help of this system you can measure the levels of the reservoirs situated in remote areas, cutting the costs of frequent on-site visits.

What is a Reservoir Level Monitoring Solution?

The reservoir levels grow thick and fast especially in the areas of significant rainfall. On-site manual supervision seems to be outdated which also misses out the real-time information regarding the increase and decrease of reservoir levels. Thus, knowing the water levels through advanced sensors and network gateways provide better insights along with smooth operability. Biz4Intellia’s ultrasonic sensor device measures the distance between the sensor and water surface according to the set time frame. The sensor devices are equipped with auto-calibrated algorithms to maintain the accuracy, predict situational outcomes, and provide better insights. .

Technical Features

  • Smooth Calibration

    The solution comes with a customizable option where it is easier for you to select time intervals for data measurement. It can be per hour, every 10 minutes, or every second; you can set it according to your needs. It also allows you to set the frequency at which you would want to get the level readings.

  • High-end Sensors

    The system is equipped with the latest ultrasonic sensors. They operate on different technologies like RADAR or laser that send high-frequency sound pulses on the water surface and calculate the time in which they come back to the sensor. You can install these sensor devices for once and obtain consistent readings for as long as two years without worrying about the damage.

  • Excellent Data Storage

    The solution utilizes the in-built gateways with the memory of more than 16,000+ readings, allowing you to create a large stack of historical data for better analysis. It possesses an excellent data storage for you to access the information even when the internet connection is lost.

In Fish Farms

Keep a real-time analysis on the water levels of your fish ponds with this reservoir level monitoring system. It is equipped with sensors and measures the water levels accurately. Even if there is a slightest change in the level, it generates real-time alerts for quick actions. The fish farm managers can supervise the water channels where fishes are kept, and have a continuous control on the water levels. It is an advanced method to maintain the fish quality on a regular basis. Additionally, you can add an oxygen level detector to retain the accurate amounts of oxygen for raising high quality fishes.

In Slurries

Slurry water when processed, generates froth and foam that makes it difficult to track the liquid levels. Also, the irregular shape of the reservoir hinders the accurate level measurements. Our reservoir level monitoring system is equipped with in-built calculative features that provides instant and accurate fluid level readings regardless of the foam formation. It is an effective solution for various industrial applications like mining, pulp and paper manufacturing where small slurries are used to store water. You can easily know the fluctuating liquid levels below or above the standard limits.

Business Benefits

  • Proven sensor reliability when exposed in extreme weather conditions

  • A feasible solution to match your budget

  • Scalable to connect multiple devices on a single platform

  • Data-driven insights for improved administration and plant management

  • Custom-branded solution for easy configuration with any device, server, or communication protocol

  • Long-lasting hardware functionality

  • Well-organized data storage for smooth functioning

  • Comprehensive solution that connects easily with other solutions