River Monitoring and Flood Warning Systems

Application of IoT based level monitoring solutions in monitoring depth of any water body is certain. In rivers or other flowing water mediums, such systems are mandatory since their level varies due to environmental influences.

In summers, the water level of rivers decreases due to evaporation, while during monsoon the level rises due to rainfall. By using level measurement solutions, the water level of rivers, streams, channels, or any other watercourse can be monitored in real-time from any remote location.

Composition and Working of the System

river monitoring

IoT based level monitoring system allows automatic measurement of river water level. Sensors operating on ultrasonic and RADAR technologies are installed on the riverbank, which sends a wave towards the river and measures the distance between them and the water surface based on the time taken by the wave to reflect back and reach the sensor.

Gateways collect the data from sensors and send it to a cloud layer where all the readings are stored. These readings can be accessed from our end to end IoT dashboard from anyplace in real-time. The autocalibration algorithms of the system process the readings from the sensors to accurately ascertain the level of the river.

Technical Features of Biz4Intellia’s River Level Monitoring System

  • flood-warning

    Readings Calibration

    Calibrate the frequency at which you’d like to obtain the level readings. Get level measurement data every hour, once in 10 minutes, or every second; based on your specific need to gain river level readings.

  • warning-administration

    Reliable Cutting-Edge Sensors

    Choose from a wide range of industrial-grade sensors operating on different technologies like RADAR or Laser, capable to measure depth of up to 1200 feet. Install these devices once and keep getting readings for at least 2 years without worrying about dead batteries.

  • hardware

    Large Memory Backup

    No worries even if the connection deteriorates. Gateways used by us houses an in-built memory of more than 16,000 readings. Hence, you can obtain all the measurement readings taken by the sensors as soon as the connection comes back.

Flood Warning System

These solutions when implemented in flood-prone zones can be used to supervise the increasing water level in rivers during monsoon and determine the probability of flood to hit nearby areas.

The real-time alerting feature of our IoT solution notifies you about possible flood risks allowing you to execute emergency plans in the available time. The historical data gathered for a long duration from these systems can also be analyzed via predictive analytics features to create trends associated with floods. This helps emergency relief authorities to tackle disasters like floods better.

Sewage Monitoring

In a sewage network, small pipes join to large underground pipes that carry wastewater from users to treatment plants via pump and lifting stations. However, sewage water when mixes with drained rainwater during monsoon the sewage network gets overloaded.

To prevent such conditions and monitor the level of wastewater in sewers, level monitoring solutions for flowing water can be used. These systems will enable data logging for changing wastewater levels in sewers and to determine the typical flow rate. This data can also be analyzed to gain alerts about the overfilling of the sewage network, schedule maintenance procedures when the water level is low, and optimize the capacity of sewers.


River Monitoring Solution’s Advantages

  • Live alerts about increasing river level

  • Custom branded solution configurable with any device, sever, or communication protocol

  • Interoperable bidirectional communication

  • Hand-picked hardware stack for long-lasting functionality

  • Expandable to other black-box solutions on a single platform

  • Decreases response time for quick evacuation and emergency plan roll-out

  • Reliable sensors immune to harsh weather conditions

  • Administration and managerial features included

  • Scalable to multiple devices on a single platform


Hardware Used

Sensors & Meters

Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Measuring Parameter Liquids
Measuring Range 0 – 7.5m
Signal Output LoRaWAN
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Operating Temperature -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Measuring Parameter Liquids
Measuring Range 0 – 4m
Signal Output LoRaWAN
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Operating Temperature -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN