Energy Monitoring IoT Solution for Industrial Plants and Factories

Intellia IoT solution for energy measurement offers complete visibility of energy consumption/generation into your manufacturing plant. It will help you get detailed insights into your energy consumption not only at the manufacturing unit or building level but also at the level of room, line, machine and even individual product.

Benefits Of Energy Monitoring Solutions

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Detect Abnormality in Consumption
  • Optimize Cost
  • Get Real-time Energy Insights
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Boost Facility Performance
  • Increase ROI
  • Predict Future Energy Needs
  • Reduce Electricity Demand Charge
  • Trace Energy Capabilities
  • Identify Unnecessary Equipment Operations

Real-time Energy Generation and Consumption Monitoring

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  • electric-source-panel
  • power-grid-source

Equipment Efficiency

Energy Sources

Energy Consumption per equipment

What Challenges do Manufacturers Face?

  • Inefficient Equipment Performance
  • Unnecessary Energy Consumption
  • Excessive Consumption Intractability
  • No real time Energy Insights
  • Facility underperformance
  • Unclear Future Energy Requirements
  • Unbalanced Electricity Demand
  • Complicated Cost Regulation

Intellia IoT for Energy Monitoring - Features

  • End-to-End IoT Solution

    We pick the right sensor and gateway/telemetry device for you, process the data to valuable information, and make the information available on Intellia IoT energy monitoring dashboard which is tailored according to your requirements.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Control

    Intellia IoT provide the real-time energy consumption data which helps you to continuously monitor your equipment efficiency. Which will help you decide if any machine is need to be replaced.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    With Intellia IoT you will get Advanced Analytics feature which will help you to identify energy consumption patterns, compare historical consumption, and predict future energy needs.

  • Equipment Efficiency Analysis

    Intellia IoT empowers you to know when a machine was active and when it wasn’t. You will be alerted if a machine is not working when it is supposed to be active.

  • Consumption Patterns and Control Visualization

    Intellia IoT provides data charts and visualization which helps you to comprehend the information easily.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    Intellia IoT provides all the information related to installed devices (Machines) on a single screen.

  • Customized and Interactive Reports

    The reports are readily available with just one click.

  • Two-way Communication

    It is not just the data ingestion form sensors, Intellia IoT also empowers you to control the energy supply as well.

  • Real time alerts

    They are scheduled searches that remain active on a constant note. This makes it easier for users to detect errors instantly when they occur.

  • Sustains harsh environment

    Be it extreme winters, scorching summers or sudden drop/rise in the temperature, it can sustain it all.

  • Predictive data analytics to estimate energy consumption

    Through advanced data analytics and AI, you can predict the total energy usage and the associated cost.

Wireless Energy Monitor

Product Details Description
Product Name Wireless Energy Monitor
Model No INT- WEMX01
Certificate RoHA, ISO9000, ISO14000
Range 30 meters to 100 meters
Protocol WiFi
Transmission Rate 1s-30s
Power supply AC 110V-250V

Frequently Asked Questions

The hardware and one-time software configuration cost depends on the requirement or say your factory size. Apart from this the monthly cost per device is $2 for shared cloud and $3 for private cloud. For more pricing related information please visit:
Definitely yes, Intellia IoT supports Process Flow Management by which information can be permitted/restricted to any type of user. For example, the information provided to supervisors can be different from the administrator one.
Intellia IoT solution for energy monitoring is very customizable. You will get a tailored dashboard, providing you alerts & notifications, geo location, information about all the installed devices with their current state and much more. With every deployment of this solution, we personalize the dashboard each time.
We do provide training and user manual of Intellia IoT solution. On top of it, there will be 24*7 support so you can contact us whenever you need assistance/support.
The customized reports will be available in .csv format. All you have to do is open the Device charts and click on “export to csv”.
Intellia IoT solution supports seamless interconnectivity which helps in ingesting the real-time data into the dashboards. Not even this, you will also be able to control the energy supply using your mobile phone/PC.
All the information related to the machines which are mounted with sensors, will be available on a single dashboard and you can access it via web or mobile app.