Plug & Play Energy Monitoring Solution

For Single Phase and Three Phase 150/500 AMP

Real-time energy monitoring. (battery or power operated with wireless connectivity)

Analytics & Machine learning included.

Advance alerts with remote monitoring – with Biz4Intellia platform

Compatible with most devices (no need to change your existing installation)

Mobile App & Web platform for the same solution.

Unlimited customization capability & configurable to existing solution.

Solution can be implemented for as low as $750*.

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    One Stop Solution

    Get the hardware as well as the software bundled with the solution.

  • supervisior-gps-fleet-tracking

    Equipment Efficiency Analysis

    Know real-time equipment efficiency and its current status.

  • location-gps-fleet-tracking

    Consumption Patterns and Control Visualization

    With Advanced Data Analytics, analyze the consumption patterns of your machines.

  • weight-fleet-monitoring

    Personalized Mobile App

    We will configure the mobile app for your personalized experience.

  • Shared Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required
  • Private Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required

Applications of Energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring Solution

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy consumed by machines can be monitored and managed regularly by our smart energy monitoring solutions. Embedded sensors, meters, and other IoT devices can monitor the energy utilized by each equipment. The energy utilization parameters can also be collected for a chain of assets to determine the overall consumption of an entire facility. Hence, strategic actions and decisions can be taken to subdue the consumption of electricity and boost up the overall efficiency.


Facilities’ Efficiency Improvement

Intellia IoT Energy Monitoring System provides an easy way to automatically retrieve and analyze power quality events. Unlike traditional energy management systems, Intellia IoT system extracts the real-time energy consumption insights from your plant and provides you with useful data points on your mobile/PC. The system covers information regarding power generation and its utilization which makes it a one-stop solution.


Equipment Availability Monitoring

Know when and why your machines were not running. With our Energy Monitoring System, you will get real-time insights into your machine’s availability and performance. The information related to your machines’ availability is showcased on a dashboard that can be customized. The solution monitors equipment downtimes which empowers you to reduce unwanted and unexpected equipment breakdowns and schedule maintenance.


Digital Twinning of Equipment

Our energy monitoring solution collects energy consumption parameters such as voltage and amperes for particular equipment or machine and used for its digital twinning. You can use this virtual mapping of your assets’ performance to analyze its efficiency, condition, and the real-time status. Moreover, the high tide of the digital revolution requires the industry to incorporate these disruptive technologies and systems to attain the benchmark of Industry 4.0.


Microgrid for Optimum Power Consumption

Biz4Intellia’s energy monitoring system enables the creation of microgrids that supply locally produced electricity to a facility. Instead of entirely depending on the main electricity grid, you can create microgrids to suffice your energy needs. Through our energy monitoring solutions, you also gain the ability to switch between main grids and microgrids based on local power load conditions and the availability of energy sources to fulfill your power requirements.

Benefits Of Energy Monitoring Solutions

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Detect Abnormality in Consumption
  • Optimize Cost
  • Get Real-time Energy Insights
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Boost Facility Performance
  • Increase ROI
  • Predict Future Energy Needs
  • Reduce Electricity Demand Charge
  • Trace Energy Capabilities
  • Identify Unnecessary Equipment Operations

Real-time Energy Generation and Consumption Monitoring

Intellia IoT solution for energy measurement offers complete visibility of energy consumption/generation into your manufacturing plant. It will help you get detailed insights into your energy consumption not only at the manufacturing unit or building level but also at the level of room, line, machine and even individual product.

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Equipment Efficiency

Energy Sources

Energy Consumption per equipment

What Challenges do Manufacturers Face?

  • Untapped Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Unnecessary Energy Consumption
  • Excessive Consumption Intractability
  • No real time Energy Insights
  • Facility underperformance
  • Unclear Future Energy Requirements
  • Unbalanced Electricity Demand
  • Complicated Cost Regulation

Intellia IoT for Energy Monitoring - Features

Real-time calculated machine state based on current consumption
Calculated machine tool energy efficiency ratio trends
Correlation of machine tool energy efficiency ratio to machine runtime
Voltage, min, max, avg current, Amp Hours parameters
  • energy-feature-iot

    End-to-End IoT Solution

    We pick the right wireless and battery-powered sensor, meter, and gateway configuration for you to transform data from endpoints into valuable information and make it available on the Intellia IoT energy monitoring dashboard which is tailored according to your requirements.

  • energy-feature-monitoring

    Real-time Monitoring and Control

    Intellia IoT real-time energy monitoring provides live energy consumption data which helps you to continuously monitor the efficiency of your assets and decide if they require maintenance or are needed to be replaced.

  • energy-feature-analytics

    Advanced Data Analytics

    With Intellia IoT you will get an Advanced Analytics feature which will help you to gather data and process it to develop energy consumption patterns, compare historical consumption, and predict future energy needs.

  • energy-feature-chart

    Consumption Patterns and Control Visualization

    Intellia IoT provides data charts and visualization which helps you to comprehend the information easily. These visual representations of data will enable you to identify operational inefficiencies and mitigate them by taking strategic actions.

  • energy-feature-dashboard

    Centralized Dashboard

    Intellia IoT provides all the information related to the installed devices on machines on a single screen. Our centralized dashboard encompasses several cards and panels that project useful data in an intuitive and easy to understand manner.

  • energy-feature-reporting

    Customized and Interactive Reports

    The reports are readily available with just one click. The real-time energy monitoring system sends data related to targeted parameters and device performance continuously, which can be aggregated into reports and calculated to develop efficiency-boosting operations.

  • energy-feature-communication

    Two-way Communication

    It is not just the data ingestion from sensors, Intellia IoT also empowers you to control the energy supply as well. Its two-way interaction architecture makes it a perfect fit to be incorporated with any type of sensor or third-party data.

  • energy-feature-alert

    Real time alerts

    The real-time alert system will enable you to gain alerts about inefficiencies in your facility. The derived parameters can be calculated and alarms can be triggered in real-time that enables you to detect errors instantly when they occur.

  • energy-feature-environment

    Sustains harsh environment

    Be it extreme winters, scorching summers or sudden drop/rise in the temperature, the devices can sustain it all. They are durable and reliable enough to tolerate severe environmental conditions and machine-based surroundings.

How It Works


Hardware Used

Sensors & Meters

Intellia Wireless AC Current Meter
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless AC Current Meter – INT-C-01
Measuring Parameters Amps Hours, Max RMS current, Min RMS current, Average RMS current
Accuracy +/- 2% @ 2 to 150 Arms, +/- .4 Arms @ < 15 Arms
Current Transducer Frequency Range 50 – 100 Hz
Absolute Max CT Current 200 Amps RMS (Arms)
Maximum Accurate CT Current 150 Arms
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Intellia Industrial Wireless Three Phase Current Meters
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Industrial Wireless Three Phase Current Meters INT-C-02
Measuring Parameters Measures the RMS current of an alternating current (AC) system using 3 current transformers.
Accuracy +/- 2% @ 2 to 150 Arms, +/- 0.4 Arms @ < 15 Arms
Frequency Measurement Range 50–100 Hz
Absolute Max CT Current 200 Amps RMS (Arms)
Maximum Accurate CT Current 150 Arms
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Industrial Wireless Three Phase Current Meters 500AMP INT-C-03
Measuring Parameters Measures the RMS current of an alternating current (AC) system using 3 current transformers up to 500 Amps
Frequency Measurement Range 50 - 100 Hz
Accuracy +/- 2% @ 2 to 500, +/- 0.4 A rms @ < 15 A rms
Battery Type Hz Replaceable 3.6V, 1800mAH (single AA sized)
Weight 28.7 oz
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Intellia Wireless Accelerometer - Advance Vibration Meter
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Accelerometer - Advance Vibration Meter INT-AT-01
Measuring Parameters Vibration, Frequency, Temperature
Vibration Intensity Threshold Resolution 0.001 mm/s^2, 0.01 mm/s, .01 mm
Frequency Measurement Resolution 0.1 Hz
Thermistor Operating Range -40°C to +125°C ( -40°F to +257°F ) / 0.1 C (0.1 F)
Weight 3.7 ounces
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN


Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Industrial Intellia Ethernet Gateway INT-LoRaEth-02
Communication Protocols with Sensors LoRaWAN
Communication Protocols with Internet Ethernet
Wireless Range 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls
Device Memory 15,000 sensor message memory
Operating Temperature -20 to 55 °C (-4 to 131 °F)
Dimensions & Weight 5.004 x 3.8 x 1.51 in. & 7 ounces
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ethernet Gateway INT-LoRaCell-02
Communication Protocols with Sensors LoRaWAN
Communication Protocols with Internet Cellular
Wireless Range 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls
Device Memory 50,000 sensor messages
Storage Temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Dimensions & Weight 5.004 x 3.8 x 1.51 in. & 7 ounces

What Clients Say

“We were looking for a system that can monitor the energy consumption parameters throughout the factory, provide clear energy insights and allow us to keep the consumption in the plant to a minimum. After having evaluated traditional energy management system and metering system, Biz4Intellia won out in the end providing best in class Energy Monitoring Solution for our requirements.”

Benjmin Smith

“If you are looking for a solution to monitor your equipment’s efficiency, Intellia IoT for energy monitoring is a perfect pick for you. They are providing us the real-time information from our plant which is accessible via mobile devices or PC.”

B Clark

“We had 10 machines working 2 shifts a day. Due to unplanned downtime of about 30 minutes per machine per shift, the Equipment Efficiency was deteriorating through-out the time. We were unable to break even the cost of machines. We reached out Biz4Intellia for real-time machine efficiency monitoring and got the complete solution implemented not in months but in weeks.”

Justin S.

Frequently Asked Questions

The solution can be used for small to colossal machines being used for different industrial, commercial, or domestic applications. The solution can monitor single and three-phase current up to 500 amperes and detect voltage up to 200 VDC volts and 500 VAC.
The hardware and one-time software configuration cost depends on the requirement or say your factory size. Apart from this the monthly cost per device is $2 for shared cloud and $3 for private cloud. For more pricing related information please visit:
Definitely yes, Intellia IoT supports multiple level of user logins by which information can be permitted/restricted to any type of user.
Intellia IoT solution for energy monitoring is very customizable. You will get a tailored dashboard, providing you alerts & notifications, geolocation, information about all the installed devices with their current state and much more. With every deployment of this solution, we personalize the dashboard each time i.e. the dashboard can be customized as per your requirements.
We do provide training and user manual of Intellia IoT solution. On top of it, there will be 24*7 support so you can contact us whenever you need assistance/support.
The customized reports will be available in .csv format. All you have to do is open the Device charts and click on “export to csv”.
Intellia IoT solution supports seamless interconnectivity which helps in ingesting the real-time data into the dashboards. Not even this, you will also be able to control the energy supply using your mobile phone/PC.
All the information related to the machines which are mounted with sensors will be available on a single dashboard and you can access it via the web or mobile app from anywhere on the planet. The gateway and sensor configuration is devised in a manner that a single gateway can collect data from all sensors within a range of 1200 feet. Hence, the solution can be easily scaled vertically or horizontally as per your requirement.
Yes, you can avail proof of concept for our solution for a maximum price of 1000 USD. You will receive a configured sensor and gateway combination along with limited-time access to our Intellia IoT smart energy monitoring solution. By installing these devices on-site you can ensure the suitability of the solution.
Yes, the solution can be used to enhance the performance of an already implemented SCADA or PLC system in the industry. It is capable of incorporating any other sensor or third party data. Our solution helps companies to reach the benchmark set by the standards of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.