Biz4Intellia with its extensive experience in delivering end to end IoT solutions is proficient in offering high-tech services to your immediate problem. By leveraging the competencies of Internet of Things, we provide one of a kind services infused with advanced telematics, analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities.

From our services you not only gain the benefit of our cutting-edge IoT systems but also attain the ability to give a strategic overhaul to your end-to-end processes. Our services are aligned as per the latest industrial standards that empower us to help companies of different scales and varying needs.

Some Major Industries We Have Worked In

Oil & Gas

From crude exploration & production to oil refining, our IoT solutions cater to the individual needs of all oil & gas supply chain segments. By using these solutions, oil companies can monitor the flow of crude oil and its by-products from an oil extraction site to gas stations.

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We have intertwined the features of Internet of Things to build best in class water monitoring and management systems for water utilities. Water meters and devices along with our solution allow detection of varying water needs and demand fluctuation. We also offer water quality monitoring services.

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Our end to end IoT product—Intellia IoT, is way beyond the basic GPS vehicle monitoring and empowers fleet operators with advanced features like route management, fuel consumption analysis, vehicle monitoring, driver activity monitoring, and cargo monitoring.

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Our solutions in hotels provide a comforting and unique experience to the guests. These services help hospitality businesses to develop long-lasting relationships with their customers and gain remote control over different practices related to in-depth visibility and personalized services.

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Our services in the healthcare sector offer a wide range of patient care benefits that hospitals and pharmaceuticals use to help people in need. IoT helps people to easily connect with the nearest treatment centers or hospitals and help in boosting patient engagement.

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Mining industries are located in remote areas. Monitoring on-site equipment and assets are hence quite tedious. Our IoT powered remote asset monitoring solutions allow the mining industry to keep track of their assets and measure their health and performance from even far-off locations.

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Industrial IoT

Our Industrial IoT solutions are digitally transforming various manufacturing and industrial processes. These solutions help in creating an environment of autonomy in a facility that optimizes various industrial processes, revamps the enterprise asset management practices, and help in curbing manual costs.

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