How does Biz4Intellia Bring Digital Farming into Fig Plantation?

IoT in agriculture

Fig plantation is one of the most popular and high-demand practices that is processed across the world. This is because figs possess a lot of positive attributes like high fibre content, pectic substances, cancer prevention, which makes them increasingly popular for farming. More than 600 varieties of figs are cultivated worldwide, and the farmers are seeking advanced ways to progress in the same. Mainly, figs require the best type of soil with well-draining and water holding capacity that suits their cultivation.

Introducing IoT technology in the farming sector is proving beneficial in all aspects. Due to automated processing and advanced farming solutions, the authorities seek improvements in their regular plantation methods. It is easier for them to keep a real-time check on crop health and monitor their conditions through internet connectivity. The installed sensors extract relevant data from the fields and transfer the same into a user-friendly format for managers to better analyse the crop conditions.

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Why Biz4Intellia for Digital Farming?


1) Remote Management

IoT technology provides visual intelligence while dealing with farms that increase the chances of quality management. Whether or not the farm managers are available on-site, digital farming enables remote management to check the field conditions regularly. IoT also provides digital twinning for the agricultural assets and empowers the research work involved to maintain seed quality and well-adaptation in future environments. This brings improvements in the overall productivity and sustainability of the crops. Also, farm managers can make quick decisions based on accurate analytics and measurements as and when required.

2) Monitor the Crop Growth at Every Level

It is quite strange to say that every inch growth in crops can be monitored through IoT, but it has become a major part of the technology acceptance among the farmers. The sensor-based system and gateway connectivity among the assets enable real-time monitoring of the crops, contributing a lot to quality fig production. With the real-time data captured regularly, the farm authorities can analyse the amount of water, fertilizers, etc., needed by the fig crops. This enhances the farm’s overall productivity and helps maintain the time and effort during fig plantation.

3) Enhance Crop Protection

Pests create an unimaginable nuisance for the farm managers, and it becomes very necessary to protect the crops against them. To avoid such situations, Biz4Intellia brings in IoT-powered smart farming solutions, which would help keep a real-time track of the fig crop's health and suggest different and better measures to the managers to avoid crop destruction. Fig plantation demands accurate irrigation supply, quality soil, bad weather analysis, accumulating together for better results. Not only pests but the figs (soon after full-harvest) also need to be protected from all kinds of external sources with the help of an instant trigger system, which would alert the authorities in case of any intrusion.

4) Accurate Soil Quality Testing

It is a great practice to test the soil first and proceed further with the plantation procedure. Figs grow best in soil with high organic matter and under hot summer conditions. Maintaining the soil quality is one of the trickiest jobs in farm management, you need to take care of the entire land, which is quite difficult through manual ways. Using IoT technology and advanced concepts, the managers can test soil quality by installing sensors and analysing the information before sowing the seeds. Using the digital approach in the farming sector creates a clear idea about providing the appropriate conditions for fig plantation.

5) Analyse the Crop Health in Real-time

The involvement of IoT in fig plantations hugely influences the efficiency of its production by measuring the real-time analysis. This helps generate accuracy in results and allows the managers to produce the results effectively. Also, there are times when figs grow continuously during a certain part of the year, requiring high maintenance at that particular time. Biz4Intellia’s IoT solution enables real-time analysis of the crops and displays the details on the interconnected dashboard. The details play a huge role in making effective decisions and knowing the soil for better produce. Also, having real-time analysis about the crops triggers the notifications on different stages of the crop, giving the farm managers a clear idea for strategic future planning.

6) Transform into Smart Greenhouses

Digital farming uses sensor-based data extraction to provide an appropriate environment for the crops. A smart greenhouse is more like the same with the only difference of technological installation, which can be operated even through remote locations. The use of IoT in smart greenhouses helps monitor the quality of soil and temperature required according to the seasonal changes, which targets improved crop production. Biz4Intellia offers automated solutions to keep a real-time check on the farms and build advanced greenhouses, where even when the demands are high, it is easier to maintain the adequacy for the same.

Digital farming has become the trend to improve agricultural practices in every aspect possible. It requires a sensor-based mechanism that transfers relevant information to the user’s dashboard, reflecting actionable insights to enable better farm management. Biz4Intellia’s digital farming solution includes a smart concept that improves traditional ways of fig plantation. It includes sensor-enabled farming that provides a well-structured and systematic way to monitor the crops, playing a significant role in strategically planned production.