Corrosive & Toxic Liquid Level Monitoring

Some liquids manufactured in industries possess unique characteristics that makes them corrosive towards various metals. Acids and other caustic liquids are some examples of such fluids that are stored in glass containers and are transported in tankers made of stainless steel.

Due to their corrosive and toxic properties, it is difficult to find sensors that can withstand their fumes and monitor their quantity. With our reliable stack of ultrasonic and RADAR using sensors, you can implement our fully-packed level monitoring solution and track the level and amount of corrosive liquid in both stationary as well as moving tanks.

How does Level Monitoring System work for Corrosive Liquids?

Corrosive & Toxic Liquid Level Monitoring

Wireless sensors are installed on the tank containing corrosive liquid. These sensors working on different technologies like RADAR and Ultrasonic transmits a high-frequency sound pulse and times how long it takes for the echo to reflect from the liquid’s surface. This contactless and automatic measurement keeps the sensors safe from damage caused due to corrosion from caustic liquids.

What Features Supports Level Measurement for Corrosive Liquids?

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    Single Gateway Connectivity

    The data generated by the sensors is collected by the gateway and transmitted to the web and mobile-powered IoT platform. A single gateway can ingest data from up to 200 sensors installed within a range of 1,200 feet and make it readily available for monitoring.

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    Contactless Level Measurement

    Wireless sensors working on ultrasonic and RADAR technologies allow contactless level measurement of stored liquid. This not only keeps the sensors safe from damage but also maintains the consistency of liquid stored in the tanks.

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    Remote Monitoring

    The information regarding the amount of expensive caustic and corrosive liquids stored in tanks can be gathered from any remote location. Hence, the contents of the tank can be supervised from any place and alerts can be obtained whenever the level decreases from the predefined limits.

Tank Level Monitoring to Boost Industrial Operations

Liquid level monitoring of corrosive and toxic liquids cannot be done with traditional methods as several risks are associated with their manual level measurement. With our IoT based solutions, the level of caustic liquids stored in glass or plastic tanks can be monitored automatically. In an industrial setup, these level monitoring systems can also be used to achieve operational excellence.

End to end level monitoring solution along with other comprehensive solution can be used to optimize operations and achieve operational excellence. The amalgamation of IoT based liquid level measurement system with other solution and systems can be used to increase production rate, increase industrial efficiency, and conduct operations automatically.

Benefits of Level Monitoring for Corrosive Liquids

  • Wireless and contactless sensors for automatic tank level measurement

  • Single gateway connectivity with up to 200 sensors within a range of 1,200 feet

  • Upgradable to other solutions on a single platform

  • Functional with both open and closed tanks

  • Effective level measurement of liquid up to a depth of 30 meters

  • Advanced analytics and historical data management included

  • Custom branded solution with white-labeling feature included

  • Single shop solution comprising both hardware and software

Hardware Used

Sensors & Meters

Intellia Radar level transmitter
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Radar level transmitter
Measuring Parameter Corrosive liquids, vapors, volatile liquid
Measuring Range 20 meters
Signal Output 4-20mA two-wire or four wire / RS 485 Modbus
Accuracy ± 3mm
Protection Grade IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃~130℃ (Standard) / -40℃~250℃ (High temperature type)
Communication Protocols to Gateway 4-20mA, RS 485 Modbus & LoRaWAN (optional)