Oil-Theft Solution for Industrial and Commercial Usage

This solution can be implemented for $1K - $2K (one time cost only)

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    End-to-end IoT solution

    A complete oil/fuel theft solution package comprising hardware and software capabilities.

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    Real-time supervision and alerts

    Monitor live notifications related to the quantity of oil in tankers through real-time notifications.

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    Customizable dashboard

    The centralized dashboard can be customized according to the personalized taste of the user.

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    Highly scalable

    Our highly scalable oil theft solution can be implemented to large oil tankers fleet.

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Intellia IoT Oil/Fuel Theft Solution

Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) enforces the security of oil during its transportation. IoT has made it astoundingly difficult for thieves to get away with the stolen oil. Different volume measuring sensors detect even a minute change in its level and alert the concerned authorities immediately. Through real-time monitoring, a person can track the volume of oil in a tanker and can even detect leaks.

Application of Oil-Theft Prevention System


Fuel-tanker monitoring

IoT based sensors attached on the tankers surface monitor volume of oil continuously. Any change in oil's volume is noted in the form of sensory data, which is transmitted to a cloud-based application as an alert. Our oil-theft solution makes sure that the buyer receives the correct quantity of oil purchased from the supplier by subsequently measuring the volume of oil in the tanker.


Oil-theft prevention from tank farms

Refined petroleum products stored in large tank farms are more vulnerable towards ignition during theft than the crude oil. Intellia IoT oil-theft prevention system gives immediate alerts to authorities in case of oil is stolen, which let them prevent catastrophic situations. Our highly scalable solution can detect decreasing levels of oil in various tankers in a tank farm simultaneously.

How Intellia IoT Protects Oil From Theft ?

Around $133 billion worth of oil is stolen every year. Oil thieves partner with oil-tanker drivers and empty the black gold into their own tanks. This impacts oil companies drastically. At Biz4Intellia, we deliver a complete IoT solution that notifies oil companies about oil theft as soon as its level is decreased in the tanker. IoT powered sensors embedded on tanker detect even the slightest change in oil level and signals the authorities about it, giving them enough time to catch thieves and secure oil.

Benefits Offered by Intellia IoT Oil-Theft Solution

  • Eradicate chances of unwanted explosions
  • Avoid human casualties and reduce health risks
  • Hinder free oil transportation
  • Eliminate artisanal refining
  • Erase need for manual inspection
  • Eagle eye view on oil tankers en-route
  • Leak detection
  • Cost-effective solution with high ROI
  • Prevent oil spillage and environmental pollution

Intellia IoT for Oil-Theft Prevention - Product Features

  • Real-time monitoring and instant notifications

    Real-time monitoring and instant notifications

    Intellia IoT provides immediate real-time alerts of oil-theft, change in tanker's oil level, and unwanted stops taken by the driver. The notifications are sent to all the concerned parties simultaneously on the notification panel of their respective dashboard. The real-time monitoring also allows live tracking of trailer and share details related to its speed and live location.

  • Easy to install/operate

    Easy to install/operate

    Our IoT platform hub is simple to operate and works perfectly on different web and mobile-based applications. We redevise and customize our platform hub according to the personalized needs of our clients. By integrating it with several dashboards and panels we make sure that it supports multi-functional effectiveness throughout its operation.

  • multiple fluid types

    Optimized for multiple fluid types

    Intellia IoT solution is compatible with fluids of varying chemical properties. Let it be crude oil, petrol, diesel, or gasoline, our solution works perfectly fine with different petroleum products. Our theft solution can also be utilized for liquids that are not associated with the oil industry like milk and water.

  • Geo-fencing


    Through geofencing, you can monitor and check if any tanker enters or exits from a particular area. An alert will be sent to the dashboard once a trailer crosses the virtual geographical boundary made on the maps. With combined usage of geofencing and real-time alert system, monitoring and tracking operations become simple.

  • Real-time alert system

    Real-time alert system

    Our highly autonomous IoT solution allows data processing at various stages of endpoints, gateways, and platform hub. This increase the rate at which alerts and data are executed and transmitted over a network, allowing high-speed ingestion and storage functionalities.

  • Universal accessibility

    Universal accessibility

    Intellia IoT solution can be accessed from any remote location even with a mere smartphone. Live notifications and alerts related to oil transportation are directly transferred to the platform where different processes related to processing and analytics are carried out.

  • remote-crop-monitoring

    Remote tanker management

    Remote tanker management allows a person to monitor and manage some operations of tanker through actuators and sensors connected on its surface. These digital devices offer a high level of communication and accessibility from any remote device situated far away from the trailer.

  • remote-equipment-monitoring

    High autonomy

    Implementation of IoT in oil-theft prevention system encourages a high degree of autonomy. Through the use of sensor-based electronic devices and instant processing at endpoint/gateway level, the need for human intervention to check the quality and quantity of fluid is eliminated.

  • Historical data management

    Historical data management

    All the historical data related to oil transportation is stored in a cloud-based application that can be accessed anytime from any device. With the use of various analytics feature embedded in the Intellia IoT platform, you can easily process all the historical data and see them in the form of charts and visuals.

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Measuring Parameters Measure the distances between the sensor and objects in its path, up to 4m.
Minimum Distance 10 centimeters
Maximum Distance 400 centimeters
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Battery Type 2 Replaceable AA 1.5 V Batteries
Supply Voltage 2.0 - 3.8 V (2 x AA 1.5V Batteries or Optional Power Supply)

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Fuel level Sensor INT-D-04
Measuring Parameters Fuel level
Measuring Range 70 centimeters
Application Fuel theft detection, Fuel usage monitoring
Battery Type 5-10 years
Communication Protocol with Gateway BLE

Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Measuring Parameters Measure distances between the sensor and objects in its path up to 7.5m.
Minimum Distance 10 centimeters
Maximum Distance 750 centimeters
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Wireless range 1,200+ ft non-line-of-sight
Supply Voltage 2.0–3.8 VDC (3.0–3.8 VDC using power supply) *

What Clients Say

Intellia IoT helped me a lot in my business. Its real-time monitoring solution is really amazing. It allows me to check the level of oil in my tanker at any time from even remote location.

Jacob Martin

Since I implemented customized Intellia IoT solution in my fleet, it has now become very easy for me to track my trucks and the cargo. It has tremendously helped me in monitoring fuel levels in my oil tankers and keeping an eagle-eye-view on them.

Luna Davies

Oil theft from our tank farms has decreased quite a lot since we implemented Intellia IoT solution. Its real-time monitoring system immediately tells us about change in oil level in tanks.

Alex Wilkinson

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic knowledge regarding computer operation will be enough to use Intellia IoT. However, we will give you a basic intro about the product and support you with our 24*7 customer service.
Yes, you can use Intellia IoT from multiple devices as long as you enter correct login details. You can also gain access to your account from a smartphone.
Intellia IoT is highly scalable and thus multiple tankers can be connected with a mainframe platform hub over a vast wireless network.
Our oil/fuel theft prevention solution use sensors that are optimized to check the volume of any liquid. Thus, it can be used for different liquid state products.
Live data related to tanker will be displayed on the dashboard in the form of geolocation, notifications, alerts, etc.
Yes, you can access historical data and also see them in different visual and graphical format.
The implementation of IoT based theft prevention system may take 2 to 4 weeks. However, we'll try our best to implement it as soon as possible.