Air Quality Monitoring Solution

For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

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    Personalized Mobile

    iOS and android supported mobile app facilitating interoperable connections with remote assets.

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    Infinitely Customizable Solution

    The modular white-box solution can be customized as per your personalized needs.

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    Gradual Capacity

    Scalable to other solutions and use cases on the same platform.

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    Easy and Quick Integration

    Solution can be implemented within a week, after hardware reaches the required destination.

Why Implement an Air Quality Monitoring Solution?

World health organization has estimated that more than 4.2 million deaths every year are directly attributable to air pollution. The risk is even far greater for workers employed in places subjected with minute particulates or industries which deals with toxic or combustible gases. With air monitoring solution, companies can determine air quality index (AQI) of their facility to create healthy working environment, prevent corrosion, and supervise conditions for better production.

Applications of Air Monitoring Systems

  • Smoke Detection

  • Particulate Matter Monitoring

  • Gas Leak Identification

  • AQI Determination

  • Indoor AQMS

  • Outdoor AQMS

  • Air Velocity Measurement

  • Humidity Measurement


Air Quality Monitoring

Our wide range of IoT devices including PM2.5 um and PM10 um meters allow you to determine the concentration of aerosols and particulate matter in air. This helps you to ascertain the air’s quality in your facility and take actions that favor the health and performance of your employees. The solution can also be configured to monitor other parameters such as moisture of air.


Gas Monitoring Systems

The solution can also be upgraded to determine the presence of a particular gas. Along with toxic and flammable gases the solution can also be used to detect asphyxiants in the environment, allowing quick identification and fixing of gas leaks. These gas detection systems are especially beneficial in industries that produce these gases or use them for manufacturing of any other product such as oil & gas industry.


Air Velocity Measurement

With the help of wireless air velocity sensors, it is now possible to measure the pressure difference between two sections to determine the speed at which air moves through a system. This sensor can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications; and can subsequently be installed to monitor the air flow rate through a pipe, compressor, duct or any other asset.

Industries Where Air Quality Monitoring Systems Are A Huge Success

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories to maintain experimental consistency

  • Oil & gas to detect presence of toxic and flammable gases

  • Construction to control generation of particulate matter

  • Water treatment to detect odor emitting gases

  • Semiconductor manufacturing to create faultless semiconductors

  • Environment protection to regulate emission of harmful gases in atmosphere

  • Mining to detect asphyxiants and explosive gases

  • Transportation & Logistics to ship perishable goods safely

Benefits of using IoT for Air Quality Monitoring

  • Corrosion free environment
  • Seamless manufacturing
  • Fire hazard prevention
  • Regulated gas emissions
  • Ensure workers’ health
  • Analytics included
  • Quick installation
  • Remote AQI measurement
  • Air velocity measurement
  • Emission regulation compliance
  • Toxic gas detection
  • High ROI

Features of Biz4Intellia Air Quality Monitoring Systems

  • multi-channel-alert-system

    Centralized Dashboard

    Accessible from both desktop as well as smartphones, our IoT platform acts as a control center to monitor and manage all the information shared by sensor-gateway configuration. It’s a series of interactive dashboards that quickens data visualization and simplifies monitoring of required parameters with its unique and easy to use aesthetics.

  • predictive-analytics

    Multi-channel alerts

    Configured with real-time alert system, the dashboard alarms about diminishing air quality index based on pre-defined thresholds and range. The alerts can be received in the form of push notifications, SMS, emails, and in-app messages from anyplace in the world.

  • centralized-dashboard

    Gradual capacity buildup

    Our configurable IoT solution can be scaled up considerably to support ingestion of data from multiple devices. Additionally, the same platform can be customized to infuse any other solution and manage the data gathered from related devices, along with management of administration inclined operations.

  • historical-data-management

    Historical data management

    The data gathered from end devices over a period of time about air quality or concentration of gases can be analyzed via advanced analytics and other data processing modules. This will result in generation of insights that can be effectively used to take decisions to improve operational processes.

  • perfect-for-any-use-case

    Reliable hardware stack

    The end to end monitoring solution, comprises of smart sensors and meters that help in monitoring of air quality, velocity, and other parameters from remote locations. Along with having a long battery life, these devices can also transmit data to a gateway within a reach of 1,200 ft through 12 walls, making them ideal for far-off installations.

  • mobile-application

    Reading frequency alteration

    Determine reporting frequency yourself to gain data at your required pace. Ingest data on hourly basis, every 10 minutes, or on any other basis you need, to determine the air quality or any other parameter in a particular facility.

  • customized-and-interactive-reports

    Customized & Interactive Reports

    The historical data can be arranged in a tabular format and displayed in the form of a report. The tabulated data can be downloaded with a simple click in multiple formats and can later be analyzed to boost the efficiency.

  • graphical-representations

    Graphical Representations

    Infused with smart data analyzing features, the tabulated data can be processed to create chart and graphs. This graphical representation simplifies and quickens analysis of raw data, enables information and insight identification at a glance, supports trends and pattern recognition, and boost decision-making operations.

  • flexible-to-detect-specific-gas

    Flexible to Detect Specific Gas

    The solution can be customized to track the presence of a single gas. By using additional sensors; toxic, combustible, corrosive, any other type of gas (including asphyxiants) can be identified in a certain facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the data is stored in a cloud platform allowing immediate access from any location.
Yes, an account can be accessed from web application as well as mobile app or tablet.
Basic computer knowledge will be enough to use this and other solutions.
After the hardware reach your destination, the solution can be implemented within a week and readings can be obtained simultaneously.
As mentioned above, our platform is customizable according to your personal needs including the option of white-labelling as well.