How Biz4Intellia Digitalizes Traditional Industries with Modern Technologies?

Industrial IoT

We are currently living in an era of consistent improvements and evolvements. With the increasing interdependence on technological concepts and accelerating changes, societies are gradually becoming internet-driven and accepting the technical space to a larger extent.

Most businesses maximally rely on modern technologies to improve their business structure. With the inclusion of technologies like the Internet of Things, businesses excel through their potential and significantly eliminate the major issues of data security and privacy. Also, modern technologies like IoT, ML, and AI help businesses digitalize their processing and enhance overall productivity as per the current demands. Even the traditional industries that might have been marginalized in the past can expand their efficiency and innovation with digital connectivity. Moreover, with the fast-changing world via technology, it is likely for the industries to face new challenges that would require the best measures to create results.

Biz4Intellia comprises a team of IoT enthusiasts who tirelessly work towards achieving the goal of providing a one-stop solution to industrialists. It serves multiple industries like oil & gas, water, transportation, mining, healthcare, and hospitality with state-of-the-art concepts. Biz4Intellia majorly creates a standardized IoT solution that installs within the factory premises and transforms the traditional working culture into a gadget-operated smart structure. The solution operates full-fledged through the interconnected device that captures asset information and pushes it further to convert in a user-friendly format to conduct better analysis.

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Let’s understand the main purpose of introducing modern technologies to industries.


1) To have a Real-time Control

Modern technologies like IoT are creating breakthrough advancements in multiple industries to automate assets. It promotes intelligent monitoring of the production floor using sensors, gateways, and connectable dashboards that produce accurate results for industrialists. This ensures significant business growth considering all aspects, especially real-time control on the overall industrial productivity.

2) To have Smart Data Management

The rapid increase in the demand for a data-driven world leads to the development of reliable and robust technological services. Technologies like IoT are booming the industrial strategies by enabling the users to easily track, monitor, and manage their assets, ensuring that the work doesn’t get affected. The Internet of Things facilitates smart data management with a secure deployment of the whole architecture within the industrial premises.

3) To enable effective Production Visibility

With the evolution of the internet, industries have grown at a rapid pace and transforming into data-driven societies have changed the entire picture of the production scenario. Modern technologies introduced in the industries are improving the health condition of the assets through actionable insights and enabling effective production visibility. IoT solutions at Biz4Intellia incur transparency within the system and encourage profitability by providing the managers with much-needed end-to-end services.

4) To conduct Predictive Maintenance

Out of all modern technologies, IoT technology helps industrialists progress through accurate insights through predictive maintenance. It involves collecting data and evaluating it to optimize and maximize the industrial maintenance processes. The use of sensor devices and gateway connectivity converts the asset data into useful information for the managers to make effective decisions. The sensors directly fetch the data from the assets, tracking their status, proficiency, real-time performance, health, which allows the managers to predict maintenance requirements.

5) To improve the Existing Infrastructure

The revolution in technology is offering improvements at larger aspects within the industries. As managers get to know the advanced technologies better, they simplify tedious and complex tasks into seamless operations. The authorities are seeking modern techniques to improve the existing infrastructure by installing a full-fledged architecture to carry out automation within the industries for adequate demand and supply. Therefore, Biz4Intellia designs varied solutions by keeping industrial infrastructure in high concern and upgrading the existing assets' functioning through sensor-based systems.

Advantages of Modern Technologies in Industries


1) Cost Reduction

With the efficient technologies in demand, the industries benefit from cost reduction in various segments. Many factors affect the costing of an industry, whether large or small, like labour, machines, resources, and supply chain. All of these excess costs can be reduced by involving advanced technologies and automated procedures to carry out industrial operations. This ensures productivity at a pocket-friendly budget and restores the profitability areas for the managers. Technologies like IoT help increase the speed accuracy and simplify sharing and collecting information.

2) ROI

Every business focuses majorly on creating a significant ROI through its services. Big data and analytics are a few technologies that spend much of their efforts presenting accurate reports for industrial outcomes that influence the decision-making effectiveness of the managers. This drives value to the future customers and enables informative relevance for existing clients. With the advanced industrial access of modern technologies in multiple businesses, service-based companies are looking forward to introducing profitable solutions to create a positive ROI while installing IoT to empower, grow, and build state-of-the-art possibilities.

3) Scalable Solution

Modern technologies provide immense scalability to businesses with more flexibility in resource consumption and cost-savings. Also, if you require a level monitoring solution for your beverage sector, the available solution can measure the beverage volume and quality to create more demands. The introduction of high-end technologies and concepts is leading the businesses by providing sufficient scalability, end-to-end assurance, flexible installation, and plenty of profitable returns.

4) Multiple Alerts capabilities (SMS Alert, Email Alert Platform Alert, etc.)

The modern-day technologies come with autonomous capabilities of triggering the manager’s connected smart gadget with real-time alerts. These alerts are generated through SMSs, emails, notifications, etc. The multiple alert capabilities simplify the managerial tasks by keeping the authorities constantly aware of the industrial conditions. It further provides effective decision-making as per the situation and allows the managers to handle the production areas even remotely through strong connectivity measures.