Water Leakage Detection Solution

An IoT-Driven System For Multiple Zones

This solution can be implemented for $1K - $2K (one time cost only)

Monthly recurring cost $2 per device*
  • water-leak-detection-end-to-end-service

    End-to-End Services

    Fully-fledged solution to fulfill all the necessary business requirements.

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    Real-time Alerts

    Get real-time alerts through SMS, push notifications, or emails.

  • water-leak-detection-advanced-analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Equipped with advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights.

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    Custom Branded Solution

    Modular and flexible solution with white-labeling and personalization features.

Many sources like air-conditioners, water chillers, drains and supply lines, damaged windows or skylights, condensation drips, or construction units can generate water leaks, which might affect the working atmosphere in multiple ways. Mainly, when the water is slipping down the floor and left unidentified, it can lead to mishaps like accidental slips or even affect the building’s infrastructure. To avoid such situations and water damage, it is necessary that you decide to integrate a smart solution.

What is a Smart Water Leak Detection Solution?

A smart water leak detection solution is driven by IoT technology. It uses sensor abilities to identify the presence of leakages. In case, the leakages are left undetected, they might cause infrastructural dampness or hit the floor drop-by-drop, causing accidental slips. Also, such cases aren’t avoidable and cannot be handled through manual methods. Therefore, to prevent such cases and enhance the safety of the building, it is important to have an automated system that activates as soon as the water leakage takes place.

Biz4intellia’s smart water leak detection system provides you with instant services and prevents any water damage to the properties or assets. It uses high-tech digital sensor devices with the IP rating of IP67 and industry standard LoRaWAN-based gateways to allow real-time monitoring of the facility against the water leakages. These devices potential enough with waterproof and dustproof features, enabling uncompromised performance in every weather.

Applications of IoT-Powered Water Leak Detection System

With the increasing average cost of fixing a water leak, it is more important to integrate a sensor-based system to detect the leakage much before the damage.


Research Laboratories

In most of the laboratories, the managers worry more about the damage being caused by fire explosions, or gas leaks. But there is a higher problem when the water starts leaking through the floorboards, or underneath the roof. Hence, you can integrate an advanced technology system comprising IoT functionalities to identify the water leakages. The solution is easy-to-install and ready-to-use with two types of methods, spot and zone sensing. You can integrate both types of sensors as per the requirements and risk of water spillage.


Warehouse Monitoring

Warehouses are huge facilities where different kinds of products are stored and kept safe. Many products are affected badly due to dampness caused by water leakage. This impacts the productivity and also results in massive losses, which could impact the delivery schedules and brand image. Integrating Biz4intellia’s water leak detection system can prove useful for warehouses. It uses either of the two methods for sensing the presence of water in multiple zones and provides accurate results. Therefore, you can add a secure layer to your warehouse through sensor-based technology and take appropriate actions in case of emergencies.


Cold Chain Logistics

Reefers, insulated quilts, and many other ways are used to process cold chain logistics. Mainly food products or pharmaceutical goods get transported through this method. Hence, in cases of any issue with the technologies used, the water leakage might damage the product quality. It thus requires an automatic system to detect water spillage. Any temperature changes could also result in poor product quality and it becomes impossible to manually detect the fault during transportation. A smart water leakage detection system identifies the presence of water through sensors and creates instant alerts so that the authorities make appropriate decisions.


Real-time Water Leak Detection

The water leakage detection solution detects water leaks in real-time with the help of two types of devices, namely, spot detection and zone detection sensors. Spot sensor detects the water spots on the floorboard. It is placed on the walls with the sensor touching through the floor’s brim. It then collects the information in real-time and allows the users to make effective decisions on time. Similarly, the zone detection sensor works in places where there are chances of spread water leakage. The zone detection sensors are placed covering a large area on the floor so that whenever the water flows through that direction it sends real-time alerts.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Integrating a sensor-based technology to protect your building against water leakages also facilitates real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. It helps avoid unnecessary rotting of the infrastructure material through presence of water in cracks or floorboards. It consists of industrial-grade digital sensors that range from -30°C to 65°C and 0% to 100% relative humidity, measuring the temperature to optimize and ensure better work performance. Both the factors are important to be detected for keeping the building safe against water-related issues like dampness, odor, diseases, etc.


Base Stations

Base stations, if affected through water leakage can cause chaos and affect the health of the employees. A smart water leak detector makes it possible to monitor water leakage in multiple places effectively. You can install this solution to get control over the water flow in a base station, server rooms, or data center. It helps avoid the damage due to dripping water and unidentified puddles by sensing the presence of water and sending its data immediately to your gadget. This enables quick decision-making and protects the area against water damage.

Benefits of Water Leak detection Solution

  • Easy-to-install

  • Weatherproof build

  • Low power consumption

  • Extended battery life up to 10-12 years

  • Remote monitoring

  • Dual platform support (Android & iOS)

  • Configurable

  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring

  • Accurate results

  • Wireless

Features of Biz4intellia’s Water Leak Detection System

  • asset-monitoringhistorical-data-management

    Smart Data Management

    Biz4intellia’s smart water leak detection solution comprises of advanced sensors and gateways that are connected through a cloud platform for data management. It further allows you to take better decisions regarding the leaking areas by developing actionable insights and informative reports.

  • water-leak-detection-predictive-analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    IoT-powered water leakage detection solution is equipped with smart algorithms to analyze the condition of leaking areas. It helps provide insights and leads towards smarter management through situational-based outcomes. It further allows real-time water leakage monitoring through regular analysis.

  • awater-leak-detection-centralized-dashboard

    Centralized Dashboard

    A single dashboard does all the things required to manage and monitor the leaking areas. With the interconnected dashboard and centralized operability, the user can access the sensor device from any location through his smart gadget.

  • water-leak-detection-multiple-sensor-integration

    Multiple Sensor Integration

    The solution can utilize the capabilities of different kinds of sensors like zone leak and spot leak detection. You can integrate either of the kinds to satiate the business purpose and enhance productivity at the facilities.

  • asset-monitoring-advanced-analytics

    Condition-based Monitoring

    Integrating Biz4intellia’s water leakage detection system, you can monitor the situation based on the conditions of weather changes. For instance, in monsoons it is likely to cause water leaks up against the floorings, and integrating a sensor-based system can provide insights of the places that remain undetected.

  • water-leak-detection-data-representation

    Data Representation

    The IoT-powered solution is equipped with advanced features and provides illustrative reports to the users to make effective decisions. Hence, data representation matters a lot at times of understanding the situations and Biz4intellia’s solution for water leakage detection provides data in a user readable form for precise information.

  • water-leak-detection-cost-effective


    The solution is cost-effective and can be installed easily. You can simplify the overall operability by installing this solution at a pocket-friendly budget. It facilitates proper management of a particular space by reducing the extra maintenance costs and operational expenses.

  • water-leak-detection-scalable-and-flexible

    Scalable and Flexible

    You can integrate our solution to enhance the safety of your space or facility against the water-related issues. It is scalable, flexible, and can be personalized as per the business requirements. It is specially developed to fulfill the needs of the areas which are affected due to water leakages.

  • awater-leak-detection-data-security

    Data Security

    With the use of cloud platform, the solution provides data security and better management tactics. It further provides easy access to the user with the input of the valid credentials, keeping the data safe against any breach.

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Spot Leak Detection Sensor
Measuring Parameters Leakage Detection
Operating Pressure Range -30°C to + 70°C
Power Supply 1 × 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 battery (extendable to 2 batteries)
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection IP67

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Zone Leak Detection Sensor
Measuring Parameters Leakage Detection
Operating Pressure Range -30°C to + 70°C
Power Supply 1 × 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 battery (extendable to 2 batteries)
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection IP67

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very useful when the water gets spilled on the floor and is left unidentified. You can install sensors to fetch water data and get real-time insights on the connected gadget.
You can obtain both the readings minimum and maximum within a few minutes.
You need an internet connection to operate the entire solution. Also, after collecting and storing the data, you can access that data offline through your smart gadget.
You can install the sensors in places where it is difficult to reach like server rooms and data centers. Also, you can setup the solution in places where water is likely to reach and gets collected.
No. Just the basic computer knowledge is enough to operate our solution. It provides user-friendly access and informational reports.
Yes, the solution supports getting installed on the existing infrastructure, providing it is not very old and on the verge of damaging.
Data is represented graphically along with illustrative graphs and charts. Yes, you can easily download the report files in the form of pdf documents..
Yes, with the internet connectivity and smart gadget access, you can access the solution even from remote areas.