Iot in hospitality

IoT in Hospitality

The hospitality industry possesses huge potential for increasing revenues and reducing expenses by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology in their operations. For example, an IoT enabled energy management system knows if a guest room is unoccupied and can adjust the room temperature to reduce energy consumption. IoT in hospitality industry delivers a more comfortable and customized stay with automated rooms for enhanced customer experience.

Guestroom Automation

Guestroom Automation

Automation of guestrooms provides a way for hotels to differentiate their service by delivering smart home technology to delight the customers. Via IoT in hospitality industry, the hospitality sector can enable a centralized network of automated systems with sensors like IoT home sensors to deliver services according to the guest’s likes.


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance takes preventative maintenance one-step ahead using the IoT sensor data that recognize malfunction and alert the maintenance personnel before the issue escalates. Guess how your service level would be perceived by guests if you have intelligence for major issues before they become a problem.


Mobile Engagement

As mobile devices have transformed the way things work and Integration of mobile devices with IoT offers multiple functionalities to the guests, for example, guest can enjoy a hassle-free check-in experience by the ability to unlock doors using their mobile phones with the help of IoT door sensor technology.


Beat the Competition

Leverage the latest and most trending technology to compete with non-traditional hospitality providers and get an edge over the competitors by having inter-connected IoT devices like IoT door sensor across the hotel.


Smart Logistics Management

Smart facility and logistics management is beneficial in cost reduction and improved service timing. For example, the inventory can be managed better in an IoT enabled business process by adopting on-demand systems that result in a reduction in costs. With IoT in hospitality industry, hoteliers can predict the upcoming demands by analyzing historical data.

Cross Property Integration

Cross Property Integration

The intelligence, that the IoT in hospitality industry brings, can ensure that all the properties under a single brand/ chain or having strategic tie-up interact and share information transparently to provide the same experience to loyal guests across a chain of hotels around the world, whenever they check into a hotel in the chain.

Impact of IoT in hospitality industry
  • Personalized Experience

    Achieve customer loyalty and delight customers by providing unique staying experience personalized for them. With the help of IoT smart hotel solutions, the hoteliers are now empowered to collect, store, and retrieve data to provide more personalized experience to the guests.

  • Cost Reduction

    The IoT in hospitality industry brings new opportunities to reduce costs by reducing energy consumption. Hotels can save electricity by automating the lighting with respect to the natural light in a suite. With smart hotel solutions, the power can automatically be cut off when a room is unoccupied to minimize the electricity consumption resulting in a heavy cost reduction.

  • Technological Advancement

    Automate entire hospitality operations by adopting smart IoT solutions, which uses multiple sensors like IoT door sensor. With the IoT door sensor, the guest won’t have to manually lock or unlock the doors, the doors will automatically lock/unlock by sensing the guest’s location.

The industry where you have to deliver more than the customer expected, you cannot compromise on the service quality. Because when it comes to the service, you can only do it once and you have to do it right at the first time as there is no reverse in the service industry, the hospitality industry is not an exception.