Propane Tank Level Monitoring

This solution can be implemented for $1K - $2K (one time cost only)

Monthly recurring cost $2 per device*
  • propane-tank-level-monitoring-solution-end-to-end-services

    End-to-End Services

    A one-stop solution where the latest software, hardware, and connectivity are combined within the solution.

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    Real-time Alerts

    Get instant alerts on your connected devices and take better decisions, thus improving productivity.

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    Remote propane tank level control

    Easily control the propane tank levels even from remote locations and get data access in any corner of the planet.

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    Custom Branded Solution

    A completely modular solution with white-labeling and customizable options for business growth.

Real Time Propane Tank Level Monitoring Solution

Propane is inflammable in both of its liquid and gaseous states, and can catch fire when not handled properly. Also, there are multiple applications of propane, which primarily includes LPG as its one of the best applications in the field of manufacturing or metal melting. Thus, it becomes very necessary for the industrialists to take precautionary steps while storing and handling propane.

A propane level monitoring solution can be the best choice for the industries to monitor the gas effectively. Hence, Biz4intellia’s wireless solution helps provide real-time monitoring of propane in any state by detecting its presence through sensor-enabled systems. Our solution is fully-fledged with advanced analytics, predictive analysis, and other advanced features as required to monitor the gas effectively. The potential of IoT technology can hence be one of the advantages for the industries dealing with propane gas.

End to end Working of Propane Tank Level Monitoring

IoT-powered propane tank level monitoring is an ideal solution for stable tanks to keep a real-time check on the levels of propane. With the help of installed sensors, it fetches the propane level data from the tanks and transfers it on cloud platform through gateway connectivity. The cloud platform then processes the data and converts into simpler and informative form that can be understood by the user, which is then transferred on a smart device. The user has a full-control of the smart device and can operate the plant functions remotely. Hence, a smart propane level monitoring solution is of huge importance to the industries with its real-time data extraction features and providing instant alerts to avoid any mishaps.

Features of propane tank level monitoring

  • Single Platform Support

    The sensors get installed on appropriate zones and the data collected by these sensors is transferred through gateway connectivity on the web and mobile0powered IoT platform. The solution is a ready-to-install setup which allows multiple sensor connectivity for effective monitoring of the entire plant. Biz4intellia’s wireless propane level monitor provides a single platform support that simplifies management processes for better business growth.

  • Sensor-based Monitoring

    Wireless sensor devices get installed for accurate measurement of propane gas. Also, in case the gas gets leaked, the sensors instantly detect its presence. This enables enhanced decision-making and allows the managers to take necessary steps whenever required. Sensor-based monitoring offers automatic processing of the solution that requires least manual involvement. It thus plays a crucial role in maintaining the business productivity through data-driven techniques and functionalities.

  • Remote Operability

    IoT-powered propane level monitoring system plays an important role in providing remote access to the authorities. It is well-equipped with advanced devices and gateway connectivity that allows automatic functioning of the plant and provides ubiquitous data access to the users. IoT enables real-time monitoring of the propane cylinder, and transfers the data on the user’s dashboard. The user can access this data from anywhere and optimize the requirements according to the requirements.

  • Volume Measurement

    With the helps of Biz4intellia’s propane level monitoring solution, you can measure the volume of the liquified gas inside the tank. The sensor device sends ultrasonic waves on the brim of propane content inside the tank and then travel back to the sensor. This enables accurate monitoring of the propane levels and also measures the volume of propane gas present within the tank. It thus provides better and effective inventory management for business growth.

  • Propane level consumption measurement

    With the help of IoT technology, it is now easier to measure consumption patterns and levels of propane gas in an industry. It helps provide accurate monitoring of how much propane has been utilized by the industry. Integrating an IoT-powered propane level monitoring solution, you enhance business growth and use advanced analytics to predict insightful information about the propane levels. It ensures that you never run out of stock with propane inventory levels, and smooth business functioning.

  • Wide Area Coverage

    With the help of IoT-powered sensors and advanced embedded devices, Biz4intellia’s propane level monitoring solution provides a wide area coverage. It thus enables effective and uninterrupted asset connectivity for better reach. The managers and authorities can connect their gadgets and smart devices through the solution and access the data through remote operability and wide area coverage through the devices.

  • User-friendly Dashboard

    Our solution is a plug-and-play system that provides user-friendly access to the managers. It contains a versatile functionable dashboard that includes various options for the authorities to handle plant operations. With the help of smart dashboard, the managers can easily operate and know every detail of the industry as the information is displayed through different forms of representation.

  • Compatible with any type of stationary Tank

    With the help of IoT technology propane tank level monitoring solution can be implemented with a tank of any shape, size material. Our solution is applicable for stationary tanks; the solution can be seamlessly executed.

  • High Scalability & Interactive Reports

    The propane level monitoring system is embedded with smart features and advanced equipment to render top-class performance. It thus enhances business productivity, and provides scalability feature which can be used to measure volume of the propane gas. Also, the solution provides interactive reports that help managers in analyzing the data properly and accurately.

  • Advanced Analytics

    IoT-enabled propane level monitoring solution comprise of advanced algorithms that help analyze the data with accuracy. It enables proper functioning of the solution and offers actionable insights for better business growth. Advanced analytics ensure simplified managerial tasks for the authorities through data-driven approach and historical data management.

Propane tank level monitoring for stationary tanks

Any stable tank consisting of propane gas can be monitored with the help of our smart propane level monitoring solution. The advanced sensor devices get installed on the tanks and work through ultrasonic waves to measure the propane levels inside the tanks. With the help of advanced gateway connectivity, Biz4intellia’s solution provides data-driven approach and ensures business growth at all levels. Our propane level monitoring solution is wireless and provides end-to-end IoT services to stable tanks in the industries. It serves the industrialists with advanced analytics and prediction-based propane monitoring to avoid any type of risks or mishaps. It can be thus counted as one of the important integrations in the industries for safety purposes.

Advantages Propane tank level monitoring

  • Real-time propane monitoring

  • Instant alert upon detecting the propane gas

  • Live tracking alerts through SMS, emails, push notifications

  • Advanced analytics

  • Highly scalable

  • Cable-free infrastructure

  • Simplified data management

  • Flexibility

  • Remote operability

  • Smart inventory management

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart propane level monitoring solution is an IoT-powered system that provides a real-time check on propane levels in your industry. It uses sensors and gateway connectivity to provide effective monitoring and proper industrial management.
The propane level monitoring solution is wireless and unlimited number of users can monitor the propane levels. The administrator can add new users and define their roles.
You need an internet connection to operate the entire solution. Also, after collecting and storing the data, you can access that data offline through your smart gadget.
You can white-label our solution as your own and customize it as per your needs.
Yes, you can use the analytics feature to form informative reports and download them in CSV, XLS, and PDF format.
Yes, the solution supports getting installed on the existing infrastructure, providing it is not very old and on the verge of damaging.
Yes. The solution provides effective wide-range connectivity between the devices and cloud, allowing the data to reach the device with minimal lag time.
Yes, you can easily export the reports. The reports are customized and are available in a .csv format, and can be easily accessed by opening the device charts and clicking on “export to csv”.