Smart Farming Solutions in Agricultural Sector

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    Equipment and livestock Efficiency Analysis

    Know real-time equipment efficiency and its current status.

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    Soil Moisture Management

    Manage moisture level in crop through actuator triggered sprinkler system.

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What are Smart Farming Solutions?

The advent of technology has helped multiple sectors in attaining profitability. One such sector is agriculture. Internet of Things (IoT) implementation in this field has resulted in the term smart farming. IoT in smart farming is the future of precision farming and results in high quality produce and healthy cattle. With the use of many smart farming sensors, and wearables, one can get real-time update with a touch of the screen.

Applications of Smart Farming


From Farm to Fork

This has been the motto of many corporations who have embraced technology in their everyday operations. The Internet of Things, along with the equipment, machines and appliances transmit and receive data about the status of the produce through cloud-based applications. Hence, human intervention and the plausibility of human errors are averted at the most. Smart agriculture solutions are the future of precision farming.


Know What You Are Eating

For parents of hypo-allergic children, knowing the ingredients of any meal is a must. This ensures that the produce does not have any content which can result in a visit to the ER. Additionally, with E. coli outbreak, caused primarily due to the romaine lettuce produced in Arizona, every bite took lives and affected hundreds of people. Integration of Technology not restricted to smart machines that are used in farms help curb this issue in the bud.


Crop and Livestock Management

Real time health updates of livestock results in saving a huge sum as profit for the farmer. With the help of Livestock wearables, close monitoring of the respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, reproductive cycles and other vitals can be monitored. At the first sign of illness or feeding problems, they can be segregated from the herd and start on the path to recovery.

Real-time Smart Farming and Livestock Monitoring

Intellia IoT solution for Smart Farming technology offers complete details in all the spectrums of agriculture. It will help provide insights and stats for crops and livestock. Smart Farming systems uses modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

  • real time farming data
  • agriculture gateway
  • Smart Farming and Livestock Monitoring
  • Livestock tracking and Geo fencing
  • Smart logistics and warehousing
  • Smart pest management
  • Smart Greenhouses
  • Climate monitoring and forecasting
  • Predictive analytics for crops and livestock
  • Remote crop monitoring
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Sensor based field and resource mapping
  • Stats on livestock feeding and produce

Solutions Possible with Smart Farming

  • On-Demand Delivery
    • Dynamic Delivery Services
    • Cost-Effective
    • Saves last-minute shortages
  • Improvised Stock Management
  • Smartphone Monitoring and Personalization
    • Application-based monitoring
    • Have your own customization
    • Efficient energy usage
  • Consumer Interactions
    • Cloud-based system softwares
    • Smart Meals
    • Unique deal and trade options

Intellia IoT for Smart Farming - Features

  • livestock-tracking-and-geo fencing

    Livestock tracking and Geo fencing

    Playing an important role in any farm’s sustainability, domestic animals are raised as commodities and produce. With 70% thefts in livestock reported every year, real time geofencing is a boon for farmers.

  • smart-logistics-and-warehousing

    Smart logistics and warehousing

    Farms are often huge productions. Harvest times results in yield that is a logistics nightmare. With smart agriculture solutions in place, storage and processing in warehouses can be done smoothly.

  • smart-pest-management

    Smart pest management

    Pesticides help in preventing infestations. But the wrong quantity can result in destroyed crops. In order to avoid such situations, smart pest management provides detailed analytics which predict swarm patterns and alerts on the health of the crops.

  • smart-greenhouses

    Smart Greenhouses

    While growing delicate and exotic flowers or herbs, climate control plays a big hand. Plants grow and thrive in smart green houses with an increase in quality and yield. As demand increases, smart greenhouses become an important tool to meet the output required. Green houses have been industrialized in size and capacity to grow fruits and vegetables.

  • climate-monitoring-and-forecasting

    Climate monitoring and forecasting

    Nature is a fickle friend of the farmers. Climate change, weather forecasts are now key features in in precision farming. They alert the farmer of the impending changes and help ensure preventive measures. With sensors in place to predict and analyze the weather, crops can be saves from being destroyed.

  • predictive-analytics-for-crops-and-livestock

    Predictive analytics for crops and livestock

    IoT in smart farming is not restricted to a particular section. Smart farming sensors can be placed right in the ground. There, it shall read and analysis the derived data and help improve farming practices. Primarily, the leaf to soil ratio and soil humidity help increase quantity and quality of the produce. Wearables for cattle are the best bet against poaching and cattle napping.

  • remote-crop-monitoring

    Remote crop and soil monitoring

    With the help of smart farming system, moisture and fertility of soil along with crops growth rate can be monitored remotely through real time animation and graphics via a smartphones. This helps the farmer make environmental variables and informed decisions for the farm.

  • remote-equipment-monitoring

    Remote equipment monitoring

    Tractors, pickups and harvesting machines and equipment are IoT enables with sensors. Installing, provisioning and managing IoT endpoints, securely and reliably connecting the same. Ingesting, managing, curating and analyzing IoT data can be done remotely.

  • sensor-based-field-and-resource-mapping

    Sensor based field and resource mapping

    With the help of IoT smart farming systems, one can use sensors to map and keep track of the entire farm. This also includes the stats of the human resources, tools and institutional assets.

  • predictive-analytics-for-crops-and-livestock

    Stats on livestock feeding and produce

    Feeding patterns of the cattle often predict if there is any illness round the bend. Quality produce of milk and protein depends on the amount and quality consumption of the cattle.

  • drone-monitoring

    Drone monitoring

    Drones are the latest helpers in grabbing real time data. Hovering over the entire property, they analyze the growth rate and the vegetation index of the crops. Multispectral, thermal sensors or hyper-spectral, these IoT enabled Drones grab data and calculate crop health via heat signatures.

  • Sprinkler

    Automated Sprinkler System

    The weather, humidity in the air, analysis of the soil goes a long way in determining if there is a need for water dispersion. Precise and controlled water dispersion through IoT enabled water meter sensors helps in ensuring that there is no risk of damaging crops due to over watering.

How It Works


Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Soil Sensor
Measuring parameters Soil Moisture, Temperature, and Electrical Conductivity
Accuracy ±2%(0~50%), ±3%(50%~100%)
Power Supply 19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 battery (ER34615)
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection DC12-24V
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Light Sensor INT-Light-02
Measuring parameters Light
Measuring Range 0 - 100000 lux
Power Supply 19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 battery (ER34615)
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection DC12-24V

What Clients Say

I enjoy huge benefits now that I have integrated Intellia IoT in my farm. I don't spare extra hours in monitoring the workflow, I use them in deciding how to invest my profits! Easy controls, I didn’t need to learn IT to use it. Simple application opened on my tab helps me in keeping tabs on my crops and livestock.

Keith Harrison

Intellia IoT made my life a lot easier. Supervising my farm and cattle used to be a logistic nightmare, especially in the shearing season. With Intellia IoT applications, all my cattle are accounted for in real-time without fear of cattle napping. Farm monitoring thanks to a mobile application has never easier.

Timothy Bale

IoT in transportation is a reality for my business now. Things have turned around since I implemented Intellia IoT. I can now easily take care of the transportation of my produce from my farm to the stores with constant humidity monitoring.

Matthew Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart farming is the advanced solution gotten by implementing IoT in the multiple sectors of Agriculture. It makes precision farming possible and results in high quality and quantity produce and healthy cattle.
Modern technology sensors which are strategically placed across the farm, (Soil quality, humidity, weather, plant growth, irrigation system including sprinklers, livestock tracking etc.) send real time data to the farmer. He can then customize the solutions in accordance to the data, and take optimum decision to help grow more produce.
No. Basic knowledge of computers and technology does help but, with easy to use application, a simple touch of the screen can help execute any solution.
Intellia IoT gives farmers detailed insight about their farm’s soil moisture content and nutrients. Offering a tailored dashboard, which displays alerts & notifications, geo location, and information about all the installed devices with their current state and much more, Intellia IoT is a distinguished smart farming service provider. We deploy this solution, with a personalized dashboard and customized white marked app.
We do provide training and user manual of Intellia IoT solution. On top of it, there will be 24*7 support so you can contact us whenever you need assistance/support.
All the information related to the machines which are mounted with sensors, will be available on a single dashboard and you can access it via web or mobile app.