IoT Asset Monitoring System

End-to-end solution comprising IoT hardware, software, and integration.

  • asset-monitoring-end-to-end-services

    End-to-End Services

    A completely packed asset tracking IoT solution ready-to-be-deployed

  • asset-monitoring-real-time-alerts

    Real-time Alerts

    Gain actionable insights for effective
    decision making

  • asset-monitoring-remote-asset-control

    Remote Asset Control

    Convenient asset management with quick and easy remote access

  • asset-monitoringcustom-branded-solution

    Custom Branded Solution

    Fully modular solution with white-labeling and personalization features

A Real-time Asset Monitoring Solution

The smart asset monitoring solution is a combination of IoT devices, assets, workflows, and analytics. It provides a consolidated asset view for asset-intensive industries such as power, oil & gas, transportation, supply chain, etc. The solution allows you to monitor several parameters like temperature, humidity, battery and power consumption, orientation for better asset functioning. It is a one-stop solution for smart asset management, allowing you to keep a live track of the asset conditions and their activities.

Applications of Asset Monitoring Solution


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Industrial assets like large machines and electrically powered equipment require accurate temperature conditions to function properly. Our smart asset monitoring solution provides real-time alerts on the temperature and humidity conditions of industrial machinery. It further allows you to set the threshold limits to gain real-time alerts regarding the increase or decrease in the temperature.



Geo-fencing is a virtual circumference that is created for a real-world geographical area. It enables location-based services, which provide instant alerts to the audience as soon as the asset enters a pre-defined geographical area. With Intellia IoT asset management solution, you can easily create a geo-fence for the required location and assign or unassign the assets to that geo-fence.


Trailer Monitoring

Our asset tracking system can be easily installed for trailers that provide you with ample benefits like real-time status of the products, transparency, easy tracking, and location traceability. With the help of sensors and gateways, smart asset monitoring activates automation and provides actionable insights to qualify better decision-making.


Smart Asset Tracking

The IoT-based asset tracking system enables quick asset tracking with GPS monitoring systems, allowing you to track vehicle updates. You can interconnect the smart device with the help of communication protocols and get instant alerts for tracking. It is skillfully developed to render end-to-end services and smart asset tracking to avoid the complexities of managing business operations.


Real-time Location Monitoring

Our real-time asset tracking solution uses advanced sensor-based functionalities to provide quick and actionable insights. The IoT-based asset management system provides quick filtering even when you are using multiple assets, allowing you to see their real-time status and usage history. All this is recorded and stored on a secured cloud platform, which enables easy access to the asset details.


Warehouse Asset Monitoring

Integrating a smart asset monitoring solution plays a crucial role in warehouse management. Our solution utilizes sensors capabilities to detect various parameters like temperature conditions, real-time alerts, and positional tracking. The solution is easy-to-install and possesses wireless features that make it easy to access from remote sites.

Industries Where Real-Time Asset Tracking Can Be Successful

  • Transportation and Logistics Real-time tracking of all types of containers with instant alerts

  • Oil and GasMonitor the equipment condition and plant activities remotely

  • Manufacturing Get instant updates about industrial tools of all shapes and sizes

  • Agriculture and LivestockTrack equipment updates and create geo-fence for specific location alerts

  • Supply Chain ManagementTrace the location of fleet vehicles and get real-time alerts

  • Trailer MonitoringRemotely monitor the details of rugged worksites, staff, and equipment

  • Vehicle Monitoring Trace the location of fleet vehicles and get real-time alerts

  • MiningRemotely monitor the details of rugged worksites, staff, and equipment

Benefits of Integrating a Smart Asset Monitoring System

  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Effective asset utilization
  • Predict asset health
  • Effective asset availability
  • Ensure maximum output
  • One platform connects multiple assets
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Major cost savings

Features of Biz4Intellia's Asset Monitoring Solution

Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring to keep favorable environment
Geo-fencing offers location-based services and instant asset updates within the virtual fence
Get live updates on the asset’s location and route
Clear visibility of the asset details through our interactive dashboard
  • asset-monitoringhistorical-data-management

    Historical Data Management

    The asset data is effectively managed through a cloud platform, which keeps it secured and easy to access from anywhere. The data processing allows you to make better decisions regarding asset conditions by developing actionable insights.

  • asset-monitoring-asset-condition-monitoring

    Centralized Dashboard

    Our solution is developed with a centralized dashboard to help users have convenient access to the entire plant operations through one platform. It also allows you to monitor the assets remotely and lets you stay updated via interconnected smart devices.

  • asset-monitoring-predictive-maintenance

    Predictive Maintenance

    IoT-powered remote asset monitoring uses smart algorithms to predict asset conditions and provide actionable insights for better management. It allows you to ensure situational-based outcomes through regular and real-time asset tracking.

  • asset-monitoring-advanced-analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    It serves you with advanced sensor-based results for taking your business to new heights. The solution is equipped with high-end capabilities of IoT architecture and advanced analytics for predictable outcomes and increased ROI.

  • asset-monitoring-visual-data-display

    Visual Data Display

    Intellia IoT solution for asset monitoring is specifically designed to provide effective results. It generates illustrative reports and represents the result through visual charts, and graphs for the users to perform better analysis.

  • asset-monitoring-multiple-protocol-support

    Multiple Protocol Support

    Biz4Intellia's smart solution supports multiple protocols for enhanced connectivity and communication. It is readily configurable with multiple devices and supports other compatible protocols without hampering productivity.

  • asset-monitoring-multiple-asset-connectivity

    Multiple Asset Connectivity

    The solution is centrally consolidated with a single dashboard, which enables multiple asset connectivity. It helps in the effective management of the assets and allows a hassle-free user experience.

  • asset-monitoring-gradual-capability-build-up

    Gradual Capability Build-up

    It is a one-stop solution to meet all your requirements through advanced features and completely packed services. Use this solution to add business value, enhance asset performance, and improve overall industrial operability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart asset monitoring involves keeping a real-time check on different kinds of industrial assets with the help of an IoT-powered system. You can install sensors on multiple assets and trace their activities through interconnected smart gadgets.
IoT uses a data-driven approach to keep a real-time check on different industrial assets. Also, multiple features like predictive maintenance and advanced analytics are effective enough to know the asset performance and predict its future status, thereby increasing its performance for improved production.
No. You just need basic computer knowledge. The solution has a user-friendly design and a simple touch on the screen can help further execution.
Yes. You can improve the performance of your existing SCADA or PLC system by installing this system. It is skillfully designed to help companies reach a standardized benchmark of industry 4.0.
Yes. Our IoT solution provides seamless interconnectivity that helps provide real-time data display on the dashboards. Also, you can easily control the activities of the assets using IoT actuators.
Every information related to industrial assets is available on a centralized dashboard and is convenient enough to have remote access via a mobile app/web-based platform. Therefore, you can access the interconnected assets from different locations.
Yes, you can easily export the reports. The customized reports are available in a .csv format and can be easily accessed by opening the device charts and clicking on "export to csv".
Yes. Our solution supports multiple user logins by which the information can be restricted to different users.
Geo-fencing is an advanced feature that allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a real-world location. Any asset entering or exiting the geo-fenced area can be tracked through an interconnected mobile device. With the help of real-time alerts and instant notifications, the user can trace the details, apply filters, and also assign and unassign the asset under a specific geofenced region.