Wireless Level Monitoring for Large Storage Tanks (Heightened up to 6 floors)

Industrial storage tanks come in different sizes and shapes where different types of liquid can be stocked. Multiple industries like oil & gas, beverage, and pharmaceuticals use large storage tanks to reserve liquid stock levels. Monitoring and managing the levels of these liquids inside the tanks can help the plant managers in increasing the ROI and boost industrial productivity.

Biz4Intellia, thus introduces a custom branded solution for you to identify and measure accurate liquid levels inside large storage tanks (heightened up to 6 floors). By using this solution, you will be able to detect how much quantity of liquid is left in the stock or required for future according to the needs. It also helps you interconnect multiple storage tanks within your industrial premises through one single dashboard for ease of operations. This is an IoT powered solution that uses advanced analytics to predict better outcomes and take improved decisions for increased profitability.

Flowchart explaining the functionality of this solution

Technical Features

  • Plug-and-Play

    The solution is easy to install and operate with its personalization feature. You can set the parameters according to your requirements and have control over the entire storage tank system through one dashboard.

  • Accurate Measurement

    Using the auto-calibration algorithms and advanced techniques, the solution ensures that you get accurate level readings of the stored fluid. This level monitoring system uses wireless ultrasonic sensors that calculate the level of the liquid by measuring the distance between the sensor and fluid’s surface.

  • Data-driven Approach

    The distance data between the sensor and the liquid surface is transmitted to the cloud where it is converted into meaningful information. This information is then displayed on the IoT dashboard for further analysis. It helps the managers in building up conclusions based on different parameters and make decisions accordingly.

  • Compatible with Multiple Tanks

    The solution is tailored by considering all the sizes and shapes of the storage tanks in multiple industries. You can install it on any type or size of a storage tank even with a height up to 6 floors and get accurate results.

In Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry manufactures several types of drugs, and thus uses multiple separation tanks to store different kinds of solutions. Any defect in the ratio causes a huge loss for the management. Hence, they require smart methods that enable them to measure accurate amount of solution levels during drug manufacturing. A tank level monitoring system constitutes advanced software, hardware, and latest sensor devices that automatically detect the liquid levels in bulk storage tanks. This benefits the pharma industry by providing precision in level measurement of the drug solutions and ensures that the final product matches the required thresholds.

Oil & Gas Industry

Monitoring and managing the oil levels in huge storage containers is the major challenge that the industry faces. A tank level monitoring solution is a high-end system that automatically detects the oil and gas level data with the help of embedded sensors. This provides a real-time management of your inventories and updates you about the future requirements. It constitutes a personalized alert system that generates instant alerts regarding the increase or decrease in the oil levels.

Beverage Industry

Level monitoring in the beverage industry ensures accuracy in inspecting the liquid levels while the drinks are stored in large tanks or being packaged. The solution assists the managers in keeping a real-time check on the liquid levels which allows them to prevent liquid over flowing throughout the manufacturing process. By using this solution, you can ensure consistency among the components within the storage tank. The level monitoring system comprises of ultrasonic level sensors that also predict the possibilities that might hinder productivity due to over flows or leakages. You can also scale-up this solution with equal measure to accurately fill the beverage into packaged containers for further distribution.

Business Benefits

  • Provides real-time and remote control of the equipment

  • One dashboard to perform all the managerial tasks conveniently

  • Uses advanced data analytics to measure accurate fluid levels

  • Sturdy hardware to withstand extreme temperatures

  • Offers end-to-end workability and services for enhanced industrial productivity

  • Supports all kinds of liquids for level measurement

  • Allows you to personalize the threshold limits according to the requirements

  • Provides data-driven insights to improve decision-making strategies

  • Wireless feature offers easy installation of the system