Biz4Intellia IoT Business Solution

A Customizable IoT Solution, Personalized for Your Business

  • product-icon1 iOS and Android

    Biz4Intellia IoT app is for both iOS and Android.

  • product-icon2 Wireless

    Get access to all your IoT devices via Mobile Devices wirelessly.

  • product-icon3 Detailed Reports

    Generate PDF reports for sensor data and share them directly via Mobile Devices.

  • product-icon4 Notifications

    Set thresholds to receive instant alerts if anything goes wrong or beyond anticipated.

  • product-icon5 Data Analytics

    Identify trends and threshold excursions of sensor data based on the historical data.

Locate Your Devices

Get instant insight and visibility into where your devices are and how they are doing. Click on any of the device and know the status of that particular device and take appropriate action.

  • Geolocate all your devices on the Map Card
  • Know the Real-Time status of the devices
  • Take immediate course of action

Get Instant Alerts

Get notified whenever any of your devices go beyond minimum or maximum limit. You can configure your devices and set the threshold limits by yourself.

  • Notification for every configured device
  • Change thresholds anytime anywhere
  • Alerts, whenever device is about to cross limits

Manage Your Devices

Whether it is the name, location, status, manager, threshold of a device, get all the data related to the particular device at one place. You can even control them.

  • Get the real-time data about your devices
  • Know the status and act accordingly
  • Set the threshold of devices

Control Your Devices

Remotely control your IoT devices such as IoT Valve with just a click on the app, and eradicate the misusage of resources by utilizing our two-way communication.

  • One tap control
  • Two-way communication powered by IoT
  • Remotely control your devices via our IoT App

Operational Overview & Advance Analytics

With our Biz4Intellia IoT app, utilize the historical data which is ingested by IoT devices. Advance analytics will depict the data into valuable information and help you to analyze the trends.

  • Historical data utilization
  • Get device type and status distribution
  • Know the variance in the readings and work to prevent them

Biz4Intellia For iOS and Android

The Biz4Intellia mobile app is available for free on Apple's App Store and Google Play.