Cargo Temperature Monitoring Solution Monitor

Manage Cargo with IoT Driven Freight Tracking Solutions

  • end-to-end-level-monitoring

    Multiple Parameter Tracking

    Monitor multiple parameters like location, weight, temperature, etc. on a single platform.

  • real-time-inventory-level-monitoring

    Supervisor View

    Monitor and manage your supply chain with interactive maps and real-time connectivity.

  • remote-valve-level-monitoring

    Upgradable to Smart Contract Solution

    The solution can be upgraded with features of blockchain technology to create smart contracts.

  • ultrasonic-sensor-level-monitoring

    Highly Scalable Solution

    Effectively manage a large fleet of trucks, vessels, or containers with cargo monitoring systems.

What is a Cargo Monitoring System?

Cargo monitoring solutions enabled the development of systems powered by the Internet of Things technology that allows fleet and logistics managers to supervise the goods being transported. Parameters like temperature, humidity, weight, and luminosity can be monitored from goods carrying containers, vessels, or trailers no matter if they are transported via road, rail, ocean routes, or airways. The shipment monitoring systems creates visibility into the movement of goods and help cargo handlers to optimize their supply chain.

Applications of Freight Tracking Solutions:


Extensive Supply Chain Visibility

Read between the lines with Biz4Intellia’s shipment monitoring system. Unlike conventional systems that share an update only when the cargo reaches a specific checkpoint, this solution helps you to track the condition and quality of the cargo in real-time. This creates transparency in the supply chain and helps you to keep an eye on your goods at all times.


Cold-Chain Transportation

Transport perishable products without any worries with refrigerated cargo transportation. Use transport temperature monitoring solutions to monitor the temperature of reefers and make sure that the goods being transported are safe from environmental factors. Cargo temperature monitoring can also be extended to track other factors such as humidity and luminosity to increase the efficiency of cold chain transport.

Biz4Intellia’s Cargo Monitoring System

We at Biz4Intellia bring forth a comprehensive end to end IoT solution to monitor cargo while it is shipped from one location to another. Sensors voyage along with cargo and transmit data related to location, temperature, weight, etc. via reefer container temperature monitoring and other similar systems to our cloud-based IoT dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed through both the mobile app and web platform to ensure effective and temperature-controlled transport.

Benefits of Using Freight Tracking Solutions

  • Wireless cargo tracking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Guarantee cargo safety
  • Eliminate manual supervision expenses
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Reduce operational overheads
  • Curb unknown cargo damage
  • Deliver before ETA
  • Detect logistics blind spots
  • Reduce the risk of cargo theft

Product Features of Biz4Intellia’s Cargo Monitoring Solution

  • aesthetic-dashboards

    Aesthetic Dashboards

    Manage all your supply chain operations seamlessly from the comfort of your home or office. Customize the IoT portal as per your personal preferences and supervise the transportation of goods on a web portal and mobile app until to make sure that they reach their final destination.

  • real-time-alert-system

    Real-Time Alert System

    Leverage the feature of a real-time alert system to gain notification about logistics blind spots and inefficiencies via email, in-app messages, SMS, and push notification. Gain live alerts and take proactive measures to resolve the issue immediately.

  • truck-trailer-hookup-history

    Truck-Trailer Hookup History

    Utilize the ability of advanced analytics to keep an eye on the trailer-truck configuration to ensure timely delivery of shipment at the correct destination. The same feature can also be used to monitor historical or live information about cargo in vessels, trucks, containers, trains, or airplanes.

  • virtual-geographical-boundaries

    Virtual Geographical Boundaries

    By using the feature of geofencing, you can receive alerts whenever your fleet’s vehicles enter an area they are not supposed to go into. These virtual boundaries can be easily framed on a map to allow the supervisor and vehicle driver to immediately gain alert.

  • supports-unlimited-vehicles

    Supports Unlimited Vehicles

    Biz4Intellia solution is scalable enough to accommodate a large fleet of vehicles. The solution supports all modes of transportation and hence is perfect for your cargo monitoring needs. The data can be effectively collected and processed from a large fleet.

  • all-time-location-history

    All Time Location History

    Remotely track your entire fleet at all times to ensure timely cargo delivery. Use historical data to process data related to temperature, humidity, and weight of cargo along with other fleet-related parameters and gain all answers related to your cargo-related queries.

  • administration-management

    Administration Management

    View and edit the information a particular user will have access to. Align different cards, dashboards, and information for different levels of employees in your administration.

  • customized-reports

    Customized Reports

    All reports are available in CSV, PDF, and XLS format, and are only a click away with our IoT solution. Download these customized reports and use this data for further analysis and processing.

  • advanced-analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Utilize the capabilities of advanced analytics to develop a visually powered representation of data in the form of charts and graphs to develop useful insights and use them to increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

Hardware Used

Intellia bluetooth & humidity sensor
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Bluetooth temp/RH Sensor INT-HT-01
Measuring Parameters Temperature, Humidity
Dimension 50mm*50mm*16mm
Protocol standard Bluetooth 4.0
Output power 4dBm, adjustable
Communication rate 1Mbps
Transmission distance 55 meters, adjustable

Intellia LoRaWAN device
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia INT-AApHT-01 LoRaWAN device
Measuring Parameter Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometer, Atmospheric pressure
Dimension 94 x 59 x 35 mm
Enclosure IP67
Direct connection to 1-wire temperature sensor, Decagon moisture sensor, S0 output
Temperature –40 to 60 °C (85 °C with external power supply)
Humidity Humidity 0 to 100% RH

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide 24*7 customer support to help you with any issue you might face while configuring the solution. You will also receive a user manual that will guide you through solution deployment.
The solution can be used by as many users as your company has and the administration will have the ability to add new users and assign roles to every user.
This solution can be configured as a food quality monitoring system and used for refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring, which will help you to monitor the cold-chain transportation of perishable food items.
The solution use data loggers to collect information whenever there is no cellular connectivity. Gateways subsequently shoot the data to the cloud whenever they receive the network. Alternatively, the solution can also be configured to operate on satellite connectivity.
The data gathered from sensors will be stored in cloud storage. The data can hence be accessed anytime from any location.