IoT-Based Smart Factory and Machine Monitoring Solution:

A Step Towards upgrading Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0

Making Factory operations Intelligent and cost-effective

Real-time alerts & Data Management

Data Analytics with a record of up to millions of data points

Insightful Information with Graphical charts

Easy Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

Manage Remote and Distributed Stations

Comprehensive Equipment Management

Customizable and Configurable as per Business Requirements

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    End-to-End Solution

    Get a complete solution equipped with advanced hardware and software for seamless operability

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    Quick Time to Market

    Ready to be deployed solution with the first iteration within 2 to 4 weeks

  • equipment-efficiency-with-advanced-analysis

    Equipment Efficiency with Advanced Analysis

    Platform fitted with advanced analytics gives useful insights from collected data and makes it easier to analyze the equipment’s efficiency.

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    Customized Services

    We will customize the processes as per business requirements to provide on-demand services and hardware.

  • Shared Cloud

    Monthly Subscription Cost

    Unlimited Connections And Data Storages Or As per Custom Needs
  • Private Cloud

    Monthly Subscription Cost

    Unlimited Connections And Data Storages Or As per Custom Needs

Benefits of Remote Equipment Monitoring Systems


By using the competencies of the Internet of Things, we at Biz4Intellia create state-of-the-art remote machine monitoring systems that are pre-configured and compatible with legacy machinery, PLCs & SCADA systems implemented across different industry verticals. The systems can be configured for any industrial setup and empower facilities to improve conventional operations without hampering production.

Biz4Intellia Factory and Machine Monitoring Systems allow companies to identify the key performing indicators, factors like uptime & downtime, operations of their assets and how to optimize them to boost overall equipment effectiveness.

Problems Associated with Legacy Monitoring Systems

Legacy monitoring systems have remained in use, regularly for several long years. These systems are frequently obsolete and do not coordinate and integrate with other solutions as per business needs. Due to this, they become an obstruction in industrial operations. Usually, Legacy systems like SCADA & PLC and legacy monitoring systems collect essential data about the condition and performance of industrial machines and directly show them without effectively processing them as per business needs. In the Age of Globalization, where workplaces are expanding, with old Inflexible, Static, and Centralized Architecture of legacy systems, it is impossible to get secured and Auto processed real data insights outside the industry premise. With the help of data-driven Biz4Intellia End-to-End IoT-based Factory and Machine monitoring solutions, which are easily integrable with legacy PLC and SCADA, Industries are now managing their day-to-day industrial operations efficiently in real-time far-off from their industrial premise.

Common Challenges in a SCADA system

  • 01
    Ineffective for Outside-The-Fence Application
  • 02
    Rigid and Complex due to Wired Infrastructure
  • 03
    Costly and Time-Consuming Integration
  • 04
    Tied only with specific control Devices and Legacy Systems
  • 05
    Inflexible,Static and Centralized Architecture
  • 06
    Less Scalable than other Industrial Control Systems
  • 07
    Not Adaptable to Changing Business Needs

How PLC & SCADA and Industry 3.0 is adopting IoT?

smart-factory-plc-and scada

The involvement of IoT and SCADA together is the new upgrade within industries, introducing the next phase of smart manufacturing. The use of IoT makes SCADA systems more intelligent and advanced. IoT complements both distributed control systems and SCADA with its existing features like real-time data collection, downtime alerts, remote control, data analysis, and visualization. The Internet of Things is equipped with advanced capabilities of integrating edge-to-cloud solutions, especially for heavy machines. It helps in fetching accurate and real-time data through connectors and gateways, enhancing the profitability of results. IoT provides a scalable and customizable user-friendly platform to automate the operations along with safety measures, which senses the changing needs of any asset.

  • IoT is Integrating Edge-to-cloud solution for heavy equipment/machines
  • Connecting nodes/gateway on endpoints of the PLCs


System & Machine Downtime Tracking

System & Machine Downtime Tracking

The use of sensor-based technology to track system and machine downtime helps meet the targets as expected by the machines. The industrialists can identify the frequency of the machine downtime and schedule timely scans, stop times, and other necessary steps required. The solution provides you with the option of filtering the machines of a particular region for better and quicker processing.

Equipment Downtime Monitoring & Optimization

CNC Machine Monitoring System

Machines operating on computerized numerical controls (CNC) are programmed via codes to perform machining operations with utmost precision. By using smart manufacturing systems, you can study tool path, tool lifecycle, feed rate, cutting speed, and other variables while optimizing your programs to increase the accuracy of your machining operations and achieve higher throughput.

Factory Downtime Monitoring

Factory & Machine Downtime Monitoring

Factories are rapidly switching to IoT technology to keep a real-time check on equipment performance and automated system operations. The use of sensors helps prevent unscheduled downtime and reduces emergency maintenance costs. Sensor devices can monitor multiple types of equipment through a single dashboard and update the managers with the exact location of the installed machines along with their performance reports.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

IoT-powered solutions follow a data-driven approach to analyze the information captured by various sensors. This information is carried further through the communication channels to present a simplified view of Important data insights related to KPIs, production downtime, Performance, and condition via the Condition Monitoring System on the dashboard. It helps eliminate human error, optimize maintenance schedules, and monitor equipment performance, proving beneficial for the industries.

Performance Indicator of system Downtime

Performance Indicator of system

Even though the equipment is situated in far-off areas, you can get updates through an IoT-based downtime management system. A sensor-based solution is well-designed to keep track of the systems in real-time by alerting the owners with the system’s performance via indicators. These help the managers to stay alert in all situations and take necessary actions whenever required. Such actions trigger real-time decision-making to eliminate the system downtime, thus saving the entire process from shutting down.

Comprehensive Equipment Management

Comprehensive Equipment Management

Equipment management through IoT renders asset information to the relevant industrialists and empowers them to reduce costs on excess manpower. The attached sensors generate data and pass the information through communication channels, which gets stored on the cloud platform. The use of IoT for equipment management essentializes stable operation and system efficiency. The managers are now seeking not just for the maintenance or troubleshooting but comprehensive equipment management that covers all the aspects.

Industrial Communication

Production Monitoring System

Monitor where your product goes on conveyors and assembly lines. The data affiliated with the production cycle can be monitored on dashboards along with the work in progress throughout the value stream. Hence, production quotas can be effectively met, and lean-management processes can be used to ensure that the products reach the correct stations on time.

Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules

Resource Monitoring

IoT-based smart factory solutions can also be used for proper resource utilization. Consumption of resources like fuel, electricity, lubricant, coolant, etc., can be tracked through the machine monitoring system. Information pertaining to their consumption can be gathered and analyzed to reduce their utilization, maintain proper stocks, and decrease wastage.

Key benefits of opting Biz4Intellia Machine Monitoring Solution

  • Instant Notifications and Alerts
  • Automated Data Management
  • Real-time Floor Monitoring
  • Customizable Solution
  • Environment-friendly Processing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Improved Asset Connectivity
  • User-Friendly Operations
  • Enhanced Equipment Efficiency
  • instant-notifications-and-alerts-mobile Instant Notifications and Alerts
  • automated-data-management-mobile Automated Data Management
  • real-time-floor-monitoring-mobile Real-time Floor Monitoring
  • customizable-solution-mobile Customizable Solution
  • environment-friendly-processing-mobile Environment-friendly Processing
  • advanced-analytics-mobile Advanced Analytics
  • improved-asset-connectivity-mobile Improved Asset Connectivity
  • user-friendly-operations-mobile User-Friendly Operations
  • enhanced-equipment-efficiency-mobile Enhanced Equipment Efficiency

Features of Biz4Intellia IoT Based Factory and Machine Monitoring Solution

Data Collection:

The data is collected from each machine on the production floor, which is further transmuted for analysis


IoT gateway connectivity secures the performance of the machines and protects the internal machine network from public internet.

Data Access:

The data is ubiquitously accessible from anywhere and at any time using Biz4Intellia’s user-friendly solution

Data Representation:

The real-time dashboards on the production floor provide on-spot notifications as and when the machine performance is low


IoT monitors the machines in real-time by updating the job status, quality, and downtime insights


Smart machine monitoring solution provides excellent reporting features like equipment enhancement, downtime quality reports, helping in better comparison


The real-time insights enhance your team’s ability to make better decisions and improve the machine efficiency


The solution helps empower the entire business with digital transformation and enhance efficiency of your business

Intellia IoT for Machine Monitoring - Features

Real-time System & Machine Uptime & Downtime Tracking on an interactive dashboard
The real-time insights enhance your team’s ability to make better decisions and improve machine efficiency and productivity
Advanced Analytics and charts feature to gather data and process it to develop Readings & consumption patterns, compare historical data
The real-time interactive and Inclusive dashboards on the production floor provide on-spot notifications reading and Other useful data insights

Architecture Format

Intellia Wireless AC Current Meter

Why Biz4Intellia: We Believe in Serving Quality

Biz4Intellia provides a quick-support solution that targets efficiency, effectiveness, and a high-class business transformation. The customers can easily connect, analyze, and decide to bring their businesses towards the competitive edge in the market.

  • Connect your assets easily and operate through user-friendly dashboards
  • Analyze the asset data to incur improvements in industrial operability
  • Make better business decisions by implementing powerful strategies
  • Add a cost-effective solution to your business and get affordable services

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Sensor Node
Tx Power 20dBm
Ports 1 × RS232 or RS485 (Switchable)
Frequency EU433/CN470/IN865/EU868/RU864/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923
Ingress Protection IP67
Communication Protocols to Sensor Modbus
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN

Product Details Description
Product Name Biz4Intellia Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway INT-LoRaMult-01
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Backhaul Connectivity Ethernet, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
Memory 512 MB DDR4 RAM
Storage Temperature LoRaWAN-40°C to +85°C (-40℉ to +185℉)td>
Ingress Protection IP65 Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

With the use of advanced analytics and predictive maintenance, IoT technology enables useful insights that allow the managers to take better decisions. Hence, it helps reducing the machine downtime through effective decision-making.
The equipment downtime is usually reduced with the help of predictive analysis. It helps the industrialists to anticipate the accurate asset performance and health, thus scheduling on-time machine checks.
Factory downtime mainly occurs when the equipment starts performing low of their potential. It further affects the overall production as the maintenance and rectifying other issues takes time. This delays the production and hence affects the overall demand fulfillment.
IoT technology is well-equipped with advanced algorithms and analytics tools, which provide the managers with detailed insights regarding machine’s performance and its health. It helps identify the machine downtime accurately.
Broadly there are three types of machine downtimes: Shutdown or outage downtime, Schedule or planned downtime, Unscheduled or unplanned downtime.