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IoT in Mining

Metals commodities are vital to sustainability of the modern society. Without an advanced automated mining solution this industry would have difficulty to achieve the expectations from the industry. Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT and Machine to Machine Learning – M2M with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis is key for its success. The call for this kind of innovation was in request from the industry for quite some time and Biz4Intellia is The Solution the industry was waiting for. The industry has already started realizing the benefit of IoT and is picking up adoption. We help the industry transition from legacy to end-to-end wireless automation of systems. With the prices dropping significantly, the industry is in a dilemma whether to invest in newer connected technologies or whether to stay put with its current legacy technologies like SCADA, PLC, DCS, HMI Device etc.

Here at Biz4Intellia we are helping the industry understand the importance of IoT and the need to implement it now for a sustainable business model. Biz4Intellia’s end-to-end IoT platform, Biz4Intellia, helps Mining industry to connect multiple devices, controllers and sensors, in a real-time manner, and analyze and monitor the data, and then use the learning, to predict an outcome and finally act upon the data. This will enable the industry in decision making in a real-time manner, reduce equipment failure, increase safety, minimize downtime and reduce wastage, and result in end-to-end automation.

Plant Automation

Plant Automation

During the last century automation was focused around individual vertical of productivity looked in silos. With today’s IoT solutions automation has evolved and the focus is around cohesiveness around different devices/sensors/controllers/meters to not only improve on efficiency but also increase quality, safety and gain the most ROI. With the holistic view of the plant it is providing real time information from mining facilities to the board room real time.

health check and predictive maintenance

Equipment health check and predictive maintenance

Less than 3% of data captured from equipment has been really harnessed by the industry, as it rarely reaches the experts on time to analyze and make decisions. With the ability to capture multiple data points from multiple devices simultaneously, and use the combined data sets will help determine the health of equipment and forecast any potential failures. The right use of IoT in this space can lead to increase efficiency, prevent failures and downtimes, and predict productivity.

Remote Tracking & Management

Smart Asset Remote Tracking & Management

With the vast number of assets in the field of operations, adoption of loT for this business, is an easywin for the industry. With a proper implementation of an loT solution like Biz4Intellia, the industry can benefit of real-time tracking of the asset, trend of utilization of the asset, history of the asset and increase efficiency of the asset. Biz4Intellia’s in-built smart learning engine can help create a sustainable and predictable asset lifecycle management and will enable all assets as part of the same eco-system and not working in silos.

sustainable environment

Maintain a sustainable environment

Being a responsible environment citizen, Oil and Gas industry leverages various technologies to limit any impact to the environment. Industry regulators have also specified the need for better, more accurate and real-time monitoring by the industry to identify any impact to the environment. Implementation of Biz4Intellia IoT solutions will help the industry achieve its corporate social responsibility. With the ability to monitor the assets in a real-time manner and watching data points in conjunction with each other, help predict more accurately potential environmental impact and take timely action. A side benefit of this is to be in compliant with environmental regulations.

Real time tanker/fleet

Real time tanker/fleet
tracking & management

IoT in mining industry makes use of IoT devices like scanners, controllers, beacons, RFID systems, communication devices along with a strong Biz4Intellia IoT platform that interconnects these devices to apps and websites, that make up the company’s digital ecosystem. Such end-to-end functionality can ensure that businesses use the advantages of Big Data, cloud, mobile, Machine Learning and IoT for increasing their business intelligence and improving the efficiency of their operations on a global platform.