Wireless Level Monitoring IoT Solution for Tanks in the Field and Bulk Storage

This solution can be implemented for $1K - $2K (one time cost only)

Monthly recurring cost $2 per device*
  • end-to-end-level-monitoring

    End-to-End Comprehensive IoT Solution

    One-Stop Solution where hardware, software, and connectivity are bundled with the solution.

  • real-time-inventory-level-monitoring

    Remote Valve Control

    Control water/oil flow via your mobile phone/desktop anywhere from the planet.

  • remote-valve-level-monitoring

    Real-time Inventory Level Indicator

    Indicates the real-time stock level on the mobile/desktop dashboards.

  • ultrasonic-sensor-level-monitoring

    High Precision Ultrasonic Level Sensor

    Industry standard IP67 rated sonar sensor with 1 mm resolution.

  • Shared Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required
  • Private Cloud

    30 Second Updates

    No Contract Required

What are level monitoring solutions?

With Level Monitoring solutions, you can remotely monitor liquid level inside the tank/reservoir in real-time. These solutions allow you to access the fluid level information, temperature, and RH on mobile phones as well as desktops. Using these solutions, you will be able to manage inventory effectively. The real-time visibility aware you of the days left in existing stock and theft for multiple locations at a time.

Applications of Level Monitoring Solution

Intellia IoT
  • Oil Tank Level Monitoring
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Flood Management
  • Water Tank Level Monitoring
  • Weather Forecasting & Modelling
  • Oil Tanker Monitoring
  • Petrochemical Plants Monitoring
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

The Intellia IoT solution is implementable for both Mobile Fuel tanks as well as Gas Station and Diesel tank monitoring purposes(distributors/supervisors) to know the real-time fuel stock level in their tanks remotely. The solution is scalable enough to cover any size of the fleet. It saves your company time by giving you exact fuel dispense. This way, you will be able to optimize your inventory levels.


Water Tank Level Monitoring

Our Solution provides you with the real-time insights into your available water inside your tanks, with just a sensor installed on the water tank. Intellia IoT solution ensures that you won’t face any issue such as water getting spilled out from overhead water tanks etc. You will get alerted when your tank is about to get empty or full. The solution also allows users to change the threshold limits.


Smart Irrigation

With Intellia IoT solution, you will never run out of water for your irrigation purposes. The real-time insights into your water stock will ensure your motors never run without water. If the water level goes below the defined limits, the concerned person will be alerted, and the motors will be switched off automatically.


Mobile Tanker Level Monitoring

The liquid and water tank monitoring system can also be implemented for tankers in transit. Through distant monitoring solutions of Intellia IoT, a company can track the live location of trucks carrying the fluid, along with the level of fluid stored in their tankers in real-time. Intellia IoT water tank level monitoring system can be used for different liquids like fuel, chemicals, and beverages; that too being conveyed in movable tankers having compartments.


Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

Intellia IoT tank level monitoring use wireless sensors and devices to monitor the level of liquid in a tank. This wireless architecture reduces the complexity of the system and makes reading procedures more flexible. Horizontal scaling of the solution also becomes easy for industries and they gain the ability to conduct immediate troubleshooting and take data-driven decisions. Moreover, hardware and implementation costs are reduced and companies gain the ability to satisfy their changing business requirements.


Boosting Operational Excellence

Industries such as water, oil & gas, chemical, beverages, etc; that are dependent on their tanks and receptacles can use level monitoring solutions to elevate their methodologies and achieve operational excellence. As a part of an automation infrastructure, level monitoring solution in a plant can be used to conduct operations automatically, increase production rate, and predict probable malfunctions.

The Solution Empowers You To

  • Optimize Demand – Supply
  • Reduce Human Resource Requirement
  • Trace leaks in Real-time
  • Trace fuel theft
  • Monitor hazardous chemical usage
  • Monitor Propane tank
  • Reduce manual operations
  • Keep the costs low
  • Witness no overflow or dry running of water pumps
  • Trace the usage of highly corrosive and acidic substances

Real-time Field Data

So, this is how it works: We mount the ultrasonic level sensor in your tanks. The sensor senses the distance between the fluid and itself and sends the distance data to a cellular/satellite gateway. The data is further transmitted to our cloud, where we convert the raw data into meaningful information (fluid quantity in the tanks) and display it on Intellia IoT dashboard.

You can access the dashboards to get real-time information and advanced analytics on your mobile phones as well as desktop. You can also define threshold limits for your inventory levels, so whenever the level goes beyond or less than pre-defined limits, you get alerts via app, SMS, and Emails.

water-level-monitoring-scale water-level-tank-monitoring

Alerts on Your Mobile Phone

Product Features

  • End-to-End IoT Solution

    We provide the hardware and the software which makes us a one-stop shop for level monitoring solutions.

  • Easy to operate and install

    We personalize the solution for you which makes it easy to operate. All the relevant information will be available on a single dashboard.

  • Accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on distance

    Intellia – MaxSonar-WR sensor is very accurate and reliable which allows our level monitoring system to measure the level inside a tanker/tank very precisely.

  • Allows remote controlling of pumps

    Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports two-way communication which allows you to not even just get the real-time data from sensors but also control the devices installed (Valves, Pumps, etc.)

  • Shows the tank levels at a glance

    Intellia IoT solution comes with a centralized dashboard on which you will get all the important information.

  • Real-time alerts

    You will get instant alerts whenever the level of your tank/tanker goes below or beyond anticipated limits.

  • Withstands environmental challenges

    The hardware is sturdy enough to sustain harsh environments such as high temperature/humidity.

  • Real-time monitoring and control

    Intellia IoT provides the real-time liquid level data from the field which allows you to make intelligent business decisions in real-time.

  • Usage history and Advanced Data Analytics

    Historical data combined with advanced data analytics capabilities allows you to identify inventory levels from past and also to predict the future demand.

  • Works with a different type of fluids

    Be it water, diesel and fuel tank, or any other liquid level monitoring, the Intellia IoT level monitoring solution can help you will all of them.

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia - MAXSONAR
Operating Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V
Current Draw 2.3mA (peak ~49mA) at 3.3V, and 3.1mA (peak ~98mA) at 5V
Sensitivity High acoustic
Distance Sensor 30-cm to 5-meters or 50-cm to 10-meters based on model
Range Outputs All range outputs are active simultaneously

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ultrasonic Fuel level sensor INT-Level-01
Measuring Parameter Level Monitoring
Measuring Range 2-80cm / 2-200cm (optional)
Protection Rate IP67
Serial Port Output RS232 \RS485 \Analog
Power Consumption Typical -0.45W / Sleep mode -0.04W
Operational Temperature -20°C to -65°C

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our sensors are IP (Ingress Protection) rated and are certified by concerned standard boards and regulatory authorities. Moreover, our sensors and other IoT devices come with a warranty of 6 months to 2 years. Hence, the sensors are highly reliable and can provide accurate readings for long durations. Moreover, they are immune to high-pressure levels and can also tolerate extreme temperatures typically found in industries and factories, which makes them a perfect fit for any machine-dependent facility.
Wireless water tank level monitoring system uses wireless sensors that are powered by batteries. On average, the battery life of our wireless devices is around a year. Through our IoT solution, you can also monitor the remaining battery life of sensors. Alternatively, you can use our wired devices to take liquid level readings for long durations without worrying about battery life.
We provide a proof of concept for a maximum of 1000 USD. In the POC you will receive a configured sensor and gateway combination along with limited-time access to our Intellia IoT level monitoring system. You can install devices at your site and check the feasibility of our solution yourself.
Also, at the time of solution deployment and POC, we provide a user manual and free 24*7 support to help you in case you get stuck with its functioning.
Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports seamless interconnectivity which helps in getting real-time data from the field. You can also control the valves/pumps using your mobile devices in real-time.
Definitely yes. While you can add as many users as you want, Intellia IoT level monitoring solution also supports Process Flow Management which empowers you to either permit or restricts data accessibility to particular users. For example, the information provided to supervisors can be less than the information provided to the administrator.
The sensors we use offer accurate readings with error margin being as minimal as ± 0.1%. The readings taken by these remotely located end sensors are stored and displayed as it is on your dashboard, which reduces even the slightest possibility of mistakes in the entire end-to-end IoT ecosystem. Also, our Intellia IoT solution for liquid level monitoring is secured with several encryptions and data security modules.
Currently, we support sensors that can measure the depth of up to 30 meters, but depending on your requirements it can be increased.
Yes, our Intellia IoT level monitoring system is highly scalable and can support innumerable no. of sensors. Hence, it can support as many tanks as you want and can be extended as per your advancing business needs.
Our water level monitoring system use sensors that perform without getting affected by physical factors like tanks’ material. This solution can hence be used for tanks made up of different materials like aluminum, steel, etc.
The Intellia IoT level monitoring solution can perform for fixed as well as movable tanks. Additionally, you can also track the location of trucks carrying the fluid from our GPS fleet tracking solution. Also, the solution can offer accurate level measurement readings of liquids with distinct consistencies and types stored in subsequent compartments of a fragmented tanker.