Wireless Level Monitoring IoT Solution for Tanks in the Field and Bulk Storage

Intellia IoT solution for level monitoring has vast applicability that encompasses consumer, commercial and industrial processes. It offers convenient monitoring and administering of liquid levels inside storage tanks, wells, ponds, canals, and streams. From indoor and outdoor installments to various ground deployments, this solution helps in monitoring the real-time liquid level that contributes to transparent business operations.

Applications of Level Monitoring Solutions

Intellia IoT
  • Oil Tank Level Monitoring
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Flood Management
  • Water Tank Level Monitoring
  • Weather Forecasting & Modelling
  • Oil Tanker Monitoring
  • Petrochemical Plants Monitoring
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

The Solution Empowers You To

  • Optimize Demand – Supply
  • Reduce Human Resource Requirement
  • Trace leaks in Real-time
  • Trace fuel theft
  • Monitor hazardous chemical usage
  • Monitor Propane tank
  • Reduce manual operations
  • Keep the costs low
  • Witness no overflow or dry running of water pumps
  • Trace the usage of highly corrosive and acidic substances

Real-time Field Data

water-level-monitoring-scale water-level-tank-monitoring

Product Features

  • End-to-End IoT Solution

    We provide the hardware and the software which makes us a one-stop shop for level monitoring solutions.

  • Easy to operate and install

    We personalize the solution for you which makes it easy to operate. All the relevant information will be available on a single dashboard.

  • Accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on distance

    Intellia – MaxSonar-WR sensor is very accurate and reliable which allows our level monitoring system to measure the level inside a tanker/tank very precisely.

  • Allows remote controlling of pumps

    Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports two-way communication which allows you to not even just get the real-time data from sensors but also control the devices installed (Valves, Pumps, etc.)

  • Shows the tank levels at a glance

    Intellia IoT solution comes with a centralized dashboard on which you will get all the important information.

  • Real-time alerts

    You will get instant alerts whenever the level of your tank/tanker goes below or beyond anticipated limits.

  • Withstands environmental challenges

    The hardware is sturdy enough to sustain harsh environments such as high temperature/humidity.

  • Real-time monitoring and control

    Intellia IoT provides the real-time liquid level data from the field which allows you to make intelligent business decisions in real-time.

  • Usage history and Advanced Data Analytics

    Historical data combined with advanced data analytics capabilities allows you to identify inventory levels from past and also to predict the future demand.

  • Works with a different type of fluids

    Be it water, diesel and fuel tank, or any other liquid level monitoring, the Intellia IoT level monitoring solution can help you will all of them.

Hardware Used

Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia - MAXSONAR
Operating Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V
Current Draw 2.3mA (peak ~49mA) at 3.3V, and 3.1mA (peak ~98mA) at 5V
Sensitivity High acoustic
Distance Sensor 30-cm to 5-meters or 50-cm to 10-meters based on model
Range Outputs All range outputs are active simultaneously

Frequently Asked Questions

The liquid level sensor measures the amount of liquid available inside a particular liquid reservoir. Multiple types of level sensors are used with IoT solutions such as Pressure sensor, Sonar sensor, etc.
We provide the end-to-end complete solution which includes hardware and software. The cost will depend on the requirements or say the number of tanks/tankers. Apart from the one-time cost, the monthly cost per device is $2 for shared cloud and $3 for a private cloud. For more pricing related information please visit: htps://www.biz4intellia.com/pricing/
Definitely yes, Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports Process Flow Management by which information which is ingested from the sensors is permitted/restricted to any type of user. For example, the information provided to supervisors can be lesser than the information provided to the administrator.
Yes, at the time of solution deployment we provide user manual and free 24/7 support service.
Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports seamless interconnectivity which helps in getting real-time data from the field. You can also control the valves/pumps using your mobile devices in real-time.
Users, who will be defined by you will be able to access the data and control the devices. The number of users is limitless.
The Intellia IoT level monitoring solution is very precise and uses end-to-end encryption. So, nobody will be able to spy on your data.
The solution uses cellular/satellite communication so the information can be accessed from anywhere on the earth.
Currently, we support sensor which can measure the depth up to 30 meters but, depending on the requirements it can be increased.
Yes, as stated before, the solution is scalable and can support innumerable no. of sensors which means it can support as many tanks as you want.
Just the couple of months data will be enough to make the solution learn your usage habits and predict future demand.
Whenever there is an unusual fall in the levels, you will be notified in real-time.
Yes, any type of liquid can be monitored with Intellia IoT level monitoring system.