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Pre-configured Business solution for IoT in Water

The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) capabilities, powered by IoT smart water meters, enable water distributors to effectively manage utility water usage. The IoT enabled automatic meter reading solution consists of IoT smart water meters that send daily reading to a network of receivers, forming a two-way data sharing between meters and CRM/billing systems and eliminating the need for personal meter reading. With the meter data being available in real-time, more flexible billing cycles would be available to the water consumers instead of following the standard utility read cycles.

It is estimated that in Norway 32% of the supplied water gets wasted just because of the leakages in the pipelines. The smart water sensors installed in the IoT water distribution system that monitor the water distribution throughout the city and detect any water leakage in real-time. Not only the water gets wasted, when a pipe bursts, but also the entire water distribution system of the city gets affected. Prevent such ruins by adopting IoT water leak detection solution. The IoT water valve, embedded within the IoT water distribution system, lets you control the water flow remotely.

A complete water quality monitoring solution, which provides various water quality measures. The IoT water sensors ingest the water quality data and transmit it to the cloud through gateways. Based on the chemical, physical and biological parameters, our IoT powered water quality monitoring solution provides real-time water quality data. The solution uses a pre-defined water quality index to interpret the large quantities of online measurements and the index can be configured according to the requirements.

IoT intelligence is revolutionizing the Water Industry

It is estimated that by 2025 almost half of the urban population will live in water-stressed areas as this precious commodity is becoming scarce rapidly. Thus, IoT (Internet of Things) smart water management solutions are must in order to avoid a pre-anticipated water crisis.

Till now, the water industry was primarily depended only on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which was unable to monitor the entire water distribution system due to the practical limitation of its installation points.

Biz4Intellia, an End-to-End IoT solution, ensures improved smart water management through IoT water sensors which are installed at various locations in the IoT water system to sense any leakage or other malfunctions. Biz4Intellia already has pre-configured complete IoT Business Solution for water industry which can be implemented for various business cases in weeks instead of months. The IoT smart water management techniques can reduce water cost by up to 20 percent, resulting in better revenues with lower costs. IoT smart water management system also provides opportunities to municipalities to reduce operational costs around construction, maintenance, and more. Biz4Intellia out of the box solution integrates with more than 150 water sensors including smart water meter, smart irrigation controller, IoT water flow meters and IoT Water Valve.

  • Water-Flow-Meters

    IoT Water Flow Meters

    By using smart IoT water flow meters, manage the flow between multiple distribution lines. Save power by knowing how much water flow is needed for a specific distribution line. You can even prevent the non-revenue water loss caused by meter inaccuracy and recover lost revenue and deliver more accurate billing.

  • Smart-Water-Meter

    Smart Water Meter

    An IoT smart water meter tracks the quality, pressure, and consumed quantity of water in a household or industry. An IoT smart water sensor can be used to track the flow of water across the entire plant and over the distribution channels. Helping in leakage detection, to reduce water wastage.

  • Smart-Irrigation- Controller

    Smart Irrigation Controller

    Let your garden and farms leverage the benefits of automation by adopting smart irrigation controller system. The smart irrigation controller can control the water using the humidity and moisture data of the soil, that are collected by smart water sensors.

  • Water-Valve

    IoT Water Valve

    When a water pipe bursts, not only the water gets wasted, worth thousands of dollars, but the entire water distribution system is affected. You can prevent such accidents installing IoT water valve in your water distribution network. The IoT water valve can be controlled remotely via internet by using the mobile application of Biz4Intellia.

  • Water-Intelligent-Pricing

    Intelligent Pricing

    IoT smart water management solutions let you get configurable, intuitive, and insightful analytics to analyze the data collected from IoT water sensors and price the water according to the demand of the water like we can price the water different in winter and summer. This strategy can influence the water consumption habits of households and industries.

  • Water-Quality-Testing

    Water Quality Testing

    The IoT water quality measuring system monitors the quality of water in real-time using various sensors which sense pH level, conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature to know the live water quality status of water. Proximity sensors alert the officials by notifying them via the cloud in case someone tries to pollute the water body.

IoT Smart water management system exists to help us optimize the water use. The challenges that we face in water management are knowing how much water we are using or knowing if there was a problem within your irrigation system. With Biz4Intellia Internet of Things, these challenges are eliminated through remote monitoring and the use of various sensing technologies and quick response time. IoT smart water management system uses a lot of connected devices in the field, that's how it communicates remotely with landscape irrigation system and weather station. It allows us to pull data back and commands out very quickly.

The key benefit attained by our clients in the water industry can reap from implementing Biz4Intellia’s IoT smart water management solutions is an overall optimization of resource consumption. Detecting leakages, quality assurance, and matching demand with supply of water is where the statistical methods which are unlocked through IoT smart water management solutions shine best. IoT implementation in the water infrastructure makes sure no drop goes to waste because every drop counts.

Smart Farming:Increase Output With Smart Irrigation

The key component of precision agriculture, smart irrigation helps farmers avoid water wastage and increase crop production in fields by:

  • Irrigating at the right time.
  • Reducing runoffs and other wastage
  • Finding irrigation requirements by determining the soil moisture.
Use IoT water valve to remotely control:

What if we tell you that you don't have to physically turn on and off the water valve all the time to control the water supply management of your farm or house. Biz4intellia made it possible to remotely control water flow by implementing IoT water valve, that can be easily controlled using mobile devices such as iPhones, tablets etc.

That’s how it works

  • IoT water valve
  • Gateway
  • Biz4Intellia IoT Cloud
  • User (Smartphone)

Water Distribution Management

Smart water distribution system can be formed with the help of data gathered from smart sensors. Distribution lines, embedded with pressure sensors, IoT water flow meter, and electrically actuated valves, controls the flow of the water supply in real-time.

With smart water distribution system, our customers have attained following business benefits by implementing Biz4Intellia’s smart water distribution management solution achieve:

  • Reduce water wastage with features like predictive maintenance, remote controlling, and real time monitoring.
  • Meet the supply with the demand for water to efficiently distribute water throughout the distribution lines.
  • With the smart water sensors installed at various points in the distribution lines, monitor and control the quality of water.

Biz4Intellia provides smart water distribution by embedding water sensors in the pipelines to monitor the flow and direction of water. Biz4Intellia's IoT solution for water industry can also notify water distributors about any leakage in the pipeline. The key benefit of implementing IoT water solution is it can notify to the water distributors about any leakages in the pipelines. Biz4Intellia IoT smart water solution is enabling the intelligent use of water at home, in the fields, and across cities.

By handling problems in creative ways, using simple and increasingly inexpensive technologies, you can reduce water wastage and keep waterways clean. As urbanization and growing population demands more from the water supply, the IoT smart water solutions make the optimum water supply to conserve this precious resource for future generations.