Intelligent Water Level Monitoring
A Step Towards Solving Water Management Related Problems

Real-time Water Level Monitoring

Data Analytics

Easy Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

Customizable and Configurable as per Business Requirements

Instant Alerts for Smooth Remote Monitoring

Solution can be implemented for as low as $500 - $1k.

  • water-level-Custom-branded-Solution

    Custom-branded Solution

    Modular and flexible solution with white-labeling personalization features

  • water-level-advanced-analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Provides valuable insights to make informed decisions

  • water-level-One-Stop-Platform

    One-Stop Platform

    Get the hardware as well as the software bundled with the solution

  • water-level-Real-time-Inventory-Management

    Real-time Inventory Management

    Indicates the real-time stock level on mobile/desktop dashboards

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What is an IoT-based Water level monitoring solution?

IoT-based water level monitoring provides automatic detection of liquid levels from differently sized tanks or storage containers. It is a state-of-the-art system specially designed to inform the users about the real status of the liquid levels. It is meticulously designed to benefit the industrialists with IoT technology and improve the overall business productivity.

IoT-based water level monitoring provides real-time autonomous detection of water levels and takes appropriate action based on the levels including overflowing, water depletion, and water usage. Deploying an autonomous system to keep a real-time check upon the water levels provides an effective solution to water-related challenges.


River Water Level Monitoring

IoT technology provides the ability to monitor the river water or stream levels with the help of sensors. These devices are installed on the appropriate surface, where they detect the water levels and collect data for further analysis. These devices use gateway connectivity to transmit useful information on the interconnected device of the user, allowing him to make informed decisions. The Intellia IoT-based water monitoring system is intelligent enough to provide shareable insights through better visualization and more detail, which assists the managers in taking necessary actions whenever required.

Wetland Studies

Early detection of water allows a balanced & maintained system where people’s safety is kept at priority. With the implementation of Intellia IoT water level monitoring sensors, the solution provides real-time insight, remote access, and automated monitoring of the wetlands. The wireless sensor network enables the authorities to gain actionable insights for better decision-making. IoT-based wetland monitoring provides wireless connectivity of the sensors for dynamic data collection, transmission, and formation of a pre-warning system. It further enables a transformational change in the system, allowing real-time monitoring to protect the wetland environment at reasonable costs.

Tidal Studies

Tidal studies include forecast values regarding the high/low tides levels on the daily basis with respect to the main ports and coasts. IoT technology is the advanced concept that predicts energy data, tidal occurrences, weather, and environmental changes. This boosts the efficiency of the concerned authorities and enables effective decision-making through informational reports. Also, Biz4intellia’s IoT solution offers a graphical representation of the data and even the small details, which allow the managers to see through the ins and outs of industrial processing via a single platform.

Flood Monitoring

Floods are usually brought by the overflowing of a river or lake. It becomes a challenge for the residents to overcome the drastic effects caused by flooding water. Thus, implementing an IoT-based water level solution provides effective flood monitoring by detecting the rising levels of water in real-time. It influences many aspects of the water industry with keeping the conservation of water as the topmost priority. Biz4intellia IoT solution consists of sensor devices that get installed in appropriate locations and alert the authorities much before the calamity takes place. Also, it adds an advantage to the authorities managing flood-prone areas where it becomes a necessity to track flood occurrences for safety. An automated water level monitoring solution solves the challenge of experiencing flood aftermaths by alerting the authorities for timely evacuations.

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater plays an important role in the areas where water scarcity prevails. However, excess filling of the water in the grounds can result in many challenges like water-borne diseases, degraded ground quality, etc. To overcome these kinds of challenges advanced water level monitoring sensors are installed and data is collected for further processing, which detects the water levels up to 1000 feet. This kind of system helps determine the security areas and estimates the potential levels of water that could be required in the future. Thus, installing a real-time water level monitoring system is a must-have for a beneficial upgrade of the water industry.

Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water gets collected in unidentified areas reduces the ground quality and results in leakages. A surface-level monitoring system can be introduced to overcome these kinds of limitations and gain maximum benefits. An IoT-based water level monitoring system offers sensor capabilities and gateway connectivity to gain deeper insights through a data-driven approach. It helps the managers in solving the loopholes and providing the industry with the needed water conservation. Additionally, implementing a technical solution at feasible costs would require comparatively lesser maintenance time and would serve greater outputs for industrial sustainability.

Water Tank Level Monitoring

It is very difficult at times to keep a real-time track of every water drop consumed or wasted. Moreover, the orientation of the tank hinders the facility of monitoring the water levels. Therefore, using an IoT-based solution assists in keeping an accurate record of the water levels. It consists of sensor devices, which automatically detect the level of water inside any tank. The solution provides actionable insights for the managers to make wise & necessary decisions in situations of leakages or overspilling of tanks. It is due to the customizable feature of the solution that sets a threshold value beyond which an alert system gets triggered and notifies the concerned authority.


  • Poor tank maintenance
  • Unidentified water leakage
  • Excess water wastage during filling
  • No real-time level monitoring
  • Facility underperformance
  • High operational costs
  • Unclear data representation
  • Increased manpower
  • Inaccurate decision-making

Benefits of Using IoT-Powered Water Level Monitoring

  • Real-time water level checks
  • Data analytics
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Cost-effective
  • Shareable insights
  • Information-detailed reports
  • Graphical data representation
  • Customizable solution
  • Instant alerts on smart devices
  • Reduced manual operations
  • Automated processing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of water levels
  • Real-time tracking of tank location

Hardware Used


Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Accuracy ±1% FS
Technology LoRaWAN®
Range 0.3 - 5m/0.5-10m
Battery Life* 5.5 years (10 min interval, SF12) >10 years (10 min interval, SF7)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +65°C
Communication Protocols to Gateway LoRaWAN
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ultrasonic level Sensor INT-D-07
Measuring Parameters Anti-corrosive Liquids, Solid
Accuracy 0.5% - 1.0%
Measuring Range 0 – 20m
Signal Output 4-20mA two-wire or four wire / RS 485 Modbus
Protection Grade Display meter IP66 / Probe IP68
Operating Temperature Display instrument: -20° to 60°C / Probe: -20° to 80°C
Power Supply 24VDC & 220VAC
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor - INT-D-05
Measuring Parameters Measure the distances between the sensor and objects in its path, up to 4m.
Minimum Distance 10 centimeters
Maximum Distance 400 centimeters
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Battery Type 22 Replaceable AA 1.5 V Batteries
Supply Voltage 2.0 - 3.8 V (2 x AA 1.5V Batteries or Optional Power Supply)
Intellia Wireless Accelerometer - Advance Vibration Meter
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors INT-D-02
Measuring Parameters Measure distances between the sensor and objects in its path
Resolution 1 centimeter
Minimum Distance 10 centimeters
Maximum Distance 400 centimeters
Accuracy 5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Radar level transmitter
Measuring Parameters Corrosive liquids, vapors, volatile liquid
Measuring Range 20 meters
Signal Output 4-20mA two-wire or four wire / RS 485 Modbus
Accuracy ± 3mm
Protection Grade IP67
Operating Temperature -40°~130° (Standard) / -40°~250° (High temperature type)
Communication Protocols to Gateway 4-20mA, RS 485 Modbus & LoRaWAN (optional)
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Ultrasonic Fuel level sensor INT-Level-01
Measuring Parameters Level Monitoring
Measuring Range 2-80cm / 2-200cm (optional)
Protection Rate IP67
Serial Port Output RS232 \RS485 \Analog
Power Consumption Typical -0.45W / Sleep mode -0.04W
Operating Temperature -20°C to -65°C


Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Cellular Gateway INT-LoRaCell-01
Device Memory 50,000 sensor messages
Operating Temperature -10 to +45°C (14 to 113°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Wireless Range 1,000+ ft. non-line-of-sight
Security Encrypt-RF™ (256-bit key exchange and AES-128 CTR)
Cellular Technology UMTS (Frequency Range): 850 / 1700 / 1900 MH
Product Details Description
Product Name Intellia Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
Memory 8 GB eMMC
Power Supply 9-24 VDC
Dimensions 180 x 110 x 56.5 mm
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN
Ingress Protection IP65

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our sensors are IP (Ingress Protection) rated and are certified by concerned standard boards and regulatory authorities. Moreover, our sensors and other IoT devices come with a warranty of 6 months to 2 years. Hence, the sensors are highly reliable and can provide accurate readings for long durations. Moreover, they are immune to high-pressure levels and can also tolerate extreme temperatures typically found in industries and factories, which makes them a perfect fit for any machine-dependent facility.
Intellia IoT level monitoring solution supports seamless interconnectivity which helps in getting real-time data from the field. You can also control the valves/pumps using your mobile devices in real-time.
Yes, our Intellia IoT water level monitoring system is highly scalable and can support innumerable no. of sensors. Hence, it can support as many tanks as you want and can be extended as per your advancing business needs.
The Intellia IoT Water level monitoring solution can perform for fixed as well as movable tanks. Additionally, you can also track the location of trucks carrying the fluid from our GPS fleet tracking solution. Also, the solution can offer accurate level measurement readings of liquids with distinct consistencies and types stored in subsequent compartments of a fragmented tanker.
Yes, you can white label the Intellia IoT app for your business. As stated before, the app is customizable and will be personalized according to your needs.
We ensure data accuracy with this solution as the sensors used in this system are advanced and efficient enough to provide the users with high-end services.
We will install smart water meters at every site. If there are traditional water meters already installed, we can go with installing sensors on your existing water meters. The sensor/smart meters transmit readings data to the cloud via telemetry gateways i.e., LORAWAN gateways. The data is analyzed and further provided to the users on the dashboards, which they can access via mobile phone as well as desktop.
Yes, with internet connectivity and smart gadget access, you can access the solution even from remote areas