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Pre-configured Business solution for IoT in Transportation

Vehicle Tracking and Route Management

  • Route Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Activity Monitoring
  • Vehicle and Goods Monitoring

Truck/Trailer Weight Measurement

  • Maximize the payload
  • Avoid unnecessary fines
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Plug profit leaks

Last-mile Transportation

  • Vehicle Trip Management
  • Mobile Proof of delivery
  • Vehicle Route Planning
  • Stay Connected to the Customers

IoT in Transportation and Logistics

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digital transformation has begun to show its profound impact on the transportation and logistics industry. As industry regulations have forced the Transportation and logistics industry to do more with less, the profitability is threatened across the board. At the same time, the industry is witnessing cut-throat competition and demands a digital transformation for efficient business operations. Implementation of IoT in Transportation is a way out to make Transportation and Logistics management effective by ensuring safer traveling and more efficient performance.

Devices used with IoT in Transportation are making traveling safer, performance more efficient, and even help to find a parking space to park your vehicle. The real-time tracking and analyzing, need a constantly connected network that transfers huge amounts of data and controls systems and devices. Biz4Intellia provides an interoperable End-to-End Industrial IoT in Transportation solution that analyzes vehicle performance and stores data (even if a device is offline) to predict or prevent vehicle maintenance. Biz4Intellia, an end-to-end Industrial IoT business solution, is the last mile transportation solution that assures safety and performance of vehicles and workforce.

Electronic Monitors

Electronic Monitors that track
driver’s time on the road

Keep track of each truck’s running time, idle time, distance traveled, and average speed. And get notified when drivers exceed their speed limits. Ensure safety of drivers by implementing IoT in Transportation to monitor driving hours and driving habits of the drivers that leads to an effective logistics management.

Real-time management

Real-time management of orders and shipments

With the implementation of IoT in Transportation industry you can prioritize large no. of orders to serve urgent needs of customers and make the delivery of multiple no. of orders on time by monitoring and analyzing real-time traffic data, resulting in increased customer loyalty and customer retention.

location tracker

Real-time automated vehicle
location tracking

Know where your vehicle is and keep track of the routing activities, that reduces travel distance and helps in rerouting the vehicle according to the traffic and road condition on a particular route. IoT in Transportation streamlines the transportation and logistics by sharing real-time data and alerts to optimize delivery routes.

Stay connected

Stay connected with
your customers

Derive valuable insights about customers and their expectations using the data collected from IoT-enabled devices. Being the last mile transportation solution, IoT in transportation keep customers updated on their orders and the further processes of shipping and expected delivery.

Inventory Management

On demand
Inventory Management

Reduce the inventory carrying cost by keeping track of future demand for supply through Effective Inventory Management by tracking the demand and supply cycle.

Increase Utilization

Increase utilization of existing equipment and effectively manage the driver’s time

Ensure optimal utilization of resources and cut down the overhead costs by predicting the upcoming equipment maintenance requirement and reducing the driver’s idle time.

Absolute and Total Control

Ensure Absolute and
Total Control

Real-time updates and detailed tracking, with IoT in Transportation, help us to control the business lifecycle, make informed decisions, manage the costs, and take complete control of the resources at hand.

IoT has far-reaching benefits for the industry and eventually the end consumers. These benefits extend across the entire logistics value chain, fleet management, warehousing operations, and last-mile delivery. IoT in Transportation has transformed all the way from Tracking the vehicle to measuring the weight that is loaded in the Trailer, vehicle routing according to traffic condition and gathering all this data for further analysis to make smarter business decisions. With the help of devices like scanners, controllers, beacons, RFID systems, and a comprehensive IoT platform that interconnects IoT devices with apps, IoT is making Transportation industry more efficient and effective.

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