What Biz4intellia Vehicle Tracking and Route Management Solution Offers

IoT in Transportation

With efficient monitoring of drivers and vehicles and routing, Route Management Solutions are proven to reduce consumption of fuel. Saving has been huge. ABI research cites that there is a 13% improvement in vehicle utilization, a 15% decrease in travel time and a 12% increase in service profitability. Additionally, the benefits of fleet management route planning have been very much significant.

In recent days, many fleet managing companies have been hustling around for managing their drivers and routes for maximum efficiencies seems. They are constantly been pressurized to get better efficiencies and productivity from their trucks and respected drivers. Better efficiency meets the environmental targets, keep customers happy and improves operational margins.

Beyond the fact that implementing Fleet Management Route Planning can do wonders, fleet managers need to make sure that drivers are performing the activities and routes in a well-planned way.

Let’s see what Biz4intellia Vehicle Tracking and Routing Management Solution entails?

1. Route Management:

The traditional transportation system used to consume a lot of energy for efficient routing management. The United States used 28% of its total energy every year to move goods and people from one place to another. The transportation sector includes many modes of transportation like trucks to personal vehicles to public transportation. But with the footprints of IoT, an efficient and optimized route can be decided which consumes energy and saves time.

Fleet Management Route Planning allows fleet operators to plan for a particular trip very efficiently. Parties at both the ends i.e. customers and vendors both need real-time visibility of their vehicles with accurate estimated time arrival. The driver on very prior notice would need to know the exact route that is to be followed. The efficiency can easily be calculated by using Intellia Vehicle Tracking and Route Management Solution. This will not only help customers to get a better service but helped them to track the efficiencies in real-time.

The adoption of IoT in Fleet Management has improved turnaround times, reduction in detection times, faster delivery etc. Additionally, IoT reduced carbon emissions and made a more sustainable environment for us.

2. Vehicle Tracking:

The trucking industry forms a major portion of the global economy. According to the American Trucking Association, more than 70% of the goods are carried by trucks throughout the U.S. In fact, China transports 75% of the goods with the help of trucks. As there has been a major dependency on the vehicles, tracking them and monitoring them efficiently is very much important. Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Security is a primary concern for all vehicle owners. Internet of Things has done wonders in making this a reality. Smart Fleet Management solution has connected the vehicles and monitors them. This tells where vehicles and drivers are at all times, identify the problems very prior and alleviate the risks before they become a serious issue.

To make the GPS more advance, Biz4intellia came up with out of box feature i.e. Geofencing. The geofencing feature tells if any truck departs from its assigned boundary by sending real-time alerts. Geofencing let the manager know about the duration of the time period they spent over one place. Not only this, with our advanced analytics feature one can know about Truck/Trailer Hook Up History.


3. Driver Activity Monitoring:

With the advanced capabilities offered by Biz4intellia, various companies have started using Internet of Things to improve driver’s behavior and minimize road accidents. Data is collected from IoT sensors and then collected data is analyzed to provide insight into how the driver is driving the vehicle. It tells about the driver ability of driver, uncovers hidden behavior trends and sends real-time alerts to quickly correct poor driving.

Biz4intellia route management solution provide directions to the driver and automatically calculates the other route. The driver did not need to manually add subsequent locations if 2-3 stops are to be taken by the driver. IoT has made communication between driver and back office easy and much better. A touchscreen display shows all the real-time information. These systems provide real-time feedback to drivers if any of the parameters like speeding, hard-braking, idling etc. cross their threshold limits.


4. Vehicle and Goods Monitoring:

Sensors are embedded inside the vehicle to analyze engine loads and total vehicle history. You can customize this feature as per your requirements. Whether you are concerned about goods transported, or filling of tanks at a particular temperature, Biz4intellia dashboard visualizes every parameter and concern in real-time.

The Predictive Maintenance feature tells well in advance if any component is likely to break and should be exchanged immediately. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum value and are completely avoided. Condition Monitoring works in a way that it tells about when a component breaks with Predictive Maintenance, processes run smoothly with minimal downtime.

Not only this, but goods being carried in the trailer are also monitored. For example, in cold chain monitoring, various food items like beef, fish etc. are to be kept at a particular temperature. The temperature sensor being embedded sense that temperature and if the temperature is found below/above the threshold value then an alert is send.



With Biz4intellia Vehicle Tracking and Route Management Solution, you get a single solution to all your problems, thus giving multiple benefits. As your budget might continue to tighten, Biz4intellia offers a cost-effective solution while improving your business outcomes.

We can track your fleets every day; fulfilling customer demands in the most transparent-efficient way.

If you are a fleet owner and looking forward to get the best end-to-end IoT solution, then feel free to contact us and we will assist you in choosing the best Route Management Solution.