Drayage Management System

IoT in Transportation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is among the modernistic technologies that generate a major portion of revenue in the market of cut throat competition. With billions of connected devices to deliver real-time insights, IoT holds great potential to optimize the supply chain to reach the zenith of productivity. The business brains demand to know to which extent does this happen on a regular note. So, let's explore.

In the current world scenario, a technological transformation has taken place in the supply chain operations. This includes numerous quick transportation processes happening in between.

Let us explore what is Drayage?

In simple terms, Drayage is referred to the transportation of goods/freight over a short distance, taking place in a long and complex supply chain system.

Drayage is one of the inefficient and opaque segments in the American Trucking Industry, dominated by small carriers using traditional methods of technology. Until now, the lack of visibility into this chapter of transportation has hindered the efficiency of the transportation industry, productive utilization of assets and has created a mismatch in between the capacity and freight. Drayage is basically the process of transporting goods over a shorter distance, for instance, between your carrier's vehicle and your transportation hub. But, due to the lack of visibility into this section of transportation, many companies are experiencing challenges in retaining drivers and their real-time activity. Drivers waste time at a congested queue and thereby take a different/unplanned route, resulting in decreased efficiency. The eradication of all these challenges was a major concern in the transportation industries. Thus, Drayage came into the picture.

When should you use Smart Drayage Management System?

The Drayage Management System has been an invisible part in the transportation industry and that is why the IoT has empowered the true end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. Devices that are IoT driven have the capability to capture, analyze and simplify the complex and stupendous volumes of data for actualizing the business goals effortlessly. This helps the industries to collect crucial information and output the real-time visibility of the operations. Through the real-time information, more promising business plans for the drivers, assets and labor force could be designed. To manifest this design concerning the simplification of the plan, heavy amount of data is required to be shared across the whole supply chain with a secured platform offering real-time views. By eliminating processes based on email and manual capabilities, the information flow gets simplified without the interference of humans that may create an error.

Prominent levels of transparency have been successfully introduced in between the customers and vendors through digital support like the IoT. Be it challenging or easy, the information sharing process has become flexible enough to:

  1. Automate business processses
  2. Trace real time monitoring of fleets
  3. Establish transparent communication in between both parties.

Factors to consider when looking out for Drayage provider:

The role of digitization in the transportation industry is substantial. It boosts business efficiency, promotes transparent operations and secures end-to-end platforms for multi-party collaborations.

Consider the following factors before zeroing in a drayage provider:

1. Cost-efficient Drayage management systems

Individuals focus less on the alarming costs of Drayage management system and become more concerned about the shipment rates. The key factors influencing the Drayage management cost are the demand, supply, time, distance and economic costs. Unfortunately, the industry has witnessed numerous situations where containers have been damaged, lost or have been through dreadful calamities. To wipe out any chances of this repetition in the future, IoT with its real time tracking features has put an end to adverse challenges like pilferage, damaged container and more. Investing in the services generating real-time information about goods and fleets is a concrete move.

2. Data availability

Optimized Drayage management systems provide a real-time update and data availability to its users. A real-time data availability ensures the proof of communication between you and the other party. Internet of Things has introduced the feature of real time tracking to ensure the users about the end-to-end delivery during the shipment process.

3. Evolution of Drayage Systems

With time, technology has evolved, delivering more features for the better efficiency of the transportation industry. Technology is consistently changing the way it operates thus making the operations more productive. Shippers and transport companies must evaluate on data storage systems (private/public cloud) and must explore how technology has evolved the invisible Drayage system.

  1. Responsiveness:

    The expanding economy has resulted in a marketplace that is becoming competitive with every passing hour. With the cutting edge technology like Internet of Things, the Drayage management system has become more responsive towards the shipment processes.

  2. Real-time Records:

    Various features like delivery history, driver's behavior, geo-fencing, loading/unloading etc. became paramount to get the most out of the Drayage management system. This also ensures safety of the driver as well as of the goods that are been shipped.


Internet of Things is a network of connected things via internet. It collects and exchanges tons of data to monitor the real-time operations. Biz4Intellia Drayage Management System effortlessly connects to the truck's GPS, thus giving you the real-time location of your truck as well as of the driver. From one single dashboard, you can instantly receive the real-time updates of the fleets, optimized routes and more right at your fingertips. This strengthens the scope of driver's safety, operation's efficiency and productivity within minimum time frame.

Following are the out-of-box features provided by Biz4Intellia:

  1. Higher level of driver satisfaction and retention
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Revenue and growth
  4. Increased truck utilization and capacity
  5. 24*7 Solution Experts’ availability to optimization your organizational operations.