Meeting the Industrial Needs with IoT-Powered Gas Monitoring Solution

IoT in Oil and Gas

Different industries like residential, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, mining, oil and gas, etc. are accepting IoT as the primary technology to create better safety standards..

IoT is the ability to connect multiple assets. It creates a network of physical devices and embedded devices through the internet, and allows automated functioning across the network of infrastructure. So, even if there is a gas release in one corner of the premises, you’ll be notified through instant alerts to take immediate action. It further helps in keeping the entire facility safe from hazardous events that might occur due to careless operation handling.

Such issues can be avoided by implementing a smart gas detection system that senses the presence of gases automatically through sensors. You can implement this system to perform various tasks in multiple industries.Let's find out how a smart gas detection system meets the industrial needs.

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Unique Aspects About Gas Detection System

  • Ensures workers’ safety
  • Detects even the slightest gas leak
  • Provides instant alerts
  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents hazardous events
  • Real-time gas monitoring

An IoT-powered gas monitoring system provides improved safety and complies with industrial standards for seamless operability. It ensures the safety of the workers and civilians residing in the nearby areas. The solution is powerful enough to detect even the slightest gas leakages and thus, avoids disastrous events by alerting the authorities.

It is a cost-effective system, comprising all the required features to keep the industry safe from toxic explosions. The solution is embedded with advanced sensors that supervise the presence of gas concentrations within the set time period and saves the data over a cloud platform for future uses. The solution is effective for multiple industries and meets all the possible requirements related to gas detection.

How Industries Benefit from Smart Gas Monitoring

Usage of harmful gases is a must in everyday life but they surely require a special alerting system that prevents the explosion or fire hazards. Various sectors have their way of using flammable gases like hotel industry uses LPG in the kitchen area, chemical industry uses other gases, etc. But how a smart gas monitoring system contributes to these industries in mitigating the issues.

The hotel industry comprises canteens, kitchens, fireplaces, where various types of gases are used for different purposes. For instance, carbon-di-oxide is used in carbonated soft drinks or for beer taps. Dispense gas cylinders usually contain carbon-di-oxide and nitrogen, which when leaked and exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere can cause a high risk of asphyxiation, which leads to health issues of the people. Thus, a smart gas monitoring system is mandatory to stay aware of gas leaks. It uses sensor devices and gateways to extract data whenever gas is leaked. The data is further sent on a cloud platform for secured storage and is visually represented on the user dashboard.

The chemical industry deals with numerous common gases such as nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, water vapor, etc. Apart from this, it comprises hydrocarbons, chlorine, mercury, ammonia, and many other toxic gases, which when immersed in the air can cause disaster. There lies a large risk of explosion with even a slightest gas leak into the air. To mitigate such issues, the industrialists are now transforming their premises into a fully-packed smart surrounding with the help of IoT technology, where they can automatically sense the presence of toxic gases and take actions. IoT solutions are advanced, contactless, easy-to-install, and provide real-time information at every step of the process for better industrial performance.

Biogas is a mixture of different gases that are produced during the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It is a source of energy, with methane and carbon-di-oxide concentration as key components. Along with these gases, there is a high risk of asphyxiation from carbon-di-oxide and poisoning by other gases. To keep away from such events, you can use a smart solution to determine the presence of particular gases during the process. This helps control the hazardous situation and allows you to make better decisions.

On landfill sites, there is a vast burial of waste materials. It creates landfill gas by the action of microorganisms, which creates evaporation of volatile organic compounds, and chemical reactions. There is a large composition of methane and the rest is mostly carbon-di-oxide, which is harmful for the environment. To regulate with the safety standards, landfill gases must be removed safely to avoid explosions. Hence, you can detect the presence of toxic gases in the air by implementing a smart solution on landfill sites. It allows you to stay alert on every step regarding the gaseous presence and you can take necessary actions whenever required. You can also find alternatives to avoid gas explosions by sensing the existence of toxicity due to gases and analyze the situations with the help of historical data collected through a smart gas detection solution.

Total Organic Carbon is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound. It is measured by oxidizing organic carbon to liberate carbon-di-oxide. The released amount of carbon-di-oxide is quantified with the help of a gas detection system. This is a critical process to check water quality in various industries like pharmaceuticals, power generation, manufacturing, and water. If you can check the amount of CO2 present in water, you’ll be able to maintain the water quality to fulfill multiple purposes. Hence, a smart gas monitoring solution can be used to check the release of carbon-di-oxide amount and record its readings on a secured platform. It allows you to analyze the data and incur water quality results in a certain time period.

IoT is a disrupting technology which comprises of various smart solutions to upgrade the industrial standards. With the leading technological era, businesses are adopting smart applications to manufacture quality products and increase profitability. A gas monitoring system is a high-end solution that meets the needs of multiple industries by providing end-to-end services. It focuses more on creating brand value than just applying smart concepts. You can take your industry to a higher level by enabling the fullest potential of its assets with the help of smart IoT solutions