How can you Leverage Industrial IoT in Oil and gas Fleet Monitoring

IoT Oil And Gas

With time and the increasing demands of the energy and low renewable energy production capacity, the demand for Oil and Gas is steadily increasing and an advance technology that can revolutionize the Oil and Gas industry operations. The oil and gas industry lost billions of dollars due to nonproductive time, occurred by equipment failure which made the survival of the industry more difficult.

The Industrial Internet of things (IoT) came then as the next step solution which reduced non-productive events by using real-time data which prevented accidents and optimized the processes. With the help of Industrial IoT, shutdown of refineries and minimizing the downtime became an easy plan for the organizations. Investing in IoT has become an important part in the current economic scenario. Companies should have both short-term goals and a proper vision to have the optimize returns.

Oil and Gas industry have been spending trillions of dollars every year on the development and maintenance of assets and with Industrial IoT in the picture, the real-time management of entire Oil and Gas plant is realized. IoT in oil and gas industry has helped the operators to analyze a large set of data collected from innumerous no. of sensors embedded in equipment. The industry has adopted IoT technology, not only to improve the operational performance but also to ensure a secure working environment for workers. An IoT enabled fleet monitoring solution provides visibility across the functioning of the truck which helps in investigating the performance of the truck. The emergence of IoT in Oil and Gas industry has given the fleet monitoring a better insight in the following way-

1. Driver Management

To track where your driver started and where he ended, all got possible with the implementation of Industrial IoT in Oil and Gas. An IoT powered advanced driver management solution by Biz4Intellia have increased the safety of drivers by analyzing the duty hours and the behavior of the driver. With the help of an end-to-end IoT solution the tracking of the real-time data such as over speeding, not using a seatbelt. Maintaining the logs that how many hours a driver worked and what is the optimum working hours for a driver, got well managed using advance analytics feature of Biz4Intellia IoT solutions. The use of the smart scheduling tools kept the driver within the legal limits which hence reduced the accidents and made roads safer to drive.

2. Vehicle tracking and route management

Using Industrial IoT in Oil and Gas fleet operations, the real-time monitoring of oil tankers has been a reality and the organizations can have a complete visibility of their tankers. That’s not all, organizations can even manage the route . Further, one can get the reports about the total distance travelled, activity in the geofencing region and the idle time of all the petroleum tankers. Apart from tracking the real-time movement of petroleum and oil-tankers, one can also look out for following benefits in route management-

  1. No personal usage of the vehicle by drivers
  2. Tracking of the resources
  3. Saves expenses
  4. Updated reports

3. Geo fencing

Geo fencing came into existence to monitor and track the entry and exit points of the fleet within the fenced area as well as the time spent in those zones. Geo-fencing tells whether it is following the given path or their own customized path. In the recent years, this add-on feature has made the business processes smoother and effective. The advance GPS tracking system i.e. Geo fencing has helped many companies to make their business hassle-free. Users can add, modify and delete their virtual fence as per their own preference. Proper alerts and notifications are send whenever a fleet enters or leaves the assigned perimeter area.

4. Tanker Weight Measurement

Biz4Intellia, an end-to-end IoT solution provides a real-time reliable weight management system which gives the real-time weight of the tanker a driver is carrying. The Industrial Internet of Things enabled system helps in knowing whether the tanker has crossed its weighing limit or not. Alerts are send well before time if any risk is involved.

Biz4Intellia, an IoT enabled fleet monitoring system, enables to reduce the accidents and eliminates the unscheduled downtime. The recent research from shell says that – “By year 2040, the fleet industry will be transformed in a way beyond our imagination.” In the present era, it is highly important to understand that how the Industrial Internet of things in vehicle has completely changed the scenario of the industries.

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