Smart Factories are Using IoT-based Machine Monitoring. Here’s Why!


70% of companies agree that implementing IoT technology with their scopes will reduce overall costs and improve productivity. With the use of IoT-based machine monitoring, factories are taking beneficial advantages and identifying industrial issues that could cause delays. It helps improve the credibility of the business and the machine’s performance, enabling the managers with IoTized transformation in the entire premises. Through cognitive operations, an industrial unit can increase the quality of production and undermine the benefits of raw materials and manufactured ingredients.

Smart factories include automated production and processes that provide accurate results to enhance decision-making. It improves the overall performance of the industry through data-driven insights and analytics. The data-driven insights are useful enough for the managers to prepare conclusions and make effective decisions for business growth. Hence, smart factories are flourishing beyond their potential with the help of IoT technology and maintaining their presence in the market. Here’s an infographic that states why smart factories are using IoT-based machine monitoring.


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