Edging the Fleeting Industry with Digital Advancements


The entire global fleet management industry is categorized according to the vehicle type, components, region, maintenance budget, communication channels, and trending technology. Also, the fleeting market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.6% by the year 2030. It will drastically impact fleeting services with the advancement and trending technologies like IoT coming into play. With IoT, it is easier for the managers to keep a real-time record of drivers’ driving habits and what route they are taking for deliveries. This enhances the delivery timing and increases customer satisfaction rates. However, they may face challenges with adopting the solution at first, but with the user-friendly interface and easy operability, the technology is all set to improve transportation processing.

Simultaneously, digital advancement will also help improve supply chain practices. It proceeds with smart inventory management, checking the production quality, raising the bar for productivity, and simplifying the industrial complexities. The use of sensors and a data-driven approach clarifies the organizational hindrances and allows the managers to work in an approachable way. This is certainly edging the fleeting industry with the latest strategies. Many of the key players in the market would also agree that autonomous fleet management is advantageous compared to traditional ways of functioning. Smart fleet management involves geofencing, GPS-based fleet monitoring, smart contract, oil/fuel theft identification, and many more trendsetters that help the industry compete among the businesses and stand out with true values. Here’s an infographic that illustrates the features of IoT-based fleet monitoring and the need for digital advancement in the transportation sector.


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