Why work-life balance is an excuse for lazy people only


Ever thought what is the purpose of your existence? What makes you happy? Is it traveling around the world and explore the world or relaxing in a room and watching television or spending time with your loved ones or working for a better tomorrow? What is the single thing that makes you happy? You ask this question to yourself and find that there is nothing that can make a happy life alone but a balance of everything that makes life worth living.

In the corporate world, the employees, as well as the employer, have to manage between their work and the personal life. The problem that they state is that they cannot find time for personal life and that’s where the word ‘Work-Life Balance’ comes in place. What people refer to ‘Work-life balance’ is that a person distinguishes both work and personal life and do not let any of them override. The person separates the work (by working 9-6 routine) and personal life to create a balance between them.

But, the work-life balance concept doesn’t make much sense. Technically, most of us invest a lot at work and home every day to fulfill our needs and wants.

What you can and should do to maintain the balance in your work life:-

  1. Consider work as a part of life – The biggest mistake people make is that they separate work from their life. It’s is not like they should make the work their life but at least they can enjoy the work.
  2. Work is not an obligation – Some people do not enjoy their work, they work for living only. And when you think that you are obligated to do something, you never find yourself happy doing that.
  3. Craving for more – It’s easy to get demotivated when you hit a wall and it doesn’t move forward. One should be looking forward to growing in their career. If you stay at same designation for a longer span of time, work starts getting boring.
  4. Know the purpose – what is that you want so badly and eager to get? You eat, work, and sleep for that purpose.

Your work life is already balanced, you have just prioritized either work over personal life or the other. So, if it is not making you happy, set the priorities that fulfill your needs as well as keeps you happy. Life really is about choices. You choose to work extra hours or you choose to close your laptop and spend time with your family or both at a time. You better not adopt the habit of making excuses instead make choices that are right for you.