why-should-you-integrate iot-enabled-leak-detection-solution-with-your-businesses

Why Should you Integrate IoT-enabled Leak Detection Solution with your Businesses?

IoT in water

Advanced technologies like IoT have established their worth for a very long time. It offers real-time solutions to businesses and allows them to increase their potential at significant levels. Integrating IoT technology not only enhances your business but also provides greater productivity with its advanced techniques. Considering water leakage as a challenge in most industries, IoT technology is a perfect suit to mitigate the same. You can install and configure IoT-powered solutions according to your business needs and monitor the premise corners, even the spaces that remain undetected, in real-time. This helps provide a better ambiance and fresher environment to work. Read below the blog to know the reasons why you must opt for an IoT-powered leakage detection solution for your business.

In the past years, water leakages had been treated as the cost of doing business and approx. 30-50% of water was lost due to leakages. Moreover, freshwater is an asset for human survival that constantly requires real-time monitoring for effective supply according to the demands. It mainly focuses on avoiding water losses due to common issues like leakages, poor metering, and tampering. Installing an IoT solution can work towards mitigating the challenge of water losses in different areas.

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Why IoT Technology for Water Leakage Detection?

  • • Real-time application
  • • Advanced analytics
  • • Smart management
  • • Informed decision-making

Closed spaces are vulnerable enough to water leakages through many sources like air conditioner dripping, water chillers, drains, and construction units. Using IoT technology offers better supervision of the premise against water leakage with the help of sensor devices. The smart water leakage detection solution is equipped with advanced sensors that collect data in real-time as soon as the water comes in contact with the sensor. There are two kinds of sensors that are used in this solution:

1). Spot Leak Detection Sensor

2). Zone Leak Detection Sensor

Both types of sensors provide real-time information by detecting the presence of water on the surface through spot sensing and zonal sensing. Installing a spot sensor provides real-time data as soon as the water comes in contact with the sensor. The sensor is highly enabled with advanced features to detect and indicate the emergence of moisture in a certain area. On the other hand, using a zone leak detection sensor identifies the inflow of water within seconds. It can be effectively used in industrial and commercial facilities to sense the presence of water and prevent damage. Both of the sensors are equally performable and provide effective results even through critical areas.

Benefits of Integrating a Smart Water Leakage Detection Solution

  • • Wide applications
  • • Real-time management solution
  • • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • • One-stop solution
  • • Centralized dashboard
  • • Instant alerts
  • • Condition monitoring

You can leverage huge benefits by installing smart water leakage detection system into multiple areas like research laboratories, warehouses, cold chain logistics. It provides a real-time management solution and helps maintain the quality of the products during cold chain transportation. It is well-equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring applications, which contribute wholly in identifying fluctuating weather conditions and alert the managers to take necessary actions.

A smart water leakage solution is a high-tech system that when integrated with your business creates a safety shield against water-related damage. The entire solution is combined through a single platform from where you can perform remote operations and configure it according to the requirements. Also, it is a one-stop solution that allows simplified control through any of your connected dashboards such as iOS or Android. You can improve the conditions of the premises like offices, buildings, museums, warehouses, etc. against water leakage issues via an IoT-powered water leak detection solution. It further provides

  • • Extended battery life up to 10-12 years
  • • Dual platform support
  • • Error-free results
  • • Wireless connectivity
  • • LoRaWAN support

Water leakage damages represent a substantial threat for many firms and property owners. Hence, a sensor-based detection system offers real-time data that allows improved decision-making to prevent property damage. Additionally, it performs condition-based monitoring especially during monsoons when there are high chances of water leakages through the floorboards, windows, rooftops.

The wireless connectivity and high flexibility features render improved zone detection techniques against water leakages and can be personalized as per the business requirements. It thus plays an important role in offering safety services to the buildings and protect them from unnecessary water leakage and damage.