Solving Interior Water Leakage Problems through IoT Technology


Huge gallons of water are wasted across many places due to unidentified leakages. Also, many products lose their quality when they come in contact with water. The flowing property of water makes it moving to unknown places which leads to stagnancy and causes damage. Hence, IoT technology can prove useful to mitigate such challenges and water damage. IoT is a disruptive technology that provides advanced techniques to keep the infrastructure safe against problems such as excess water leakage, product quality degradation, dampness, etc. One of its applications is the smart water leak detection solution that can be installed easily and at a cost-effective price. You can use this solution to solve water conservation issues and save water from dripping gallons to a few drops.

The solution utilizes two kinds of sensors: spot leakage detection and zone leakage detection. Either of the two sensors can be used to identify the presence of water in spaces like offices, warehouses, laboratories, equipment cabinets, workshops, etc. Here is the infographic that shows the importance of using a water leak detection system to solve the leakage problems in multiple zones.


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