Smart Farming: Adding Intelligence to Agricultural Practices


Intelligent farming has become the latest trend for farm management. From managing the fields remotely to growing quality crops, IoT technology is proving to be an excellent choice even in agricultural sector. In the current scenario, almost 80% of US farmers are inclined towards using the Internet of Things and its smart applications to keep a real-time check on their crop production. IoT is clearly changing the way we have been practicing agriculture. Traditional methods of sowing the seeds and the utter dependence on the weather conditions are now in control with the advent of IoT.

Various applications like predictive maintenance, advanced analytics, cloud storage, and smart irrigation controls are now a part of everyday agricultural practices. This helps the farm managers to analyze the requirements and grow crops in a safe and favorable environment. In turn, it provides large-quality production along with secured data for analytical decision-making. IoT is an advanced technology that works on data-driven information via latest sensor devices which extract meaningful information from the connected assets. Study the infographic below to know more about smart applications to IoTize your fields for improved productivity.


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