Predictive Maintenance in O&G Sector: A Step Towards Improvement


Predictive maintenance in the oil and gas sector plays an important role in providing insightful data to the plant managers. It even works effectively when the O&G setup is situated in far-off areas like oil rigs and wells. The sensor-enabled systems offer accurate and real-time information regarding the conditions of the assets within the entire plant. As the O&G sector produces enormous data, utilizing predictive maintenance is indeed a step towards improvement concerning the oil and gas industry. The authorities analyze this data to predict future outcomes that, in turn, provide them with better decision-making skills.

The need to apply predictive maintenance in the oil and gas industry is to minimize the expensive outages and increase the performance of the assets to their fullest potential. It is said that 18% of the asset failures are due to the long-term usage of the machines. Here, IoT technology allows you to predict the exact condition of the machinery to take necessary actions. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of using predictive maintenance in the O&G sector. You can read them through this infographic below and learn how it lays a huge impact on industrial productivity.


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