Merging Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things: The Future of Technology


IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence are brand-new concepts that help us in reimagining our daily lives. These both are the technologies of the future, which are also counted among superpowers of innovation. By the end of the year 2025, approx. 42 billion IoT devices are expected to connect globally. Naturally, if the number of smart devices will increase, the swaths of data will increase too. This is where AI plays a crucial role by connecting and integrating with IoT and lending its capabilities to effectively handle a large amount of data.

IoT is empowered by the three emerging technologies – AI, 5G networks, and Big Data. The interconnected devices are thus, transforming our lives like never before. We can now interact with our devices at home, or from anywhere within fractions of seconds. Thus, merging the two technologies – AI and IoT is a brilliant idea to form smart cities, smart industries, smart homes, and lots of other innovations. Here is an infographic that depicts how AI and IoT combined can be the future of technology.


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