Making water distribution smart with Biz4intellia's water metering solution


Freshwater supply has become a great challenge, especially in urban areas with dense population. The increasing demand poses a threat to the existing water reserves that may soon dry up due to mismanagement and wastage. Water suppliers must manage the water distribution in real-time to regulate the discord between demand and supply. That is because water consumption is highly unpredictable across most regions. Therefore, several strategies such as tracking water intake, monitoring water wastage, and overconsumption need to be employed in order to reduce water wastage. 

Biz4intellia's IoT-based smart water meter solution can efficiently maintain water distribution and help reduce the possibility of wastage. Smart water meters are used to track water usage in individual households and buildings to prevent water wastage. Using the IoT Smart Water Meters, residents can now monitor their exact water consumption based on a pay-as-you-go scheme. Users can also use their smartphones or dashboards to monitor water flow remotely and immediately switch off the valve if leakage is detected.


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