Leveraging Industrial Benefits with IoT-powered Level Monitoring Solution

Level Monitoring Solution

Industries are finally moving forward with digital trends and accepting IoT technology for various purposes. Almost more than 90% of the industrial organizations are adopting IoT, among which 68% of the leaders utilize the technology for monitoring and maintenance operations.

IoT is an advanced technology that offers easy remote operability, benefitting the enterprises with increased efficiency, uniqueness, and better visibility of organizational processes. One of its essential applications in the industries is to monitor the liquid levels accurately.

Let's start from scratch.

Industries contain all sized tanks for storing different kinds of liquids for production. This indicates a huge dependency on calculating the fluid stock available in the plant for smooth functioning and unhindered productivity. Beverage industry comprises of different kinds of liquid in the form of milk, wine, juice, and others. Manufacturing industries and wastewater management contain huge tankers, containers, or reservoirs where they store water to process their production. Several other industries include corrosive liquids for processing. Thus, level monitoring is a widespread area where industries utilize multiple forms of liquids to support production. Here, IoT could play a huge role in monitoring the levels of all kinds of liquids in the industries. This benefits the authorities in huge prospects as everything can now be automated and that too with 100% accuracy.

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An IoT-powered level monitoring solution is a sensor-enabled system that captures liquid level data present in the storage containers. It is specially programmed to reduce the workload of the industrialists, and add accuracy to their liquid level calculations. Utilizing smart concepts and implementing the Internet of Things is transforming the industrial ways of operation, communication, and data utilization. The level monitoring solution is an end-to-end platform that caters to all your level related queries. Here are a few features of an IoT-powered level monitoring solution.

It can monitor the liquid levels in all types of containers

It utilizes sensor technology to provide accurate measurements

It is a wirelessly operated system for easy connectivity

It contains the latest versions of software and hardware for long-lasting performance

It easily offers remote operations and reduces the need for manual supervision

It is cost-effective

It stores data securely using cloud technology

With all such great features, you must also know how does the solution work.

The Workability

The level monitoring solution utilizes the capabilities of ultrasonic sensors that work by transmitting waves on the topmost surface of the liquid. These sensors are installed on the desired storage tanks and are wirelessly operated. You, as a manager, can extract real-time information regarding the fluid levels inside the tank and analyze multiple situations like managing the stocks for uninterrupted production. This real-time information works as industrial data and is stored on a well-secured cloud platform. It makes data accessibility easier, quicker, and presents meaningful information on the IoT dashboard.

Advanced analytics plays a huge role in providing valuable insights to the industry staff, which also allows them to take improved decisions. The level monitoring solution ensures smooth and automated functioning to detect liquid levels in storage tankers. Also, you can set the threshold limits to control the increasing and decreasing levels of the fluid. The solution further provides instant alerts on your interconnected devices so that you can take necessary measures.

Level monitoring is majorly required in large-scale industries like beverage, pharmaceuticals, water, and oil & gas, where it is quite difficult to manually supervise the large storage tanks. This smart solution allows the industries to manage the inventories by providing a real-time check on the liquid stock levels. As an industrialist, you can leverage huge benefits by adopting this IoT-powered level monitoring solution.

The Industrial Benefits

Beverage Industry

Automation has gradually become a part of our lives and utilizing its benefits is one of the prime aspects of running an industry. IoTizing the food and beverage industry simply lengthens the capabilities of the whole infrastructure. Measuring the tank levels and fluid quantity provides improved control throughout the processing, which also improves the quality of the fluid. This provides immense benefits to the managers for whom planning and prediction are always a priority. The level monitoring solution integrates seamlessly with the tanks and allows the managers to operate the plant in a much easier and smarter way. IoT provides a digitalized way of handling the beverage industry and keeps a precise check on the required levels.

Pharmaceutical Industry

IoT is starting to be a holy grail to the pharmaceutical sector with its automation capabilities and precise control over the calculations. The pharma industry deals with a variety of drug solutions to produce medicines in bulk quantities. Any mistake in the drug levels could trigger a huge production loss, and also lead to wasted time and effort. A level monitoring solution does its part in sustaining the accuracy of liquid levels required to manufacture a particular drug. The pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits by using this solution in terms of advanced analytics and accurate level measurements. You can implement this solution with various sizes of tanks and it would still work with cent percent accuracy.

Water Industry

The sewage treatment plants or manufacturing industries deal with large water reservoirs that are exposed to external factors of decreasing and increasing levels of waters. To avoid such happenings, the managers are now using a level monitoring solution and keeping a consistent track of the required water levels. Not only reservoirs but water tanks, during irrigation, or while transiting the liquid, the solution is highly effective in providing remote operations. It also helps in conducting automated procedures with increased production rate and provide insights regarding probable malfunctions like leakages or overspills. The industries dependent on the water tanks have thus elevated their methodologies by utilizing sensor-enabled technology and achieve operational excellence.

We can thus say that a level monitoring solution is a complete package offering real-time information and promoting industrial excellence. It is equipped with advanced algorithms for enhanced industrial functionality and predictive insights for further growth. Many industries are using the solution to keep a live check on liquid levels and attain maximum productivity. If you are an industrialist and seeking for an end-to-end level monitoring solution, this is the right time to talk to the IoT experts.